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One of the Best Practices in coaching is creating a safe place for your client where the client is free to share hopes, dreams  and yes, even fears with the coach. Beyond these first 3 steps in making a client feel safe, I have found that different people need different things in order to feel safe depending on personality and their personal life experiences.
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At Christian Coach Institute, we make sure our students are well equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries. Shipping charges are calculated based on your individual order, the weight of the product you are ordering and the location being shipped. Robert Moment is a life coach, personal growth strategist, speaker and author of several life-transforming books. With an ability to take the lessons he’s learned in life and apply them to whatever situation someone else is in, Robert Moment excels in bringing out the best in people.
With years of experience in the corporate  sector working for Major Fortune 500 Companies such as Xerox, Sprint-Nextel, and CitiCorp, just to name a few, Robert Moment is now a highly sought-after life coach and personal growth strategist, with the ability to raise people up out of the muck and mire of confusion and doubt into the clear waters of endless possibilities!  Robert specializes in maximizing human potential by bringing out the best in individuals to help them find their purpose and live a life of true happiness and success.

Because Robert Moment believes everyone on this earth has a purpose, his mission is to help people find it and live it.
Confidentiality is critical.  Coaching is a profession and just like other professions, we abide by a clearly defined Code of Ethics. Your points are important for coaches to recognize that we do live in such a diverse culture and what feels safe for one may not to another.
He is passionate about empowering individuals on how to experience God’s love, peace, power, joy and prosperity (true spiritual wealth) in their lives. His heart and love for people enables him to see who they were meant to be, and then, as a  life coach and personal growth strategist, help them to implement a plan to help them reach their goals.
Pushing the envelope with innovative ideas that bring out the absolute best in people, his goal is to use his God-given skills to encourage and inspire others to find and live their life’s purpose.
He can help you transform your adversities into life lessons that will spur you on to the life you are meant to have because he believes that behind every problem is an opportunity for growth. He recognizes that even the most talented individuals often fail at achieving their goals because they have not yet grasped their life’s purpose.

Share a copy of your Professional Coaching Code of Ethics with your client and you can find the IAC Code of Ethics, ICF Code of Ethics, the CCE Code of Ethics and the CCN Christian Code of Ethics by clicking on the links in this post. Your clients are blessed to have you as a coach who recognizes the importance of our diverse needs to help our clients feel acceptance, love and respect.
While you may not be able to discern what that is, Robert Moment will use his insight and wisdom to best determine what direction you should take. Allow him a glimpse into your life and he will use his gifts to reveal to you how to change directions and head toward personal fulfillment and success.
If so I do not do not touch them in any way, not even the “I am sooo glad you came” hug at the end of the session!
We live in such a diverse culture, with so many unique individuals, it can be a bit intimidating, but ultimately meeting our clients on their terms with acceptance, love, and respect will create a safe and comfortable environment.

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