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I am not sure what the reasoning was behind the introduction of EuroMillions, the first pan-European lottery, but I have a strong suspicion that it had a lot to do with the amount of money you can win in American lotteries of different kinds.
It is therefore no surprise that the concept of Euro Lottery took shape and it is actually a wonder that this hadn’t happened before. It all became even more attractive when other countries got involved with their national lotteries.
Over the years, EuroMillions paid some serious jackpots, mostly due to the fact that for the first few years, there was no limitation on the rollovers, which meant that each time the jackpot was not won by anyone, the money rolled over to the next draw. When it comes to how the revenue is broken down, at least for the United Kingdom, we get the following numbers. If this sounds interesting to you and you are not the resident of the countries I have listed, you should not despair as there are ways, mostly online, that allow you to participate in the EuroMillions draws with the chance to win big even if you are not the resident of the listed countries.
I have the ticket until today, when before my show, I stop in to a store up the road from the station, and go to turn the ticket in.
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Sign up to have exclusive Fun Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. Namely, the larger the number of people that are involved in the lottery, the larger the winnings. Namely, in 2004, the Camelot Group which organizes the lottery here in the UK got in a deal with the national lotteries of France and Spain and they decided to found something called EuroMillions, something that has been the most attractive prospect for lottery players in the UK for years. Namely, within a year, several more national lotteries from Europe joined EuroMillions and these were Swiss, Portuguese, Luxembourg, Irish, Belgian and Austrian lotteries.
For instance, in 2005, the first winner was announced, an Irish ticket which won more than ?77 million which was the biggest prize until the 2009 and the ?110 million jackpot that went to a lucky winner in Spain.
Half a percent is the profit that goes to the Camelot group while 4.5% goes to cover the operating costs. Last Friday night (thank you Katy Perry) I leave the station on my way to meet a beautiful woman for dinner (and when i say beautiful, I mean wow – smart, kind, just the whole package, to the point where I was nervous, which takes a lot to do being on the radio everyday, ya know?) So I stop for gas, fill up and grab a 5 dollar scratch ticket, not thinking too much of it because I never win and If I do, its like 5 bucks or 10. About halfway through the date, were driving in the car and I grab the ticket and hand it to her, and tell her that she would be good luck if she scratches it.
And as we all know, larger winnings attract more people and make bigger profits for the companies and national lotteries that organize them.

The main reason why this is the most attractive prospect for lottery players is that jackpots are simply staggering, especially when you compare them to the jackpots in each individual country.
This has lead to even greater jackpots which is the result of more people being involved and buying the tickets. May 19, 2016Wrestling Fans Are In For A Great Show Friday In Fall River May 18, 2016Do You Ever Wonder If Time Travel Could Be Real? 12% of the money earned foes to the government in Lottery Duty while 28% goes for Good Causes. The remaining 50% of the revenue goes into winnings and that is where the money you can win comes from.

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