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Lugen Family Office – Empowering Family DynastiesPlease set your Secondary Menu on the Appearance > Menus page. Every person that has ever been born on this planet functions according to a particular set of thought patterns. People who support the laws of attraction believe the universe has positive and negative energies. An alternate belief system known as the New Thought Movement endorses the idea that thought precedes physical form. Many people probably wonder about how they can influence the outcome of their lives with positive thoughts.
People can generate positive thoughts by connecting their mind to memorable, joyous and pleasant experiences that they had in life. The secret law of attraction might not always work simply because there are other factors that determine the outcome and circumstances in a person’s life. We found that ONLY a third of the people whoa€™ve used the Law Of Attraction actually have gotten serious results. To clarify this HUGE contradiction and help you understand the missing pieces of the puzzle, Bob has agreed to host an Abundance Masterclass on Tuesday, 10th June, 8pm PST on the Mindvalley Academy.
Are These a€?Law Of Attractiona€™ Gaps Holding You Back From The Wealth And Abundance You Truly Deserve?
We stand for the ideas, companies, and products that unleash the full potential of humanity and move the planet forward. Proctor was a native of Proctorsville, a village named after his family in the town of Cavendish in Windsor County, Vermont. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1851, Proctor returned to Proctorsville, where he became first a businessman, and later a lawyer.
Upon the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861 Proctor returned to Vermont and enlisted in the 3rd Vermont Infantry, was commissioned as lieutenant and quartermaster, and repaired to the front. After being mustered out of military service in 1863, Proctor initially returned to practicing law, this time in Rutland, Vermont. In 1876 Proctor was elected the 29th Lieutenant Governor of the state, and in 1878 was nominated by the Republicans and elected Governor of Vermont.
In 1888 the Vermont legislature unanimously recommended him for a cabinet position, and in March 1889, President Benjamin Harrison chose Proctor to be his Secretary of War.[4] At the War Department, Proctor made a mark with his managerial skill and reforming zeal, with which he modernized the Army and improved the living conditions of enlisted soldiers.
Proctor left the War Department in November 1891 to become a United States Senator, filling a vacancy caused by resignation.
Bob Proctor quotes are very inspirational and have deep meanings, He is the master thinker, For over 40 years, Bob Proctor has transformed the lives of millions through his books, seminars, courses and personal coaching. You may remember him as one of the spiritual teachers in The Secret while talking about the Law of Attraction.

All of the great achievers of the past have been visionary figures; they were men and women who projected into the future. How a person believes, perceives reality and forms their identity is derived from the thoughts that are contained within their mind. In other words, the type of thoughts that a person manifests within their mind will determine the type circumstances that they will manifest into their lives.
These energies are supposed to flow through the universe in certain patterns and wave lengths.
The way that people can generate positive thoughts is by realizing how the human brain works.
Techniques such as meditating, writing about positive experiences and having fun generate positive thoughts for people. He earned his master's degree from Dartmouth College in 1854[1] and from Albany Law School in 1859.[2] He married Emily Jane Dutton in 1858, and moved to Boston, Massachusetts two years later. Be very careful not to reverse that  equation, because many people of high intelligence have already done so, to their great detriment. Unfortunately, many of these poor souls loved money and used people, which violated one of the most basic laws governing true financial success. They thought of what could be, rather than what already was, and then they moved themselves into action, to bring these things into fruition.
People who have chosen to live within the limits of their old beliefs continue to have the same experiences. A person’s though life is very powerful and some people believe that they can determine the quality of their lives with the use of positive or negative thoughts. When a person chooses to think positive thoughts they will be able to tap into positive wave lengths and when their mind becomes filled with negative notions they are tuning into negative forms of energy. The secret law of attraction simply has to do with a person obtaining whatever they want out of life simply by believing that they will receive it.
Most people are probably not aware of the fact that negative thought patterns tend to restrict the choices that they have in life. Even though this is the case, the secret or the law of attraction could be used to help people to achieve some good things in life that all people desire. He served as the 37th Governor of Vermont from 1878 to 1880, as Secretary of War from 1889 to 1891, and as a United States Senator for Vermont from 1891 to 1908.
He was raised by his mother, Betsy Parker Proctor (1792-1871), from age 8 after the sudden death of his father. In 1867 he represented his town in the state Legislature, serving as chairman of the committee on elections of the lower House. He is interred at South Street Cemetery, Proctor, Rutland County, Vermont.[7] Two of Proctor's children, Fletcher D.
People who desire financial success, good relationships and a good life can simply obtain these things by believing that they will eventually get them.

Proctor Holden (1859 - 1905), Fletcher Dutton (1860 - 1911), Fanny Proctor (1863 - 1883) Redfield Jr.
With this regiment he served nearly a year in the neighborhood of Washington and on the Peninsula.
In 1869, he entered business again, taking a job as a manager in the Sutherland Falls Marble Company. Again a member of the House in 1868, he served as a member of the committee on ways and means.
In the latter year he was chairman of the Vermont delegation, and seconded the presidential nomination of Benjamin Harrison.
He remained a Senator for the rest of his life,[6] and was an effective advocate in the Senate for high tariffs and the gold standard, as well as an influence on the military policies of the McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt administrations.
People who adhere to the New Thought Movement set of beliefs uses a phrase that sums up how positive and negative thoughts affect people.
A person who is not able to obtain these things will not receive them because they simply do not believe that they can acquire these positive attributes in life. Once a person consistently develops a pattern of positive thoughts they will routinely think in a positive manner. In October 1862, Major Proctor was promoted to colonel of the 15th Vermont Infantry,[3] and participated in the Gettysburg Campaign, but was stationed in the rear and did not participate in the battle. In 1880, this company merged with another to become the Vermont Marble Company, over which Proctor served as president. This is the secret of the law of attraction and positive thoughts are what makes this secret possible. Negative thinking forces people stay stuck on a problem instead of trying to find different solutions to resolve a negative situation. He was initiated into Delta Upsilon Fraternity as an honorary member by the Middlebury Chapter. Six years later, the area containing the company's marble quarries, locally known as Sutherland Falls, was split into a separate town, called Proctor.
On the other hand, when a person thinks positively their minds can find different ways to resolve their issues because they’re not just focusing on what is wrong.

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