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At age 90, the much-admired peace and justice advocate June Kjome is ?ready to protest, hold vigils and advocate for issues important to her.
This story still haunts La Crosse sixty years later, with just about everyone holding a theory about what happened to her or a story about how they were affected by her disappearance and presumed murder. I was honored to be included in this anthology of personal history stories with one I wrote about Courtney, a wonderful young woman who graduated from La Crosse Logan High School. You’ll read wide ranging people, such as a descendant of slaves, a Holocaust survivor, a middle aged woman describing a coming of age experience in her life, a Japanese-American who lived through internment during World War II the stories of low income and homeless people, children honoring a parent and much much more. Or as Tristine Rainer, author of Your Life as Story said of this anthology, it “sings with Walt Whitman’s spirit of democracy, a celebration of our diversity.
It is a story about or from a life - an individual or family, business, organization or even community. It may be in the form of a memoir or autobiography, a biography, a tribute, or even a video or oral history.
October 7, 2015 by nell 3 Comments I have noticed in my many years as a childcare worker, and now as a parent, that children are deeply touched by the books they read. Many of these are written by respected authors of adult books; educators, doctors and spiritual teachers. I have placed these books in order according to the publisher’s recommended age ranges. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (Age 1 and up) Shel Silverstein has long been one of my favorite authors. Beautiful Hands by Bret Baumgarten and Kathryn Otoshi (Ages 2 and up) – This book was created to inspire children everywhere to use their power to help themselves and others achieve their dreams. Some Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life by Rebecca Doughty (Ages 3 and up) – A sweet little book with several wonderful tips to make this a better world and a happier place. All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon (Age 3 and up) – This book is a celebration of the world and humankind told through simple rhyming text and beautiful illustrations. What do You do with an Idea by Kobi Yamada (Ages 3 and up) –  A wonderful book that will inspire your kids and your whole family! The Thankful Book by Todd Parr (Ages 3 and up) – This silly little book shares things to be thankful for that can easily be used to teach gratitude anytime of the year. An Awesome Book of Thanks by Dallas Clayton (Ages 4 and up) – This whimsical little book conveys all the ways one can be thankful, and all the different things in life to be thankful for.
One of Those Days by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Illustrated by Rebecca Doughty (Ages 4 and up) – This is really a good little book. Be Happy by Monica Sheehan (Ages 4 and up) – This sweet and inspirational book reminds us of the simple things that really do make for a happier life: making friends, being thankful, dreaming big, and most of all—being happy! Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy and illustrated by Kimberly Shaw-Peterson (Ages 4 and up) -This book teaches that being different is cool, and being mean isn’t! I Believe in Me by Connie Bowen (Ages 4 and up) – This sweet little book contains 27 affirmations that will inspire you and your child to be all you can be. Guardians of Being by Eckhart Tolle and Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell (Ages 4 and up) – This book celebrates and reminds us of the oneness of all life and the wonder, joy, and beauty to be found in the present moment. The Way I Act by Janian Cain (Ages 5 and up) – This book gently guides children to understand how their actions express who they are. I hope that you and your children enjoy this wonderful collection of books that teach important life lessons. May we all be inspired by these important life lessons for our children. My goal is to inspire children everywhere to reach for their dreams and remember they can beat the odds and realize their dreams. Timothy Cardinal Dolan was elevated to the College of Cardinals by Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2009 and his charismatic manner and indefatigable sense of humor have put him squarely in the public’s eye. I understand that the book arrived in 2011 and that some of you may have already read it, but I just got hold of it so now I’m doing the review!

Like Lincoln in the log cabin, Cardinal Dolan’s beginnings were normal, lower middle class with a father who worked hard for his family and a mother who guided them through their years.
Timothy’s teachers at Holy Infant grade school saw in him that special light and they did everything they could to support him.
As Timothy Dolan moved from parish priest to bishop to archbishop and finally to Cardinal, a mere heartbeat or two or three or more from the papacy, Brother Bob and family learned lessons about the Church and Christ that no one could deliver in the close, intimate way that the big brother in red could. The book is a series of conversations and events between Bob and his big brother covering things like: The Joy of Grief, Where There’s Humor, There’s Hope, Embrace the Cross, The P-Word, the Beauty of Silence, and If it’s Not True, it Ought to Be! Dolan taught his brother and family, that humor is a way to share in our imperfections, taking the Lord seriously, taking the Faith seriously, but never ourselves. Dolan’s approach to miracles, artifacts, and special things like the Shroud of Turin is interesting.
The book is filled with photographs of Cardinal Dolan and his family, and even though Bob took most of them, there are a couple of him with his big brother.
Good Audio Book Five AUDIO CDs, and one bonus CD, polished for your satisfaction for a worthwhile set, in the clamshell case withdrawn from the library collection.
About the BookThe bestselling financial advisor shows listeners how to stop looking back at investment losses and spending mistakes and go forward to create wealth for their future. Today only, save on used books and help us reach 15,000 books sold to double the donations. This self-proclaimed old-lady activist knows how to organize and contact legislators to get things done. This anthology, published by the Association of Personal Historians, includes inspiring stories of ordinary people. This is why I like to read them books that teach important life lessons. During the many years that I have been reading books to children, these have stood out as some of the very best. They each recognized the need to share these important topics with the leaders of tomorrow–our children. Search for these books on your local library’s website and reserve them to check out. This book has affected my daughter so profoundly that she makes funny faces in the mirror every day-one of the many wonderful tips.
There is so much about this book that catches a child’s imagination and many ways it can be used to enrich their understanding of the world around them. This is a story for anyone, at any age, who’s ever had an idea that seemed a little too big, too odd, too difficult. From her efforts, children see the importance of planning, gathering supplies, building, and not giving up when a good idea doesn’t initially work out. Hay (Ages 3 and up) – This book delivers the powerful lessons that our thoughts create our reality in a way that children can understand. This sweet story shares the ultimate strategy to combat bullying – respect, kindness, and being your best self. Northrup believes that helping girls learn at a young age to value the wonder and uniqueness of their bodies can have positive benefits that will last throughout their lives. Seuss (Ages 6 and up) – Originally published in 1971, this classic story goes all out to show the devastating consequences of human greed, and what can happen to the environment when humans misuse and take advantage of nature and natural resources. They focus on important life lessons such as perseverance, setting goals, teamwork and helping others.
Dolan of New York greets Pope Francis during his audience with cardinals March 15 at the Vatican. Not penance, though Cardinal Dolan is big on our facing sinfulness and striving through penance to achieve a more holy life. Robert Curtis, a life-professed Lay Dominican, teaches composition at the University of Phoenix and creative writing at Rio Salado College.

But, someone came in and snatched her while she was baby-sitting and she was never seen again. Still, the national media descended on the city just like they do today. This book includes crime scene photos and newspaper articles during the time when the issue was still hot.
A mother and father share some of the wisdom they have gained through the years with their eager son.
Kids can learn and understand the powerful idea that they have control over their thoughts and words, and in turn, what happens in their life. While geared toward young children and the parents of young children it is also a book for the masses and spans age groups, gender, geographical, racial, and religious boundaries. Its simple text will seed real beliefs in real children about how to manifest the lives of their best and most magical dreams. Dyer (Ages 4 and up) – This book addresses the topics of money and abundance, with the understanding that children’s earliest thoughts and perceptions about money are those that will last throughout their lives.
By reading this lovely book, little girls will learn how their bodies are perfect just the way they are.
This wonderfully wise graduation speech is the perfect send-off for children starting out in the world, be they nursery school, high school, or college grads!
Helping kids improve behavior and grow into wonderful people ‘seems to be the goal of this lovely book. A warning that rings true today amidst the dangers of clear-cutting, pollution, and a general disregard for the earth’s environment.
For example, my award-winning autobiography details my story of transforming from a handicapped child to a horseback riding champion!
He’s a small town boy made good, real good, and this year he sat down with one-hundred and fourteen other cardinals to elect a new pope after Benedict XVI abdicated due to poor health, AND, he was elected president of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.
As a child, Timothy held Mass once-a-week in the Dolan household, not particularly valid at the time, but a portent of things to come.
Cardinal Dolan answered, “Yes, every time I get on the scale!” His way of handling grief says quite a bit about the man in red. Their words, simple and powerful, are meant to comfort and guide him as he goes about exploring the world.
There will always be someone with more… and always someone with less than what you have.
I remember my son doing this and expected him to become a priest, and he almost did, but marriage got to him first! He said that we mourn because we will miss a loved one who has died, therefore, that loved one meant a great deal to us. The “P” word is “pope.” Once Dolan was elevated, speculation ran rampant when Benedict XVI abdicated but Cardinal Dolan wouldn’t hear of any such speculation about him because his humility would not allow him. Through a simple story, it shares that excuses are made by our own decision and limit what we achieve when we can really achieve what we set our minds to. Teaching children to be positive at all income levels will build their self-esteem, pride, and confidence through life.
Therefore further, we should find gratitude in grief that the Lord placed such a person in our lives.
It is one of the best books out there that teaches the art of giving and it very much belongs on this list.

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