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Interpersonal SkillsHelping leverage the power of teams!Our ability to effectively interact with others is the most basic of business skills. I am very involved with the tech community in California, and as such host, organize, and attend numerous industry events, dinners, and functions. There is no question that most attendees are quite intelligent, educated, successful, and articulate. Operators are skilled in running companies, and are always looking to find better ways to accomplish what they need to. Leaders, and there are few of them, have the ability to listen actively and engage in meaningful dialogue. Leaders will try to help, guide, advise, mentor, and make introductions if and when they can. Developing such skills, and level of confidence is no easy task, and requires both talent and effort. I know far too many successful, bright executives with poor interpersonal skills who are disliked, and are only tolerated only because of their positions. About Ivan NikkhooIvan Nikkhoo is an experienced tech entrepeneur, investment banker, and venture capitalist focused on emerging technology companies. The idea behind teamwork and collaboration is that you can take advantage of the shared knowledge and skill of the participants to achieve outcomes that may not be possible or may take too long to resolve by a person working alone. The key area to manage in teamwork is the potential clash between team goals and the team members’ goals, particularly if the organisation has established incentives based around personal rewards rather than company or team goals because the employees will then have a personal agenda that does not incorporate the values, culture and goals of the company or more importantly the goals of the combined team.
As a manager looking to enhance teamwork, the first step would be to communicate the clear expectation that teamwork and collaboration are expected.

Get the team together, encourage open communication, define the group’s purpose, and establish a common set of expectations. This entry was posted in Coaching, Leadership, Team Building, Teams, Teamwork and tagged Leadership, leading teams, team building, team goals, Teams. Such events provide an opportunity to meet new people, spot trends, and gain insights into the markets. What is immediately and clearly obvious is the distinction between self promoters, operators, bean counters, and of course, the leaders, and it is all in their communication and interpersonal skills. Their egos supersede their skills, they only take meetings that have a direct benefit to them, and treat people according to what the direct impact they can offer. They like other operators, smart people, and often think more tactically than strategically.
For this small group of people, the difference is in their approach to dealing with other people, and their ability to communicate and connect with others. They are more interested in building relationships, a communities, echo systems, and creating a better environment for everyone.
As Jim Rohn said, “Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.” I remember taking a communication class in business school, but it focused on writing skills, not relationship building, active listening, or being inquisitive. Out of ignorance, or lack of interest, they do not see any value in showing any interest in others, except for when it is profitable for them to do so.
He is an Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business and is a very active investor.
Teamwork is all about co-ordination, co-operation and the collection of skills joining together to achieve a common objective.

By empowering the team and involving them in all aspects you instil a sense of setting their own destiny and encourage them to strive to achieve goals that they themselves have set. They are also a fascinating venue to observe the different styles and skill sets of the attendees, which generally consist of successful entrepreneurs, super angels, VCs, and industry executives.
As John Powell said, “Communication works for those who work at it.” This is what differentiates everyone.
Their interpersonal and communication skills are their differentiation, and are not dependent on the “who”s and “what”s. Ivan has run and been an advisor to tehnology companies for over thirty years, and has helped many companies through their growth and lifecycle challenges. If compensation can not be restructured to reward team goals then it must rest with the manager to build team spirit and inspire the shared vision. Team building also fosters strong interpersonal relationships which will again encourage teamwork. I usually prefer in person meetings if possible, because as Charles Dickens said, “Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true. By creating shared or common goals, having measurable outcomes, promoting interdependency, building trust, honour and respect, you will create a team that will make things happen more effectively and more quickly than a team that is focused on individual pursuits.

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