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If you and your workmates in the Melbourne CBD are looking for the most effective, convenient and best value for money way to get into shape, keep reading because this is for you. You may have already read about my Outdoor Group Fitness Training in Brunswick, which runs on Saturday afternoons at 3pm. If you have an available space such as a conference room and can provide a car park, I will be able to bring my boxing, kickboxing, resistance bands & core stability equipment for some serious fun and fitness.

A complete training program needs to include resistance training targeting both Type 1 and Type 2 muscle fibres, interval training for cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning, as well as core stability training. This program incorporates a variety of forms of exercise, mainly centred around bodyweight resistance training (as seen in my video features on this site), and boxing and kickboxing drills. Watch the videos for examples of the body weight resistance exercises and how they can be broken down and simplified (or made more challenging) for different levels of ability.

Participating in a glorified dance class may burn some calories but will not cause the change in your body composition and metabolic rate required for sustainable weight management.

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