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Business leaders responsible for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability programs expect budgets and activity for corporate initiatives in the sector to hold steady or increase despite economic uncertainty, according to a new survey. The survey was based on data from 377 respondents representing member companies of BSR, a non-profit global consulting and research organization that focuses on CSR and sustainability issues. Social issues advanced in the rankings of priorities, with workers’ rights moving to the top of the list of “very significant” priorities.
One of the great freedoms when you create or run your own company is that you don’t have to report to anyone.
PR students and professionals are often told that they need to understand the fundamentals of business in order to earn a seat at the management table. Strategic Communications, LLC is a public relations firm based in Syracuse, NY that is founded on Strategy, Integrity, and Communication.
Global dimming is a less well-known but real phenomenon resulting from atmospheric pollution. Some scientists have gone so far as to propose deliberate manipulation of the dimming effect to reduce the impact of global warming, in other words increasing particulate emissions. Uh, doesn't a phenomenon that causes energy to be reflected back into space result in global cooling?
Therefore it seems reasonable the primary source of the problem is pollution coming from humans, not volcanoes only.
Global cooling isn't being caused by the same thing that is causing Global "dimming." Whether that is a good phrase to call it or not matters little, the fact of the matter is that it is happening and there hasn't been much coverage on it.

The composition and the size of the board play a crucial role in the effective functioning of the board. According to A Dictionary of Economics, business ethics is “the study of what standards businesses should observe in their dealings over and above compliance with the letter of the law. Yet, sometimes we need a trusted advisor to help us think through a sensitive decision that impacts our own organization. They help keep us on track and focused. Without them, a successful year in business is really just dumb luck. We've helped clients across the country with public relations, media outreach, monitoring and response, employee communications, community relations, and social media strategies.
The burning of fossil fuels by industry and internal combustion engines, in addition to releasing the carbon dioxide that collects and traps the sun’s heat within our atmosphere, causes the emission of so-called particulate pollution—composed primarily of sulphur dioxide, soot and ash. Columbia University climatologist Beate Liepert notes a reduction by some four percent of the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface between 1961 and 1990, a time when particulate emissions began to skyrocket around the world. Most climate scientists believe global dimming is serving to counteract some of the warming effects brought on by increased carbon emissions.
There aren't exactly volcanoes everywhere there is a population like there are carbon emitting machines and vehicles.
Directors can be classified into different types depending on their relationship with the company on whose board they serve.In this chapter we defined different types of directors like the executive director, non-executive directors, nominee directors, representative directors, alternate directors shadow directors and associate directors. This covers questions such as fair dealing with their labour force, customers, suppliers, and competitors, and the impact of their activities on the environment, public health, and animal welfare.

Michael Meath shares his experiences in this edition of the Strategic Minute, brought to you by Strategic Communications, LLC. We’d love your feedback, so please consider leaving a review on iTunes or contacting us through our website.
When these particulates enter the atmosphere they absorb solar energy and reflect sunlight otherwise bound for the Earth’s surface back into space. But a 2007 study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) found an overall reversal of global dimming since 1990, probably due to stricter pollution standards adopted by the U.S. Depending on the mix of executive and non-executive directors present on a board they can be classified into four types: All executive board, majority executive board, majority outside board and two-tier supervisory board. If a good reputation helps to gain and retain business, ethical conduct need not necessarily conflict with profit, but there are bound to be cases where it does. Particulate pollution also changes the properties of clouds—so-called “brown clouds” are more reflective and produce less rainfall than their more pristine counterparts. He adds, however, that brown clouds have been known to amplify warming as a result of various environmental factors, especially in regions of southern and eastern Asia. The reduction in heat reaching the Earth’s surface as a result of both of these processes is what researchers have dubbed global dimming.

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