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Trade shows, appreciation events, award ceremonies, private celebrations, product launches and seminars - all these are seen as channels to publicize, advertise, market or build a brand image. Event management industry is today seen as an intimate form of marketing aimed at targeted clients.
Here is a multidisciplinary industry that uses the specialization of arts, commerce, social science and technology. Creative and artistic idea conceptualization, strategic planning, organizing, executing, marketing, evaluating, co-coordinating, networking, public relations are the essential ingredients of a successful event management. The stupendous growth of event management industry has in the recent years necessitated educational institutions to introduce event management courses. Though a formalized education is not a pre-requisite to find event management jobs, you can hone your skills by doing a course.
New entrants start as promotion coordinators, work as event coordinators and climb up the ladder to become event managers.
From wealthy individuals to corporate organizations, everyone wants professional expertise to organize successful events and attract attention. Companies have experienced the advantage it begets - reaching out to customers more closely, more intimately. Professionally managed event management companies target large and medium-sized national and international clients. It is usually through reference that companies and organizations approach event management organizations with a rough idea of the kind of event they want to conduct.

There are certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in event management. Students are taught the theoretical aspects and gain practical experience through simulated events. It is only with support from specialists and experts from related fields that an event takes its final form.
Those who enjoy meeting people, care to form good inter-personal relationships, like meeting challenges and are willing to work tirelessly to experience finally the thrill of achievement are suitable. The event management industry prefers hiring individuals who can work under tight schedules with extra ordinary organizing skills and crisis management skills, with a creative streak and outgoing individuals with a positive outlook In the United States of America, the average salary for Event Manager is $55,000.
Flexi-timing, part-time or a full-time career, employment opportunities are aplenty for students as well as homemakers.
Corporate clients entrust event management companies with the responsibility of contributing to a client's overall business goals.
These are companies that seek the services of an event management company to convene meetings, organize incentive programs for its customers and put stalls at exhibitions or conduct training programs, seminars and conferences.
Those who pursue Master's in Business Administration can also opt to specialize in event management. The courses focus on teaching the students the art of managing and designing for special events.
However, it greatly depends on the company, the location, industry, experience and benefits. Event managers understand the client's rationale behind the event and conceptualize the event that helps in achieving the goal.

For instance, a company may sponsor a live music concert, dance entertainment, fashion pageant or a marathon, motor rally etc. On the D-day, the event manager puts to good use all skills in bringing a synchronization of efforts culminating in commercial success of the event. With regard to managing weddings and parties, remuneration depends on the scale of grandeur. In fact, after a successful stint with an event management company, you can afford to pursue your dream of turning into an event management entrepreneur. With mega shows and events becoming a daily affair, an event management company, which has a proven track record, enjoys a high client demand in the market. The income generated through tickets or participation fee is donated to old-age homes, orphanages etc.
An ability to look into the minutest detail driven by zeal and enthusiasm to outperform is sure to win client's accolades and goodwill. The cutting edge is the degree of creativity, success in working within a budget and surpassing client's expectations each time and every time.

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