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Call Center Floor Management is a 2.5 day program where new and veteran supervisors learn proven, innovative floor-coaching skills that will change the performance culture of your center. Whether your call center focuses on sales results, quality scores, system proficiency or customer service, the floor manager is the secret to long-term success. Agents always try to get answers from supervisors first, rather than finding the answers for themselves. Supervisors try to go on the floor and provide coaching, but they are inundated with help requests from agents each time they do. We work together to build a new floor-coaching schedule that will guarantee the new skills are implemented on the floor right away. Contact Us today to discuss your center's goals and challenges and whether Call Center Floor Management is the right fit for your center. Floor managers spend as little as 5% of their time proactively coaching agents' telephone skills. We work with senior management to build the right floor-coaching strategy and schedule so every supervisor has enough time for proactive coaching each day.
We build a schedule so each supervisor has enough floor coaching time, away from problem-solving. Call us at 800-683-9022 today to see whether your center can benefit from Call Center Floor Management. BenchmarkPortal’s contact center training workforce management workshop covers the entire WFM process - from the gathering of data to the production of forecasts, schedules and budgets. If you have 2 or more individuals that would like to take the call center training course, please contact us for a group discount. All students attending a Live Online course have up to thirty (30) days before start date to cancel registrations ?for a refund.
In the event that we do have to cancel a training course at the last minute, your relationship manager will contact you to either reschedule you in to an alternate course or provide you with a full refund of the course price. If you are purchasing more than one course with a business credit card please check your daily limits to avoid any possibility of the transaction getting declined (most cards have a $1,000 daily limit). After completion of a Live Online Course, you will receive by email a Certificate of Completion. Certification through BenchmarkPortal and the College of Call Center Excellence is an achievement that is recognized internationally. The course was very in depth, It explained a lot of topics I was aware of previously, but it also showed how these topics apply to our call center business and how we can use different New metrics to track agent statistics. If Performance is an issue in your Call Center Then Discover How This Training Will Benefit You! Basically this means that because of success, you create a new problem that needs to be solved. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the budget to find talent outside of the organization, we promoted from within.
It was clear we needed to develop leadership training that would drive performance and improve all levels of employee engagement. This developmental program focuses on 15 key areas to provide leaders with the skills to provide all performance goals in their call center. By the second month we found that they were beginning to out-achieve our more seasoned team leads and managers. What we didn’t expect was the amount of continued improvement both test groups exhibited. We began to roll it out to all of our leadership team, the enthusiasm, the performance and the positive employee engagement was outstanding.
I urge you to spend time and learn how powerful using this call center development program and be for your call center or for your career. You can use it to create a formal training program or each individual module can be used to train on that particular target. Leading For Results is Developed By Proven Call Center Leaders and Call Center Trainers, No Fluff, Only Results!
Each Participant Module Has a Facilitator Guide, Which Provides Speaking Points and Exercises Allowing You or Your Trainer To Be Efficient As Possible.  Your ROI is Paid In Time, Energy and Results. Leading For Results has been developed utilizing the “Best Practices” of some of the best organizations that have been recognized for their outstanding performance. The Role of a SupervisorThis module discusses the role of a supervisor, the qualities needed to be an effective supervisor, and duties performed by supervisors.

Positive LeadershipThis module demonstrates the difference between influence and authority, the connection between self-esteem and success, helps develop motivational strategies, explains the power of positive reinforcement, and helps develop skills in dealing with change.
Listening SkillsThis module describes how to identify your listening strengths and weaknesses, how to explain the process of active listening and empathic listening, and how to practice new listening skills.
Communication Skills 101This module describes how using human relations skills and interpersonal skills will help individuals succeed. Communication Skills 102This module describes the communications process and examines communications styles. Communication Skills 103This module describes how to build trust with constructive self-disclosure and how to use the Johari Window communication model to discover more about yourself. CoachingThis module presents the coaching skills required by supervisors in order to help develop their subordinates’ potential.
Managing Discipline This module discusses the difference between positive and negative discipline, explains progressive discipline, and applies principles of effective discipline to work situations. Team Building 101This module explains teamwork and discusses characteristics of effective team building, describes how members of a work group can contribute to team building, and identifies four levels of empowerment. Team Building 102This module outlines how to use team-building strategies to improve call center performance at all levels. Understanding Individual BehaviorThis module will help to identify your philosophies on motivation, examine motivational strategies to apply to specific situations, and demonstrate the importance of identifying employee motivators.
Setting Goals and ExpectationsThis module explains the importance of goal setting, clarifies goals and objectives, helps identify your goals, and describes methods of monitoring progress toward attaining goals. Stress ManagementThis module will help you identify causes of stress, recognize warning signs of being over-stressed, identify the conscious and subconscious influences on behavior, and apply stress management skills to job situations. The Role of a SupervisorBy the end of this module, you will be able to:  Describe the role of the supervisor in the organization, Understand and apply the expectations for all supervisors, and Understand and use the skills needed to be an effective supervisor.
Positive LeadershipBy the end of this module, you will be able to:  Explain the components of positive leadership and Demonstrate skills in exerting positive leadership. Listening SkillsBy the end of this module, you will be able to:  Identify the importance of listening in the communication process, and Improve your listening skills. Communication Skills 101Facilitator guide that helps participants explain the impact of human relations on job performance and other workplace issues, Explain the forces that influence behavior at work, and Understand and apply interpersonal skills to be more successful.
Communication Skills 102By the end of this module, you will be able to:  Explain the communications process, Avoid barriers to effective communications, and Understand and apply communication styles to be more successful. Communication Skills 103By the end of this module, you will be able to:  Build trust through appropriate self-disclosure and Understand more about yourself.
Managing Discipline Facilitators objective of this module:  Define discipline and why it is necessary, Explain the supervisor’s role in the disciplinary process and Properly utilize the disciplinary process. Team Building 102By the end of this module, participants will be able to: Develop an action plan for team building, Explain the stages of team development and identify the stage a team is at, and Utilize the Characteristics of an Effective Team Member. Setting Goals and ExpectationsBy the end of this module, you will be able to:  Identify and create quality goals and Explain the importance of monitoring progress toward goal attainment.
DelegationBy the end of this module, you will be able to: Explain the importance of delegation, Avoid barriers to delegation, and Pick the right person to delegate to. Stress ManagementBy the end of this module, you will be able to:  Develop strategies for managing stress to improve job performance, Explain the importance of emotional control in managing stress, and Explain the influence of stress and emotions in employee job performance, job satisfaction, and motivation. When I first rolled out this program to my team, we quickly went from missing every Key Performance Indicators to meeting and even exceeding all of our goals. I personally benefited as well.  My salary doubled and I became recognized as a performance expert. Our short-term solution was incredibly powerful but it was somewhat reactive and my vision was on creating something more proactive. What I learned was that I could utilize this training solution to provide a one-two punch to improve our call center performance. My centers went from last place to first.  Morale went from the basement to the penthouse suite. I’ve been witness to too many front-lined leaders being thrown into the job with very little call center training and ultimately I’ve seen far too many fail. And to motivate you to take action today, I’ve added several fast action, top rated bonuses that I know you’ll love and that will help you achieve your goals. The best part about this call center performance solution is that it is extremely easy to implement and extremely easy to execute. This system illustrates the proper system to follow based on two-distinct categories your employees fall into.

How To Effectively Build Teams and Make Them Work Discover The Art of Managing People and Helping Them Win!
As you can see, these bonuses have been designed to be a perfect companion to our break through Call Center Training.
This is very powerful, since you can use it as formalized call center training program for your front-lined leaders or as a coaching tool to pinpoint a specific area that needs to improve. When you use this system it can be applied to any type of issue you are faced and within days, you’ll not only get to the root cause but you be able to correct the problems right away. Having access to a call center professional site to find and come up with solutions to help address performance, HR, Technology and basically everything you can think of under the call center performance management industry is at your finger tips.
Using "Leading For Results" training will provide your call center with the tools you need to put your call center or call center teams as a recognized "best in class" center. Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!, Our goal is to make your life easier and to provide outstanding content that will propel you and or your team to the next level of call center performance. A.This is an amazing front-line leadership development program that was developed to bring newly hired team leads up to speed. A.Throughout the month the Premium Content membership will have Call Center Webinars to discuss what is working right now. A.Greg has worked in the Call Center Industry for 24 years now and has run some very large and successful operations. We include lessons that benefit attendees from any size organization, large and small, with real-world examples of solutions that work in practice - not just theory. I am new to leadership and WFM and was happy to learn all the layers that filter into call center management. You will learn why some supervisors are reluctant to delegate, and how to delegate work appropriately.
You will learn how to determine which areas need improvement and how to develop a detailed action plan to achieve the improvements. This module also explains strategies for effectively coping with stress and explains why employers value emotional control. In fact, they started modeling what we were doing and applied it to their internal call center as well as the other vendors they used. This system was developed several years ago and I have used it in every new challenge I’ve been faced with. If they had this solution, they would have been a lot more successful with their call center career. The call center industry has been very good to me and I’ve met some really great people along the way.
So if you want to fix your call center quickly then you need to learn more by signing up for our “Leading For Results”, call center training. This is a solution that allows your front-line leaders to focus on performance and develop a roadmap for improvement. Team-building and management has become one of the most important elements of success of new businesses.
Here, we take a look at how you can ensure that your teams stand the test and achieve the success your company has been hankering for.
Isn't it time to stop stressing over basic tactical concerns and start focusing on more strategic results.
How Do You Develop Them To Make The Transitions From an Agent To a Leader?How Do We Prepare Them To Lead a Team?My Bet Is That We Throw Them In Head First and Let Them Have At It - Sink Or Swim! As a result, I’ve prospered, in both financial terms, but more importantly in relationship terms.
For instance, maybe your team needs to learn how to coach more efficiently or how to better set goals and objectives. What better way to honor these experiences and memories than by offering this solution to the call center industry as a whole? Groups must all be submitted and registered at the same time in order to receive the group discount.

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