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In today’s competitive work climate, Career Coaching is very important to achieve success in any field of life.
Industries and businesses all over the world are hiring highly skilled and qualified people from all over. Leadership and effective communication skills are common traits in successful managers and executives. There are a large number of other types of skills needed to build your career and success.  The Business Talent Coach provides this additional knowledge and skills. Career Coaching provides coaching to people who are unsure of their career path or lack the skills to reach their full potential as a manager or executive. Thus by getting career coaching by The Business Talent Coach company, any person can enhance their skills to become and remain professionally competent by developing the most important key skills need to thrive in today’s business world.
We’ve just added two new complimentary downloads to our website that pull together all we’ve been talking about over the last couple months.

Foundational Coaching Assessment – Use this assessment to determine how well prepared you are to implement the core components of coaching.  You might find this assessment helpful whether you’re a new coach who wants to build a strong foundation of practice or an experienced coach curious to see if you can enhance your core coaching approach.
Foundational Coaching Worksheet – Use this tool to assess your current core coaching capability, identify resources to further develop your core coaching skills and create an action plan to do so.   As with the Coaching Foundation Assessment, this worksheet can be helpful to you whether you are new to coaching and looking for guidance or are an experienced coach interested in further honing your approach. The International Coach Federation (ICF) gives this definition of coaching: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. Coaching is a process of communication that helps the coachee to clarify his goals and to discover more effective approaches to achieve them.
When you want to reach success, effectiveness, balance and an evolution aligned with your own values.
The coach helps the client (called coachee ) to find the answers and the solutions which fit the best his human and professional context, his personality, values and ambitions. Because I have a long experience as a coach, with very high satisfaction and retention levels.

Because I never stop studying and applying innovative coaching methods and approaches, in order to always provide the most advanced and customised support to my coachees. Insert your NAME (the surname is not necessary) and your email address and download now your free copy!
A certified coachGianfranco Nocilla is a professional coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and associated to ICF and ICF Italia federations. Leadership coach?  Financial planner?  Career coach?  Lean Six Sigma consultant?  Regardless of your focus, you need certain foundational coaching skills in order to help your clients reach their goals and achieve personal success.  Today, we’re wrapping up a series of posts focused on those core skills. The coach anchors the client to his own internal strengths and, subsequently, allows to optimize his performances.

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