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Career coaching is very important for people who want to have careers that are rewarding in life.
While having communications related positions in the non-profit sector is not something unheard of in the past, the rising value of development communications roles in the sector is a relatively new development. A simple look into job listings at non-profit organizations will most likely result in at least a handful of openings that involve communications roles. A development communications role involves creating materials such as newsletters, reports, marketing and donor materials etc.
With rapidly growing rates of information exchange as well as the tools to get the information across, the rise of development communications in the non-profit sector has as much to do on the technological end as it does on the evolving nature of NGOs and the public.
So, what are some of the basic skills for someone interested in development communications? While basic proficiency on applications such as Powerpoint will be expected, having some design experience (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc.) could also be very useful. With a passion for international development, Kesang's professional experience includes working with various organizations, including the United Nations, Pact and Bhutan Foundation in Washington D.C. Career section of Indev is your Counsel to suggest pathways of success so that you DO It Right !!! Whether you are an individual seeking a new job or career, or an employer who needs assistance transitioning your employees to the next phase of their career cycle, CareerJoy can help.
CareerJoy™ is headed by head coach and founder, Alan Kearns, who is a Workopolis career expert, author of Get the Right Job Right Now!, and a regular contributor to Canadian media on the latest trends in careers and career development in Canada.
We have been chosen as the official career coaching firm for the alumni of York University, Bishop’s University, OCAD, Carleton University, Queens University, Dalhousie Law, Queen’s Law, Ryerson University, Nippissing University and Athabasca University. Career Marketing Techniques is a careers industry leader and benchmark resume design, writing, career coaching, and professional career coach certification firm. We also offer the leading Career Coach Certification program in the USA: The Certified Professional Career Coach Program (CPCC). To win the ‘war on talent’, all companies are vying for top candidates—those who are innovative, savvy, inventive, creative, fresh, and results-oriented. As a career change strategist, Diane collaborates with clients engaged in complex and challenging career transitions including layoffs, M&As, military retirement, military upgrades (warrant officers), federal government employment (federal to federal, corporate to federal, and federal to corporate), firing, “boredom”, and other difficult or life-impacting career challenges.
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According a report from the World Bank, it is “communication that supports sustainable change in development operations by engaging key stakeholders.” Depending on the organization, the role itself can involve a number of different things.
The need to stay connected with the public, donors, peers and various other stakeholders continues to grow and also plays an important role in the overall well-being of an organization.
For starters, most job listings seem to specify a degree in Communications, Journalism or a related field.
A recent emerging trend that continues to be adopted by organizations is the use of infographics and data visualization to tell stories about specific issues and demonstrate an organization’s work (see infographics from the Gates Foundation and Amnesty International for examples). We provide career transition, leadership coaching, and outplacement services for both Individuals and Employers in Calgary. Our team of coaches is uniquely trained to help you achieve career success – both personally and financially. We are also the exclusive provider of career coaching services for the members of HRPAO & The Chemical Institue of Canada amongst other associations. We are leaders in the Canadian career coaching marketplace, helping individuals find answers to their career questions, as well as helping companies build team leadership skills, and in cases of restructuring, assist employees as they transition to new jobs. That’s why we have developed many different coaching programs, each tailored to a particular career situation.
We deliver solutions for career change, career search and career development success with a global perspective.
We work with corporate executives in any industry and also offer group career speaking and training services. Competition is tough; and nothing less than a stunning resume and well-prepared interview, combined with personable, positive, first-impression chemistry will do to help you gain the competitive edge required in a tough career search.
With an eclectic career background (former Recruiter for a major aerospace corporation, and a Special Agent Investigator for the Department of Defense), Diane is able to integrate myriad careers industry options into your career search plans.
A career coach is a person that will help you plan for all these so that you will have a satisfying career in the end. She then held my hand as I researched jobs, put a new CV together, and applied for positions.
For the most part, the major responsibilities include materials development, public and press engagement, messaging, and in some cases, event planning and fundraising as well. From customized materials to attract donors to videos and website content to engage the public, the range of materials may vary, but what is of growing importance in a communications role is the ability to use a multitude of communication tools to effectively tell an organization’s story.

However, having knowledge in development related issue areas such as health, microfinance etc. In smaller to mid-sized organizations, there may not be a complete team, which means that being flexible and willing to take up multiple projects is something one should be prepared to do. In every program, experienced coaches use multi-faceted assessment tools designed to reveal your motivations, talents and natural abilities and bring the best career options into focus. We coach you and help you gain the edge you must have to stand out and get the position you want. Going hand in hand, a communications position (particularly a higher-level role) would also involve overseeing the strategic message of the organization as a whole and ensuring the delivery of a common message. Lastly, getting experience through an internship or volunteer opportunity would be the best way to go about exploring the field and honing your skills. In that way, we create a plan that guides our clients, step-by-step, toward achieving their own success in their careers. Career Marketing Techniques provides a comprehensive resume and career search documents portfolio design service.
Anyway, I am about to start my first job on my new career path and I want to say thankyou Shauna, you played a pivotal part in a pivotal moment in my life - I will always look back at this time with amazement.
In smaller or mid-sized non-profits that do not have an entire team, one can be found wearing multiple hats. It also requires excellent written and verbal communication skills, along with copy editing skills. We help you to manage the entire process, shortening your learning curve, helping you to begin a systematic and effective campaign. Along with public and press engagement, some communications roles also involve engaging in fundraising activities, scheduling and event planning. Being proactive early on in this area by creating profiles and mastering the use of these tools could prove to be beneficial. There are a number of blogs and other online resources that can be used easily, many of which are free.

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