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Here is a quick quiz to test your knowledge about resume writing.  Answer true or false to the different statements and then read the correct answers below. 1)      You should view your resume as a marketing tool that highlights your best skills and accomplishments. 2)      You should include all of your work history dating back to your first job out of college. Realized savings of $11.9 million annually through business consolidation program that relocated two datacenters in 11 months.
2)       You should include all of your work history dating back to your first job out of college.
False.  According to resume writing rules, you only need to go back 10-15 years with your work history, so for most senior-level professionals and executives it is not necessary to go back to your first job. Call to Career specializes in writing effective resumes.  To learn more about how Call to Career can help you to write a focused and targeted resume, please call 877-743-9521.
Transform Your Resume: Online resume and resume writing tips that set you apart from your competitors. Harness the power of Social Media while searching for your next job opportunity or manage your existing professional presence. In the Ultimate Resume Writing and Job Search System you get all of the strategies, tools, and step-by-step techniques to write winning resumes that get RESULTS.

Our coaching program delivers high-impact results for executives and professionals that are seeking to take their career to the next level of success.
This program is designed to show participants how to become the CEO of You and maximize career results at the executive or professional level.
We identify your goals for the program and customize our strategic coaching plan to the needs of each client level, experience and background. With our background in recruitment, human resources, coaching and training, you can be sure you will receive honest and realistic support at all times. At Gladstone Coaching and Development we believe that the key to success in life and in business is to understand and then maximise your individual and unique strengths. We help, guide, support and inspire people and businesses to become the very best that they can be. Pragmatic solutions that help and support you with the challenging aspects of running a successful business and managing the performance of your people. Our Health and Wellness Coaching core training pathway (Levels 1-4) is ideal for health and fitness professionals who have an existing qualification and currently practice in the field of health, fitness or wellness and looking for just behaviour change coach training and not additional theoretical studies in health and wellness. Depending on what your desired learning outcomes or career moves are, you can complete up to the level of training best suited for you.
Look to start with just Level 1 - Foundations of Wellness Coaching where you'll learn the theory and fundamentals of coaching and be introducing to the coaching model that you'll continue your studies with in Level 2 onwards. As a health, fitness and wellness professional, you can gain your professional registration and insurance to practice as a Wellness Coach within your current health setting after completing our minimum Level 1 and Level 2.

Those looking to embark on a new career into the world of Health and Wellness Coaching, then our Level 3 Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching is ideal for you. I found a new position, in a tough economic environment, through LinkedIn using the strategies that Cheryl taught me. We understand that business life brings its challenges and therefore we have developed a range of practical solutions to help you overcome your problems and concerns to free you up to excel. You will also earn ongoing education points with your industry registration body on completion. This is our core 14 week coaching course where you expand on the foundation level learnings from Level 1 and 2 (which are prerequisites for Level 3) providing a more intensive and practical approach to coaching. I was not using social media before the pilot program with Cheryl and was having very limited success. Once I started using social media based under Cheryl's direction, my success rate improved dramatically and the number of interviews increased resulting in multiple job offers.

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