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Training and development case studies: ideas from real, recent and effective training courses. We're usually busy delivering to our clients, but, in the gaps, we thought it would be valuable to share our experiences with you.
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Even if you're not in sales, the business-to-business presentations you give are about selling - your product, your ideas, yourself.
We thought it was vital to properly launch our Leadership Academy, so we set the group a series of tough, stretching challenges. We were delighted to be asked to re-design and deliver an annual "train the trainer" programme for graduates who'd joined one of the world's biggest companies.
Being asked to create and implement a programme to develop one of the best teams within an organisation was an honour. For the best part of seven years, we've been designing, delivering, reviewing, redesigning and re-delivering a company's Leader Development Progamme. Setting up a brand new distribution centre, with a brand new team, in a brand new location was going to be a challenge, and these clients were smart enough to realise that. As our business is run by a trained accountant and ex-finance manager (amongst other rather diverse skills!), we feel able to cheekily use stereotypes of finance people.

One of our clients, making a very smart decision, decided to link a significant investment in a new trade show stand to investment in developing the people who could make a success of it. Having made the decision to use the Lominger Competencies model as the framework for performance assessment, and bonus payments, our client wanted to ensure that all managers knew how to deliver the assessments properly, and that all staff knew the basis on which they were going to be reviewed.
The effective way to prioritise projects - and photographic proof that it can be fun as well. Of the three primary objectives of this programme, project prioritisation for an incredibly busy, in-demand team, was the major one. Home working, outsourcing, and the sheer size of some organisations means that face-to-face communication is often replaced by less personal means of communication. With a huge market still very much open to new players, eLearning is a serious place to be. Would you like to share your eLearning expertise with more than 440,000 unique readers per month? Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. If you don't care about the order, I would suggest the possibility of using a UML Class Diagram.
A second possibility is going out from the UML world, and maybe using a mockup software to design the screen's actual look and components location.

If you want to model objects but not the interaction between them an Object Diagram may be suited. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged architecture diagram uml or ask your own question. These are simple, real examples of training and development courses we've run, covering a wide range of areas and with a wide range of clients. The most important challenge would be to look coldly at their performance and be critical of themselves and each other. We also feel able to undermine those stereotypes through great communication skills training. One smart team decided this wasn't a smart approach, and so asked us to develop and deliver a programme to help them.
We spent a whole day being very, very honest with each other, so that we can work better, together.

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