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IVES Training Group offers training programs for both operators and trainer certification for mobile equipment such as forklifts, aerial lifts, loaders and excavators.
We have a network of facilities from which to deliver our programs in an open enrollment format that will teach your trainee the IVES Training System™. Each Train the Trainer Certification Program is designed to provide your instructor with the knowledge, training and experience to train operators and evaluate their competence. Trainees will return to your company with the knowledge, skills, tools and support they need to effectively communicate the required classroom theory concepts, conduct hands-on equipment specific safety training as well as testing and evaluation to certify your forklift, aerial lift, loader and excavator operators. IVES delivers operator training programs for forklift certification and aerial lift, loader and excavator qualification. IVES Forklift Operator Recertification program addresses the regulatory requirement, as well as the requirements of your company policies of having your previously certified forklift operators recertified for a further term. IVES delivers Operator Training Programs for forklift certification and aerial lift, loader and excavator qualification.
Rhodes Wellness College offers Life Coach Certification and Life Skills Coach Certificate courses.
Knowing how to apply these skills to your own life gives you the ability to be a powerful and effective life coach for others.
Contact Rhodes Wellness College today at (604) 708-4416 or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our Vancouver Life Coach Certification or Life Skills Coach Certificate program. Rhodes Wellness College has two life coaching certificate programs: The Life Coach Certificate and the Life Skills Coach Certificate program. The Life Coach Certificate program is a part time program that focuses on personal one-on-one life coaching for individuals and small groups. The Life Skills Coach Certificate course is a full-time comprehensive program that trains qualified individuals to prepare lessons and conduct life skills programs for groups and individuals.
Both life coach certification courses teach you how to provide your clients structure and support. The Life Skills Coach Certificate is based on the Saskatchewan NewStart Model of Life Skills. Rhodes Wellness College has several counsellor training courses to advance your life coaching skills.
Contact us today and turn your ability to communicate and solve problems into a successful certified life coach career. Commonly referred as the MA, the medical assistants are vital individuals in the health institutions as they have the duty of ensuring a swift functioning of the physicians, clinics and every medical specialist. Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field. Kaplan University is focused on recognizing the achievements of military and veteran students and offers the flexibility of an online education.
Just like any other profession, the medical assistants in Indianapolis need to fulfill a number of requirements prior to becoming certified professionals. Though the salary range of the MAs will vary from one person to another, there is always the average scale for any medical assistant in Indianapolis.

The highest annual salary, which is earned by a small fraction of the MAs is $36,262 while the lowest annual salary is $26,432. These professionals help in examining and treating the patients, following the physician’s directions. Consult patients, get the relevant measurements of weight, temperature, pulse rate, height or blood pressure, as well as recording the appropriate information on the charts. Drawing and collection of blood samples from the patients as they prepare the samples for analysis in the lab.
The medical assistant will also perform a number of administrative duties like coding and filing the insurance forms related to the patients.
You must at least hold a high school diploma or GED, along with a proper training from a recognized medical assistant program.
These training programs provide trainers with equipment-specific hands on experience, and the ongoing support they need to certify your in-house mobile equipment operators.
Trainers will also receive a framed certificate and trainer wallet card with their picture on it. These refresher operator training programs are a review of previously demonstrated knowledge and skill of your operators and is a condensed version of our Operator Certification Program. These two accredited courses transform your natural ability to advise others into a career as a highly qualified life coach. You learn a process of personal inquiry, discovery and feedback to build your clients’ level of awareness.
The Life Skills Counselling Certificate program has an added professional counselling course component. This is because the health of a person is what will determine their verve of performing several income generating activities. These specialists can work in different health care facilities other than the doctor’s office or the clinic. With over 100 locations nationwide and several online programs available, the ITT Techs are one of the leading providers of technology education. The MA course is offered in a number of schools in Indianapolis and you will need to find a credited school that offers the required MA program. They basically have a profession of performing administrative and clinical responsibilities.
To be registered, you will need to have a Registered Medical Assistant – RMA, which is offered all over the country by the AMT – American Medical Technologists.
And once you have your membership, you must renew it after every year, which you will pay a fee. The associate medical assistant degree program helps to increase the education level of a person. Operator certification and recertification programs are always conducted at your facility, using your equipment. IVES will deliver a custom on-site Train the Trainer certification program to teach your trainees all they need to know about your specific equipment and how to effectively train your operators.

Once certified, trainers have access to a multifaceted resource network that includes free administrative and technical support via Internet, e-mail and telephone, as well as an exclusive discount pricing structure on operator training and recertification materials. We also offer Operator Re-qualification programs for other types of equipment which have no mandated recertification date, such as aerial boomlift,  scissor lift, front-end loader, loader backhoe, skid steer loader, and excavator.
Part of your life coaching training involves learning how to assist your clients so they may achieve powerful goals and live with passion and purpose.
Interactive personal life coaching helps individuals and groups take action to realize their goals and fulfill their destiny.
Graduates of this life skills training program may apply for the ICF professional designation through the portfolio process. The Diploma in Life Coaching program includes a work practicum for easier access to employment. The health department has special professionals called the medical assistants, who help with a number of activities in clinics and hospitals. Each MA has a unique responsibility, which will range in relation to the workplace, level of practice, medical forte and the experience.
Nevertheless, the average annual salary for a medical assistant in Indianapolis is about $31,314. The diploma and certificate programs will groom the students for employment when they have graduated. This will also help in altering the salary range as level of education and experience are the matters that determine the salary range. Trainees are given classroom and field training and testing that is tailored to the conditions and applications found on site.
You guide your clients to be successful in five areas of life responsibility: self, relationships and family, education and employment, leisure and community.
The course will take between 1 and 2 years, but mostly, it will require you to finish 2 complete years in an accredited school. Some of the credits that have been earned can be shifted to an associate degree program related to the subject. These operator training programs are a comprehensive and cost-effective method of ensuring your operators receive training that not only meets, but exceeds, federal and regional regulations and standards.
Other than education, one must have an experience of up to 2 years in any associated field. You will also need to consider externship and internship, to enhance your experience in the field.

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