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Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, said “Sound will be the medicine of the future.”  We invite you to enter into the world of vibrational medicine and discover how your voice can heal.
The impact of this type of energy healing is instant and anyone can learn it.  This exciting program will benefit all those with an open mind and heart and who believe in a higher power, a Divine Source, no matter what they call it.
Along with so many others who are training in sound healing, we, at the Sound Reiki Institute, are living proof of the power of the voice.

Would you like to transform yourself creating health, happiness, self-awareness and confidence where anything is possible? If you have Reiki experience, prepare to take it to another level!  If you are just starting, then get ready to take a quantum leap in your understanding of yourself and how to read your body in a new and unique way. Let us teach you how to access multiple healing dimensions by projecting electro-tonal frequencies, using only your voice.

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