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Rehabilitation counselors help people deal with the personal, social, and vocational effects of disabilities. Rehabilitation counselors are employed at state and federal vocational rehabilitation agencies, comprehensive rehabilitation centers, mental health programs, employee assistance programs, sheltered workshops, insurance companies and private industry. A seminar about the relevance of and attitudes on age in the society, the labor market, and culture in general, and specifically about age on stage as a dancer, performer and creator. The thematic will handle transcending the traditional conventions and expectations on dance and age. What is it worth to be behind the new generation, but not to adjust rather choose to stay with the personal expression built up through experience, and with artistic integrity? Executive Director of Transition Program for Dancers (Omscholingsregeling Dansers) in the Netherlands. Since its establishment Paul has been involved with the development of the Transition Program for Dancers. He has served as a board member of several dance-related organizations and as guest speaker at numerous conferences on dance. Before coming to Sweden in 1976, Fay worked as a dancer, choreographer, artistic director and teacher in several countries, including the Irish Republic, UK, Iceland, Israel, Germany and USA. The seminar reaches out to the public, but specifically to the artistic institutions and educations, artistic leaders, companies, artistic organisations, dancers, choreographers, stage artists, and grant contributers. Ett seminarium om alder, arbetsmarknad och kultur i allmanhet och om alder pa scen som dansare i synnerhet. Age on Stage handlar om alderns betydelse i samhallet och pa arbetsmarknaden relaterad till dansare, scenkonstnarer och konstnarliga uttryck. Ar det sattet som vi betraktar den aldre dansaren paverkad av samhallets installning till alderdom?
Hur mycket ar det vart att vara bakom det nydanande, inte langre anpassa sig till samtida estetiska form men valja att stanna kvar i det uttryck som ar det egna, men fortfarande med konstnarlig integritet och hojd? Hur har andra bra exempel hanterat tematiken och vad har det mynnat ut i organisatoriskt och kreativt? Madeline Ritter, Tyskland – The executive artistic director of DANCE ON, nystartat danskompani med dansare over 40 ar i Berlin. I panelen finns aven representertanster fran DOCH, Danscentrum, Balettakademien och 13 internationella dansare mellan 45-60 ar samt inbjudna erfarna dansare aktiva i Sverige. After Lazarus for Peridance CDC The Universal Solvent FOUND and LOST Kody Zivota- the last forecast SAMI Ring of Fire Happy Birthday HOW COME?
They counsel people with disabilities resulting from birth defects, illness or disease, accidents, or the stress of daily life.
A baccalaureate degree in psychology, education or rehabilitation counseling is good preparation for the program in rehabilitation counseling.

How do the mature artist relate to current financial climate, the conditions of the institutions, and the aesthetic expression? From 1989 to 2004 she was the artistic director of tanz performance koln, an international production and festival platform for contemporary dance and new media.
He is founding member of the International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers (IOTPD ) and currently the President of the Board. At Balettakademien she taught ballet both for the graduating class and for professional dancers for 25 years and has also taught for nearly all of Sweden’s dance companies.
Ett mycket stort intresse internationellt och i Sverige har visats vilket foranleder till ytterligare fordjupning och vi soker darfor partners och bidrag. Ar det konstnarliga uttrycket friare, eller paverkar omvarldens utveckling inom dansen pa sa vis att mycket mer finns att bevisa? Hur har foregangare i Europa skapat en plattform for alder och kultur, s k mogna scenkonstnarer (”mature artists”)? Hur forhaller sig den professionella mogna scenkonstnaren till radande finansiellt klimat, institutioners villkor, estetiskt uttryck?
Vi riktar oss bade till allmanheten, men i synnerhet till alla konstnarliga institutioner i Sverige, konstnarliga ledare, kompanier, yrkesskolor, danskonsulenter, Teaterforbundet, dansare, koreografer och bidragsgivare. Its efforts in affordable housing development and access to affordable loans have touched the lives of El Pasoans. They evaluate the strengths and limitations of individuals, provide personal and vocational counseling, and arrange for medical care, vocational training, and job placement.
The educational program at the master's level usually takes two years and covers all aspects of the rehabilitation process, including a practicum in the planning and provision of rehabilitation services.
The interest from related organisations abroad is great, which provides the seminar more depth and knowledge. Are there opportunities for a longer active career or do – amongst other things – traditional attitudes, prejudices and negative funding policies stand in the way? In 2004, she was called to the German Federal Cultural Foundation as a project director for her concept Tanzplan Deutschland – a partnership-based strategy that generated over 21 Million Euro for dance in Germany. In 1986 he joined the Netherlands Dance Institute as a social officer for professional dancers. She created many choreographies for the vocational students at Balettakademien, where she was also responsible for international professional development courses and cultural studies.
Finns det mojligheter for att aktivt dansa langre eller motarbetas detta av – bland annat – traditionella installningar, forutfattade meningar och omojlig finansiering? She is primarily responsible for the Collaborative Homeownership, Matched Savings and Financial Literacy programs and has considerable expertise in administering both federal and state programs. Rehabilitation counselors interview both individuals with disabilities and their families, evaluate school and medical reports, and confer and plan with physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and employers to determine the capabilities and skills of the individual.

Since 2011 she has been the director of the new Tanzfonds of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
Since retirement she has started her own consulting firm and freelances, one of her assignments being as Senior Advisor at Balettakademien.
Conferring with the client, they develop a rehabilitation program that often includes training to help the person develop job skills. The Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE), accredits graduate programs in rehabilitation counseling. Is the concern less about the latest development of the cultural styles, or is it the opposite – there is more to prove? In this capacity she was the project manager and organiser for the “Ballet: Why and How?” conference in Stockholm 2012 and consultant for the follow up conference “Beyond ballet why and how” held in in Arnhem, the Netherlands, in April 2015.
Frias has been with the Collaborative since July of 2003, having started her community development career as an AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer.
Rehabilitation counselors also work toward increasing the clienta€™s capacity to live independently. Accredited mastera€™s degree programs include a minimum of 2 years of full-time study, including 600 hours of supervised clinical internship experience.Another organization, the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, offers voluntary national certification for rehabilitation counselors. Madeline Ritter is a certified coach and facilitator of processes of change and teaches cultural management at various European universities.
She has also been involved – amongst much else – in the promotion of dance medicine, mental training for dancers, dance transition schemes and lectures on a wide variety of dance related subjects.
She is a state-certified Housing Counselor (2006) and a Center for Neighborhood Enterprise-certified Financial Literacy trainer. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of Pina Bausch Foundation, of the Supervisory Board of Kulturfabrik Kampnagel in Hamburg, the Advisory Board of Deutsches Tanzarchiv and, among others, jury member of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain.
In 2005 she organised and managed the 15th international conference in Stockholm of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS), with nearly 400 delegates from 36 countries. To become certified, rehabilitation counselors usually must graduate from an accredited educational program, complete an internship, and pass a written examination. Frias has five years of experience as a volunteer tax preparer, and has served as Site Coordinator and sits on the YWCA Consumer Credit Counseling Advisory Committee.

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