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Color Changer for Facebook is a Google Chrome App that lets you change Facebook page color to a color of your choice. Open this app from your Chrome browser’s new tab by clicking on this app and a new page will open. Select any color of your choice from the available color scale by moving your mouse over the color scale. After selecting colors for background and foreground, drag the Drag me to Your Toolbar button to your Chrome browser’s bookmark bar and leave the mouse. As you can see in the below screenshot, the Facebook background and foreground color has been changed. In addition, whenever you want the basic theme of Facebook back, just refresh the page and your default Facebook theme (blue and white color) will be in front of you.
Color Changer for Facebook is a simple app available for Google Chrome and it lets you easily change the background and foreground color of your Facebook page. You may also give a try to Facebook Background Changer free Google Chrome extension reviewed by us.

If you have large pages book, and then you make use of FlipBook Creator Pro to generate a flipping book. This tutorial enables you to know completely how to add father and child bookmark, how to make the bookmark button show on the output flipping book, and any detail which easily get wrong.
3 If the father bookmark have child bookmark, you can add child (operation is as same as adding father bookmark). 4 Also you can sort or remove the existed bookmarks, first click one bookmark and then click buttons green up-down-arrow to sort or red cross to delete. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged iphone colors toolbar page-curl tint or ask your own question.
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If you are bored of seeing the same basic color theme of Facebook, then give a try to this Google Chrome app and color your Facebook page. In this page, you can perform actions to change background and foreground color of your Facebook. Have you ever thought about adding the sync bookmarks for this book in order to enable readers to quick search what chapters they go ahead. You just need to select two colors from the available color scale in Color Changer for Facebook and see the difference. Usually we create a wrap-up father bookmarks for several big chapters of book, simultaneously build several small child bookmarks for every father bookmarks.

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