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If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. Okay, so maybe Tony’s way of achieving success was a little illegal, but you have to admit the man was all about positive reinforcement. While there may be no crying in baseball, lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into the making of A League of Their Own.
Director Penny Marshall was adamant that all of the actresses cast in the film could really play baseball.
The Fly and Beetlejuice star was the last person cast in the film after several other prominent actresses like Debra Winger, Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Demi Moore passed.
Over 1,700 extras were used throughout the shoot, enduring long hours and occasionally extreme 100+ degree summer heat while on location in Indiana.
The real women of the All American Girls Pro Baseball League were tough, but their onscreen counterparts were equally as tenacious on the field. One of the most memorable moments in A League of Their Own occurs when Jimmy Dugan introduces himself by bursting into the locker room in a drunken stupor and relieving himself in front of the rest of the Peaches while Mae times him. The initial cut of the film clocked in around four hours before being cut down to its more slender two hours and eight minutes. In the scene where Lovitz’s character, baseball scout Ernie Capadino (a role specifically written for the SNL star), visits Dottie and Kit at their family dairy farm, the girls are seen milking cows.
The verse means that we should learn to count or give importance to all the days of our lives, including today. Do you know that  statistic shows that 85 % of people making resolutions on the first of January, break them by the twentieth of January.
Here is my advice to you:' If you wish to change, upgrade and move your life forward, do not wait for the first of January.

Personally, I have already drafted a great plan for my upcoming days.I did not wait for new years day, and I have already started. Waiting on the first of January to change and make decisions is a waste of the moment present.
Tucked in between the drugs, violence, and more drugs and violence, are little pearls of profanity-laced wisdom. From sweltering July heat to concussions to the Material Girl causing trouble, making the hit film wasn’t exactly a homerun. Prior to the start of filming, the cast (even Madonna!) trained eight hours a day, six days a week for over seven months to hone their skills and bond as a team.
Davis had never played baseball but won Marshall over through a game of catch in her backyard.
To keep them entertained in between shots and scenery changes, members of the cast performed. In addition to refusing to perform for the extras and ignoring requests for autographs, she often complained about coming into the film a star but being relegated to the background. Penny Marshall had the actresses play a lot of real games with multiple cameras set up in order to get enough footage for montages, and they didn’t go easy on one another, jamming their shoulders, spraining fingers, and nearly breaking noses. To keep both Hanks and the actresses on their toes, Penny Marshall stood in a stall off camera and made the noises with a hose and a bucket for maximum comedic effect. Among the footage left on the cutting room floor were scenes depicting a growing romantic relationship between Dugan and star player Dottie. You’ve seen every installment multiple times, hum the theme song constantly, and have been known to dress up as Quint and sing drunken sea shantys. When a new year comes we all tend to make great resolutions and only wait for the first of January to start making moves and changes in our lives.
Your self, your family, your friends, your work, your boss, your clients, the world, your lover and even God  are all thrilled to see changes you will make.

Before you catch A League of Their Own on IFC, check out some dirt on the making of this sports movie classic. They initially practiced sliding using a Slip ‘N Slide, but that method was abandoned when both Tracy Reiner and Megan Cavanagh suffered concussions. The giant strawberry bruise Alice gets while sliding into base was a real injury actress Renee Coleman sustained during filming, and it lasted for well over a year.  Ouch. Petty could actually outrun Davis, so she was forced to slow her pace during the scene where the two race so as not to appear faster than Davis.
The conversation on the bus left in the final cut of the film hints at tension, but in a deleted scene the pair shared a passionate kiss late one night on the field which is what originally led to the scene with Dottie telling Lowenstein she was going home.
But how well do you really know the summer blockbuster franchise that basically started summer blockbuster franchises? I often wonder what is so special about the first of January, that we have to start new habits only on that day? I  always believed that if you can't start making changes (even the little ones) in your moment present, chances are that you will not make those changes on the first of January, even if you fill your heart with great intentions. There are no laws in the world, even in the Bible, that stipulates a specific day as the best one to make great intentions. She wound up throwing more pitches during filming than most Major League Baseball pitchers do in a full season.

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