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Traditionally, women changed their last name, or surname, after marriage to be the same as the man’s name, and this is still quite common in many countries. As long as you follow certain steps and procedures, changing your name after marriage is not especially complicated.
The basic steps involved in changing your name after marriage depend a great deal on the country, state or region you are in and whether you are a man or a woman. If you are a man and are interested in changing your name after marriage, then you will typically need to file in a court of law to legally change your name. Once you do change your name, you should notify various government agencies and organizations about your name change once you receive your marriage certificate to prove the legal name change. Times have changed and there are a number of options available to women [and their husbands!] now and the best thing is, it’s entirely up to you! This is the most popular scenario and you can use your marriage certificate as proof of a name change to get all your records updated. No, whilst it is standard practice to change your title to ‘Mrs’ when taking your husbands surname you are under no obligation to do so. Q – Can you keep your maiden name for work purposes but use your married name for more official documentation such as banking, passport etc? This is possible and is a popular choice for women who have built up a good professional reputation under their maiden name.
If you keep your maiden name you will not need to update your records unless you wish to change your title in which case you can notify the relevant bodies of this.
Q – If you choose to keep your maiden name entirely, what title should you take and do you have to change it legally? If you wish to keep your maiden name entirely you are free to either keep your existing title or to change it. If you and your husband both wish to take the same new surname the easiest option is to use a deed poll. This has become an increasingly popular option as women choose to keep up the tradition of taking their husbands surname but also maintain a link to their family name.
Q – Does your title and name have to be the same in all your documentation, such as passports, driving license, bank statements? I also thought I’d provide a few different experiences from recently married women and which titles and names they decided to take.
When I got married last year I kept my name and I swing between still using Ms Quinton and using Mrs Quinton.
I kept my maiden name as I married a Spaniard and in Spain, no-one changes their name when they get married. Ever since I was a child I wanted to one day be married but I never entertained the idea of changing my name.
I am still the same person I was before I got married, so to have a different name seemed an alien idea.
I changed my name to just use both surnames when I got married, but I agonised about it for ages.
Interesting post, it’s got me wondering whether I changed all the documentation in the right way though! I’d love to be one of those people to come up with a totally new name but I don’t think we could agree on one! I totally understand and respect the reasons that many woman have for retaining their name or for going with a combination of surnames, but for me personally I never felt any struggle about deciding to change from my maiden name to my husband’s name.
I like my surname much more than my boyfriend’s and he agrees that it would be far too weird if I had a different name. I have two names, which is ultimately totally confusing but actually helps me to feel like I have a work and personal life separation. It does still cause confusion, for me as much as other people, but I like still being Fiona Kelly for work and love that I have that identity still. HELLOLondon Bride is a multi-award winning UK wedding blog and wedding planning service in London and beyond. The blog showcases inspirational real London weddings alongside stylish features to inspire those planning a London wedding.
For our wedding planning, styling and consultant services, please click here for further details and to view our portfolio of work. I’ll save you from the gorey details, but lets just say it took nearly 12 months, countless hours and dozens of repeated applications! So without further ado, I present to you a master guide to changing your name after marriage in British Columbia.
As of 2013, you need to have your Health Care updated prior to applying for a new drivers license.
In addition, for the sake of both your medical records and your medical services plan, it’s essential that you update your care card to match your other ID. As your drivers license is typically your primary piece of ID, I suggest updating it first or as soon as you recieve your marriage certificate. Changing your passport to your married name can be one of the more challenging steps in this process, simply because the route you take depends on multiple factors. You will more than likely need to apply for a passport as if it were your first time, using the General Adult Passport Application. Keep in mind there are multiple circumstances that can sway whether or not you must apply in person at a government agent office or the official lower mainland passport offices. It’s important that you inform CRA of your change of name for taxation purposes, as well as for your medical records, as the health care division of British Columbia is billed and managed by Revenue Canada.
Unfortunately, there’s no easy 1,2,3 plan for changing over your bank accounts, credit cards and payroll to reflect your new married name.
KME advice: As bills come due, pay day approaches and you finally have a need to run inside the bank, take the time to update your records then. I’d bet my last penny that most newlyweds will get to changing over the fun stuff before getting to the official ones.
So there you have it, lovelies: A no non-sense, complete guide to changing to your married name in British Columbia, Canada.
As far as my personal experience and research has served me, you only need one copy when applying in person, as they do not keep it. When you apply for your marriage certificate the FIRST time, the certificate you receive in return is an official marriage certificate document. For those who are employees, speak to your supervisor or HR person to be sure that Group Insurance packages are updated as well as Pensions or Group RRSP plans as well. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this article- I have been married for almost 3 years, have one baby and another one on the way with my husband, but the whole process of changing my last name has been so daunting, not knowing where to start, which things need to be changed first so that other ones can be changed etc etc.
Thanks to this site, I had my name officially changed less than 2 months after getting married.
Whether you’re just starting your wedding planning, you’re in your last two weeks before the wedding, or you just finished the big celebration, you have begun to think about changing your last name.

When planning your wedding, you get to choose the lovely guests you would like beside you on your big day.
Your first step in the name-changing process starts with the big things: driver’s license, social security card, passport, credit cards, etc. Once you have begun filing documents and updating accounts, you will then start to be referred to by your new family name. Although the process itself of changing your name may not be very exciting, knowing that you are finally married to and officially the Misses of your hubby is an incredible and warm feeling that will bring you two even closer together. The exact way in which you can change your name depends on the country or region in which you are getting married, and whether you are a man or a woman. In the past, it was traditional for a woman to change her last name to match her husband’s once they were married. In the US, for example, you can typically change your last name if you are a woman getting married simply by indicating your new last name on the marriage license or certificate. You should notify your employer, any banks and financial groups you work with, and your local motor vehicle department or bureau for a new driver’s license. We provide a similar service at name change after marriage for the newly wed brides to change their name completely online. So I thought I’d continue it on here and also provide a bit of help to those thinking about their new name and title once they are married after their wedding, how to go about changing it and what options you have. If you wish to keep your current title it is a good idea to make a mention of this when getting your records updated, as it will often be assumed that you now wish to be addressed as ‘Mrs’. If you wish to change it there is no formal process required and you can simply write a letter to record keepers asking them to modify your title.
Practically this isn’t possible as you will have to get your records updated one by one but you should aim to do this as quickly as possible so there are no lasting discrepancies between documents. This decision was definitely influenced by both my parents [a strong feminist mother and a father very keen to make sure his two daughters felt empowered as women]. I think these days our husbands are perhaps more open to the fact not all of us may choose to take their name.
In fact, both partners’ surnames are then joined together when you have children, which is great. Can totally understand why you’ve kept it, and I think people will always call you what they want to call you regardless! I didn’t want to lose my name, and considered just keeping it as it was, but I did want to mark the change in my life that came with the commitment. I got married two months ago and for me changing my name is part of the marriage I love being in a little team with my husband and I can’t wait to check into a hotel as Mr & Mrs Smith! I was so enthusiastic about the change that it was actually my husband who asked me to really think about it to be certain that I wanted to change.
I think the 3 of us should all have the same surname and as I am not a fan of the double-barrel I changed my maiden name to my middle name so that I still have that family link which is so important to me. But I do like the idea of changing my name in someway to acknowledge the marriage – as long as my husband changed his name the same amount.
And let me tell you, no one warned me how long, drawn out, repetitive and tedious it would be! My experience may not be that of all future wives, but if I can save even one of you from the trouble, I think I’ve served you well! If you plan to mail in your applications or apply online, you’ll need  reigstered copies from the government.
In order to have this, MSP needs to be notified first before going to the Motor Vehicle branch and MSP takes about 30 days to process.
It’ll be used throughout the entire process of changing to your married name, along with your official marriage certificate for proof of authentication. To tell them you are changing your marital status from Single to Married and you will need your spouse’s SIN number to do so. Thankfully, none of them are time sensetive or vital to completing this process of changing to your new married name officially. I’m talking email signatures, online accounts such as your blog bio and social media platforms, like your facebook and twitter accounts.
Have questions or know of a great service that can help lessen the stress of this process, email me. As guidelines and government procedures change throughout the years, be aware the above may have changed. We’re excited and proud to start offering these kits, complementary to all KME clients. Seriously is there a reason they make this so hard, I swear if we had to do it prior to the wedding we’d all throw in the hat. I have been putting this whole thing off for months simply because I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it! My dear wife asked me to do some research in this regard and your blog post was the first thing I found. The passport application states that you can’t use the “simple passport renewal application” if your name has changed, you have to use the long general adult one. Thank you so very much, really appreciate your consolidated list and easy to understand steps. I was married 8 months ago, and I am just getting around to looking into it now…I have been avoiding it because I have heard how long the process is! And really, it only took 2 full days of applying in person, the rest was waiting for my marriage certificate.
This is a common adjustment that many couples choose to make, however there are some parts of the process that are less obvious than others that you may not know about. Some of the steps will be quick and easy, while others may be more tedious and time consuming. The process you went through to have that be the case took a significant amount of effort and time on your part, so it seems almost ironic that it might feel strange at first to hear people refer to you by a new name. Make sure to consider all of the steps to changing your last name after the wedding, both big and small. Traditionally, women changed their last name, or surname, after marriage to be the same as the man’s name and this is still quite common in many countries. This practice is still upheld in many cultures, though there are now quite a few other options that married couples sometimes choose.
This can vary depending on different laws in particular states, and if you are interested in changing your name after marriage to something fairly unusual, then you may need to legally change your name in a court of law. It is, however, usually necessary since a marriage license or certificate does not typically allow a man to legally change his name. You also need to notify federal government agencies such as the Social Security Administration in the US and the Department of Health and Social Security in the UK.

I’m not sure why, I think for me it represents being young and with a masculine sounding name, I think I’ve always like the femininity it gives me!
Men are a Mr whether they are married or not but women are defined by their marital status.
I’m so proud to be married to my hubby but I prefer my surname to his, so I kept it – simple as that! A lot of people send me parcels or letters with the double-barrel name Sanchez Jones and my mother always calls me Helen Sanchez Jones, but professionally, I’m Helen E Jones and always will be. My surname is very important to me and forms part of my identity and the links to my heritage were not something I wanted to lose. It has raised many eyebrows and questions from people and a lot of people think it is odd, but it’s what works for me.
It is good to know that our line of the MacKinnon clan will continue even though my father never had a son. Neither me or my husband are very traditional, for example he wears a ring where I choose not to, but the hard part was that most people couldn’t see why I cared. So, I have my new surname on everything except my Italian passport which has my maiden name. Almost the best of both worlds…until you have to collect something from the post office anyway! Besides your credit cards, which you will likely use to as your second piece of ID regularly, the above  can be changed over time. So as time permits and your excitement motivates, be sure to change over your cyber presence to reflect your new married name. One is the original and the other is an official replacement approved through the government. I had no idea where to start or what to do when, and your page gave me hope, hehe… It was all and more than I needed, so thank you! I’m getting married on Saturday and you just made me weeks after the wedding much more relaxed! I waited so long because our marriage certificate is from Costa Rica and looks weird so I was worried I might have more trouble. I have to renew my passport so it’s a good time to change my name on everything else! I just got married a few weeks ago and have been tackling this since I got back from the USA. Most services you use, from the bank to your phone provider and everyone in between, will require seeing your marriage certificate before making official changes to your accounts. You may find yourself reliving your big day through your wedding album before you have everything sorted. With mismatched information, you may face situations in which people question why, for instance, the name on your credit card isn’t the same as your driver’s license. Of course, you love your partner and are prepared for the journey of married life, but still, it will take time to get completely used to. If you are a man, however, then changing your name after marriage can be somewhat more complicated and typically involves a few more steps. Husbands can take the last names of their wives, both parties in the couple can adopt a new last name that consists of a hyphenated combination of both of their last names, and some couples choose an entirely new last name to take. Changing your name after marriage in the UK follows a similar method and you can typically fill out a new last name on the marriage certificate. I look younger than I am, which can sometimes be frustrating, so throwing a Mrs Quinton into the mix makes me feel a bit better.
Now we are expecting our first child and we have decided that she will have a double-barrelled surname too because she is part of both of us.
I felt very sure about my decision and now, two years on from our wedding, I still get a thrill out of my new name and everything that it represents to me personally. It’s a bit of a pain when traveling, but I’ve managed to get around it by carrying around a copy of my marriage certificate just in case I need to explain the difference in names between my two passports!
I also like the idea of merging the surnames into one, new name but our names wouldn’t really work for that. When I then got married there was no way I was going through the pain, hassle and business suicide of changing the business name so I keep my pre married name as my business name and have changed my name for personal stuff. He chaged his name by depoll beforee the wedding, and then I adopted his name at the point of marriage. Wish I knew of your business and website while planning my wedding I would of hired you in a heart beat.
Might want to add that people from other countries need to have theirs translated and notarized. I have a unique situation I was just about to embark on changing my surname and I got mad at the PASSPORT people. A good way to prepare for this ahead of time is by ordering several official copies from the state or at least making photocopies of the original.
You can explain to the cashier (or whoever) that you are a newlywed or even show him or her your marriage certificate that you are sure to have on you!
For instance, you don’t want to lose all those frequent flyer miles you could use to book a flight to a great honeymoon destination!
No regrets now – and I think that we may have a unique surname for our own family going forwards! Seeking to inspire this generation as a Professional Wedding Planner, Speaker, Writer and Business Coach, to focus on what matters most in life and leave a legacy of love and service. Thank you for posting this, you have been a great help in keeping many new brides from losing their minds! You may want to keep a copy on you when you leave the house to run errands or even when you plan on using your credit cards. You also want to make sure to contact the post office, voter registration board, insurance companies, utilities and your landlord. One way to prepare for a successful and (relatively) quick journey is by having all of the necessary important documents with you at hand throughout each step of the way. Not something I have ever been a big fan of, but in the end it was the only practical option.

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