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Investigating Joan Ginther, who won millions four times, led to discoveries about how winners might be found.
If missing $7.5 million ticket was from early part of $7,500,000 Fortune, it could be in one of only a few hundred packs still in store. A $50 scratch-off game called $7,500,000 Fortune started out with three top prizes among about 190,000 packs of tickets.
Our list of likely suspects for the last big prize is much, much shorter -- just 332 packs, all from the early part of the game -- and includes not only pack numbers but the retailers last known to have those packs. No guarantees or even recommendations are being made, especially since each pack of 20 costs $1,000 each.
The idea of personally chasing this grail was tempting, but without a bunch of money to burn (Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban never replied to an emailed invitation), a decision was made to simply spill the beans and see what happens. If you bought a ticket for $7,500,000 Fortune and haven’t scratched it, do so as soon as possible!
Players were promised three top prizes in $7,500,000 Fortune, so Texas should live up to that guarantee. This theory was developed while probing the mystery of lottery legend Joan Ginther, who won four multimillion-dollar prizes worth $20.4 million. It relies on three key pieces of information: (1) Texas reveals the pack numbers of tickets that win top prizes. Then there’s usually a number used for tracking inventory, above another kind of barcode.
Check out the above copy of one of Ginther’s winning tickets, obtained from the Texas Lottery. Simply put, these numbers tell when a ticket was printed among the thousands and thousands in each game, and if there’s any predictable pattern to how prizes are distributed, an analysis of pack numbers could reveal that. Furthermore, in response to right-to-know requests, the Texas Lottery also provided the pack numbers of all 28 of Ginther’s instant wins, as well as pack numbers of winners from most of its games with prizes of $1 million or more.
None emerged in Ginther’s case, except that she rarely bought tickets from the first 30 percent of the tickets printed. Whether Ginther took advantage of this is unclear, since no evidence was found that she returned any unscratched tickets. Even more important, prizes are spread throughout the game to guarantee there’s no chance all of the biggest prizes will turn up near the beginning. In Part Two of this series, we pointed out how, for example, there were 3.6 million tickets in $140,000,000 Extreme Payout, and how Ginther bought her $10 million winner when two of the three big winners were remaining, along with about 45 percent of the tickets. Washington and Connecticut, for example, have one list with all this information for all games. That said, let’s look at a high-priced Texas game with a huge prize that should have already been found.
That ties in with the most intriguing part: Those 70,000 packs have been almost completely picked over. Almost every pack with a lower number shipped to retailers had been activated as of early June, according to data obtained through a right-to-know request submitted to the Texas Lottery.
Perhaps most worrisome of all is that few high-priced instant games in Texas ever produce all of the possible winners.
Just for amusement and treasure-hunting gamblers’ purposes, here is the list of unactivated packs of tickets with pack numbers below 75,000 for $7,500,000 Fortune, along with the names and locations of the retailers last in possession of them.
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I’m not much of a gambler but I occasionally buy lottery tickets especially when the Lotto Max hits $50 million. I’ll leave you with this interesting article about how casinos and other gambling companies are tailoring their marketing to millenials. Details of where the winning tickets were sold was not immediately available but Wyoming Lottery said statewide, $550,000 in prizes came from the Wednesday night drawing. Anecdotally, businesses in the border town of Evanston have seen a spike in lottery ticket sales — presumably from Utahns driving across the state line to purchase tickets.
The latest headlines, breaking news updates and information on new contests, right to your inbox! Smiles for the People’s Original Adult Brush is a premium toothbrush made from 100% biodegradable bamboo. You and Who markets original design t-shirts and for every one sold, a matching shirt is donated to someone in need in the city of the artist who designed the shirt through local charity partners. WINK, Kutoa and Smiles for the People provided me with free samples of their products to review.
The highlights – a Curious George Thanksgiving book, last year’s homemade dreidels and menorahs, Hanukah window gels and our holiday version of the Spot It!
Noah loved the new game and learned a pretty good Christmas vocabulary – from ornaments and jingle bells to Rudolph and cookies and milk. You can print your own set of our Hanukkah game by downloading this file: Hanukah Spot It 2013. Three days to go and my family has already donned five Halloween costumes for three separate pre-Halloween festivities. Noah settled on Pete the Cat, one of his favorite book characters, for his Halloween costume. Ryan wanted to be a human Rainbow Loom, one of the hottest toys in America (and our house).

We’ve been working on this one for a few weeks.  First, Ryan took careful measurements of his loom, and together, we calculated proportionate measurements to his body. To make wearing posterboard as comfortable as possible, we kept the dimensions small and used a 10 inch by 30 inch piece of gray posterboard, wrapped in Saran Wrap to give it a shiny plastic look.
A testament to the loom’s popularity (and Scott’s brilliant workmanship), Ryan’s costume was recognizable to many (only one person asked if he was DNA). My circus performers loved designing this logo on the website PicMonkey, along with some great handmade signs. Using the computer was very enticing – the older kids also worked together to type up our program and a loose script.
The seasoned teachers at my son’s school taught the kids a bit about the circus than encouraged the kids to develop their own acts and jobs. You can go traditional (popcorn, cotton candy, peanuts or cracker jacks) or get creative here. Last weekend, nearly a month after our big circus, my kids sought out our still unpacked bag of circus tricks and reenacted the July 4th show. After school yesterday, I showed my kids and our neighbor a few Father’s Day crafts I have been admiring on-line. I love backing out of the action and watching the kids brainstorm and divvy up responsibilities. The rain interrupted the kids’ next plan to make a giant scene and have me take photographs from our second story window. For some more great chalk photo art inspiration,                                                                                                           check out Burgh Baby and Craft, Interrupted. A few weeks ago, I bid on and won a yoga and picnic package at a charity auction for our local children’s museum. I’ve been in my yard hundreds of times and most of these friends have spent considerable time there as well.
My preparations for this party included making some energy bites and mini yogurt parfaits, brushing the pollen off my deck furniture and getting dressed in exercise clothes. I promise to pay this forward someday, and make a lovely lunch just appear just like magic. Never much of a barfly, I was grateful when the twenty-something days of meet-me-at-the-bar birthday celebrations gave way to going out for thirty-something birthday dinners with the girls. My kids have all sorts of parties to go to: bounce houses, video game trucks, science museums, nature centers, art studios, karate dojos, you name it. After the kids filled a notebook with some Warhol-like drawings in marker, Tara created personalized notepads for each artist, using a scanned in image of one favorite drawing (for Ryan it was Spiderman shooting a long line of webbing).
For Noah’s gifts, I used this pretty watercolor painting he made and faded the colors a bit to use as a background on every page.
I used a free graph paper template as a background for my mom’s full sheet notepad as she is building a new house and will be spending lots of hours planning the space.
If you wish to bind paper into a notepad, stack pages neatly, carefully lining up the tops. Check out Love Them Madly’s Shopping ideas, Fingerprint Art, Lotion Bars and Word Cloud Art, and more great kid-made ideas at Homegrown Friends and All for the Everyday. These peonies and cabbage roses are so lush and stunning I may never even notice tulips again. This is a practical one (I once received a compost bucket for my birthday), but how awesome for gardening and washing little boys hands as you hear the jingle of the ice cream truck. This slackline looks like it is for kids, but I’ve wanted one to play on (with them, without them, whatever) since I saw it on the beach in Rio last summer.
I picked up these fake lottery tickets at the dollar store a few weeks and plan on slipping a few in Ryan’s lunchbox with a coin for scratching off. As my husband (a very good prankster) has often shown, the best jokes are not so elaborate as just completely unpredictable.
I helped Ryan make a pillow (which led to both boys making pillow after pillow – sewing with boys is simple awesome). We read this wonderful book by Robert McCloskey (Blueberries for Sal, Make Way for Ducklings). Before breakfast, Ryan preemptively wrote this note for the occasion of his next fang falling out. May the milestones continue to be this sweet and the parental responsibilities this simple. Texas Lottery website shows the pack numbers for two of the three top prizes in the $50 scratch-off game. The game has already made lots of money, and no cheating was involved in creating our list. Tickets she bought for a game called Ultimate Casino Jackpot had pack numbers essentially placing her within 1 percent of the $7.5 million prize. Attempts were unsuccessful to contact her or Sun Bae, the owner of Times Market in Bishop, the store where Ginther bought her two biggest scratch-off prizes. If you shuffle three decks of cards together, the locations of any kind of card would be truly random.
Texas posts timely updates of the pack numbers of grand prize winners, and those numbers correspond to the order in which tickets were printed. In the ideal setup, a single chart lists, for every prize level, how many tickets were printed, and either how many winners have been found, or how many winners are left.

California, Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina and Arkansas have some of the most helpful game pages. Even allowing a 10 percent variation (which, analysis shows, is a good rule of thumb), the first big prize should have appeared in the first 70,000 packs.
Almost a full year elapsed before either top prize was claimed, and in Texas tickets are generally delivered with the lowest pack numbers first.
The most likely reason is that Texas tends to close games when about 85 percent of tickets have been sold.
If you’re not familiar with this lottery, it’s one of the biggest jackpots in British Columbia. There is this small part of me that clings to the fantasy of winning a big jackpot and using it to finance the items on my bucket list.
Utilizing the online medium, companies now offer a wide number of options to participate in lottery games. If the goal of the lottery company is to attract a younger demographic and expand their target audience, I believe leveraging online and mobile technology  is a smart strategic decision However, the investment really needs to be measured in terms of whether accessibility via online and mobile media  has actually increased participation numbers overall in lottery games. When you buy a WINK bag, one bag (filled with important travel-size basic toiletries) is donated to Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms across the U.S. Through this model, You and Who is not only helping those in need, but also the very artists who design the one for one t-shirts, providing exposure for their work and paying them $1 from the sale of each of their one for one t-shirt designs that is sold. You could have a Spot It themed about your child, your family, your town or a place you are traveling. Sweet and kid-made, complete with a tightrope walker teetering along a chalk line on the sidewalk, the adorable show inspired our family circus over July 4th weekend.
Sample pack number is from Holiday Millionaire ticket that won Joan Ginther $2 million in 2006. In games printed by the country’s dominant scratch-off printer, Scientific Games, each pack is also assigned a number and that number is also printed on the tickets in that pack. But the cost of the intervening tickets was more than $125,000, even after allowing for her tax break on gambling losses.
If you shuffle them separately, you’ll have an ace of spades in the first 52 cards, another in the second 52, and a third in the last 52. This information can help estimate the percentage of tickets sold, and whether the top prize percentage is relatively high.
With three top prizes, the expectation is that each third of the print run, with about 63,000 packs, should produce one of the winners. WYFF News 4 offers readers the ability to comment on stories with the understanding that these comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or used on WYFF News 4 newscasts. When the Lotto Max hits $50 million for two consecutive weeks, new $1 million jackpots called Max Millions are added to the draw. By creation of some mathematical genius, there is only one matching symbol between any two cards in the deck. What was he was thinking when I explained each symbol as they arose in the game — kids who get coal in their stocking, Santa coming down the chimney, leaving presents, having cookies and milk and driving away with the reindeer. With Hanukkah just a little over a week away, playing the game was a fun way to remind the boys of latkes, gelt and the letters on the dreidel.
If those supplies are unavailable, print onto cardstock and use scissors and a 2 inch circle guide to cut out.
We like Christmas Spot It and hope you’ll like our version too, including this Hanukkah Spot It Guide to the holiday symbols on our cards. I sewed ears and a tail to a blue super skin suit (which he wore backwards), then added four groovy buttons to his yellow raincoat. He took the reins as ringmaster of our family circus, taking charge of the script and guiding the cousins through joke telling and the acts. There were at least 18 winners of $5 to $20 in each pack of 75 tickets, according to the closing analysis. No system exists to verify that every winner was actually printed and shipped in the first place, because, for security reasons, no human is allowed to know the whereabouts of any winner. We ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, comments that dona€™t relate to the story, and any personal remarks. Kids can help by brainstorming images and matching the Spot It image to your substituted image to make a working deck. Thank goodness I keep a blog as proof of major life experiences – you know, like viewing 200 tons of  a virtual time-capsule from the remains of a ship that sunk in the Missouri River in 1856.
Weirdly, for example, two of Ginther’s tickets had a phony symbol for the top prize, as well as the real one. THIS IS IMPORTANT: WYFF News 4 does not edit user submitted statements and we cannot promise that readers will not, at times, find offensive or inaccurate comments posted in the comments area. The digits to the right of the pack number form the ticket number, indicating the ticket was No 20 in the pack.
If you find a comment that is objectionable or offensive, click the flag that appears in the upper right corner when you hover over a comment.

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