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This day’s Gospel is especially adapted for children, who can draw from it, even in their humble way of thinking, many useful lessons. Mary and Joseph were very anxious and could not rest, but immediately returned to Jerusalem, knowing that nowhere but there and in the Temple would He be found.
Had these young people consecrated themselves to God they would have done much for the glory of God, they would have been glorious instruments in promoting the interests of the Church. Beg of God with heartfelt sincerity to let you know His holy will; pray to Mary, your angel guardian, and the saints of paradise, that they may intercede with the Holy Ghost for you, so that you may know your duty.
Jesus grew in wisdom, in age, and grace before God and before man: He was wisdom itself, and how could He grow in wisdom? O you young people, who are still good, pray for them that Our Lord may convert them and bring them back to a sense of their duty. My wifea€™s first teaching job was in a Catholic school, and in addition to teaching History, she also had charge of a boysa€™ P.E. My Mother-in-Law Bobbie used to sit with a couple of young girls during church while their parents sang in the choir. One problem of the young is trying to understand the world as presented by adults based on limited personal experience. Speaking of church, the Childrena€™s Sermon is one of the most fertile environments for those a€?darneda€? kidsa€™ comments. Today I watched from the choir loft as a young father placed his head in his hands in exasperation. The Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation is a tool for a parent, teacher or care provider to use to evaluate how prepared a child is for kindergarten or their first year of school.
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The law of Moses commanded every man of the Hebrew nation to go to the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover. And you, my good young people, who have kept Our Lord in your hearts, 0, keep Him there with tenderness and love, as1 your greatest treasure; beg of Him most sincerely to keep you near Him.
My dear young people, if your parents were to look for you during the day or night, would they find you in church or in good company, passing the time in pious conversation?
Stanislaus Kostka considered it one of the greatest faults of his life, that, having felt for certain the call of God in his heart to leave the world, he waited for six months, at the risk of abusing the Lord’s friendship and the inestimable grace of the divine vocation.
Take counsel with your confessor, do not act foolishly, but when you are once certain of what you should do, cut off all ties, howsoever tender they be, and whatever else might place obstacles in the way.
The Gospel tells us in very short words what was His principal occupation during these years of His boyhood and youth; He obeyed His parents. Recommend to Our Lord those who were your companions in doing good, but now, by their bad example, would make you, too, unfaithful to God.
The pastor (or sometimes a volunteer) calls all the kiddies down to the front of the sanctuary where they are taught a brief lesson, frequently involving child participation through questioning (ala Art Linkletter or Bill Cosby). To see the world through the eyes of a child is a sometimes profound and often humorous experience.A  It is all too easy to forget what life was like before we became burdened with so much knowledge. I decided to enlighten them.A  I tried to keep it simple, starting with the story of Abraham from the Bible, a brief history of the Israelites journey from slavery to the Promised Land, up to the birth of Jesus, the most famous Jew. The Net Full of Fish Bible story and activities of the Jesus Comes & Goes series is now posted.

When Jesus was twelve years old, having come to the use of reason according to human judgment, He went to Jerusalem with His parents.
Cultivate in your souls the virtues of humility, obedience, purity, patience, mortification, and charity, that Jesus, charmed by these precious virtues, may remain with you always.
Or would they find you with bad company, engaged in bad conversation, drinking, cursing, blaspheming, perhaps? Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” This answer has a very deep meaning. You must not be afraid to go to your parents, and lay before them the will of God as you understand it. Augustine wrote to his most intimate friend, Lucius, begging him to embrace a religious life. You may see Him in the poor carpenter shop of Nazareth, with His saw and ax, working zealously, gaining His livelihood by the work of His hands until He reached His thirtieth year.
Still, adapting Himself to our humanity, with every day He manifested those qualities more and more, as suited His age. While children they are good and lovable, but as they reach the years of manhood or womanhood what becomes of their innocence, their obedience, their loveliness? I believe Art Linkletter was the first to capitalize on the entertainment value of the uncensored comments of children. Tune, do you want me to run over to Safeway and get some Cream of Jesus?a€? When she asked him to repeat his curious request, he added, a€?You know, like Ben Gay.a€?A  Ah, the analgesic cream!
I also mentioned that there were still many Jews today living as close as Austin (40 miles away).A  By this time I was proud, but humble, to have broadened their little horizons when Jeff raised his hand with a very puzzled look on his face. During the seven days of the feast they remained in the city; then they went back to Nazareth. You have brought the devil in with great pomp, and placed the demon on the throne which God should occupy.
Jesus was the Son of Mary and had come into the world to work for the honor of God His Father, and to do great things for His service. Sometimes parents are very worldly, and enemies of God’s glory in regard to their children; they have views of the future for them which are not at all of God, and consequently should not be followed. They have made themselves the slaves of the devil; the devil does not practice such virtues and neither do they. Celarinus had a sister who had yielded to the fury of the persecution, and offered sacrifice to the idols. This lesson is for home, church or school and is from the popular Growing With God Preschool Bible study. In those days it was customary for those who attended the Passover to travel in separate bands; the men in one, the women in another, while the children could accompany either. Mary and Joseph lost Our Lord Jesus without their fault; you lost Him because you made up your minds you would no longer keep company with Jesus.
There are parents who would rather see their children miserably unhappy for life than to see them become Religious dedicated to the service of God. O children, headstrong, wilful, and independent, learn from Jesus obedience to your parents.
When he heard of this miserable fear, he clothed himself in sackcloth and fasted severely; even on Easter days he did not cease praying to God that the grace of conversion might be granted her, and he resolved to do this penance until he saw her again reconciled to the Church.
Mary thought that Jesus was with Joseph, and Joseph thought He was with Mary, so, not at all uneasy, they journeyed homeward.

For example, if any of you, my dear young people, feel that God calls you, that you are fitted for the religious life, that you have patience and fortitude to persevere, then follow the call from God. Do not cause them to weep over your bad lives, bringing their gray hairs in sorrow to the grave. You used to say your beads, and pray morning and night, and had devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Tune, do you want me to run over to Safeway and get some Cream of Jesus?a€? When she asked him to repeat his curious request, he added, a€?You know, like Ben Gay.a€? Ah, the analgesic cream! When in the evening they came together at the khan, it became evident that the Child Jesus was lost or left in Jerusalem.
I know that young people who for the first time have lost Jesus by sin really feel that they have committed a horrible crime. Many young men who have served the altar from early youth have felt that they had a vocation to consecrate themselves to God; but they resisted, remained in the world, fell into sin, and were lost to their faith.
Honor your parents, love them with a tender and true love, be their delight, and you will have such a reward from God as will astonish you.
Do you still pray to her, or do you not consider this, as well as all other devotions, foolish practices? They are tormented in mind and troubled within themselves, fearing, indeed, that the house may tumble over their heads and crush them, or that the earth may open and swallow them. Some young women who have the vocation, instead of leaving the paternal roof and going into a convent, marry and live unhappily to the end of their days.
To feel with her on this occasion, we should keep before our minds the tender love she bore Jesus. They can find no rest, until they have recourse to confession and have driven out the- devil and reinstated Our Lord.
Francis Xavier was so zealous for the conversion of sinners that he went about the city of Molacca ringing a bell and crying out in a loud voice, that all should pray for those in mortal sin. But there are many youths, on the contrary, who do not feel the sting of conscience, or are surprised if they do; who never consider their horrible condition, and remain in it for months and years. The fact is, you have already partially lost your faith, and be assured it will not be long before you will have lost it altogether. Do you also pray for those companions of your own age who once were brothers and sisters of Our Lord, but now are slaves of Satan? In a few years you will be hardened in sin, you will be worse than the Turks or the pagans. But many have made a compact with the devil; they have sworn fealty to him and him they wish to serve and no other, because he gives them so many opportunities of gratifying their passions.
These souls think they may let Jesus stand beside them, unnoticed, until the end of their lives and that then they will be converted. What a feeling of disappointment it is to all religious educators, when they see all their efforts wasted.

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