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PROFESSIONAL COACH TRAINING Join the CCI Newsletter and Receive 7 Must-Have Forms EVERY Coach Needs to Build a Successful Coaching Business! Subscribe for Instant AccessJoin the "Christian Coach Newsletter" and Receive 7 Basic Coaching Forms Every Coach Needs In Their Toolkit! At Christian Coach Institute, we make sure our students are well equipped to be effective, successful and credible in professional coaching careers and coaching ministries.
We have trained hundreds of Christian coaches in over 40 countries through distance learning. Our Christian coach training features a time-tested, life-changing curriculum that is both professional and biblical. Our Christian coach training classes are taught using sound biblical principles and illustrations. Students from all genuine Christian backgrounds have successfully taken our courses and we actually enjoy this diversity. We have been blessed to have trained Christian coach training students from over 40 countries around the world.
Signup Now!Professional Christian Coach Training & Certification In 10 Weeks For Only $798*!WE HAVE TRAINED HUNDREDS OF COACHES IN MORE THAN 40 COUNTRIES. August 26, 2015 by Fred Phillips 2 Comments Do you need to be a Christian to get a Christian coaching certification? If this describes you, Christian coach certification training just might be the next step in your career journey. Do you understand that coaching is not counseling – you won’t be in business to heal others, you will be in business to help others? Are you willing to work hard to improve your active listening skills and your ability to ask questions? If you are considering a Christian coaching certification, you probably couldn’t have chosen a better time.
It’s true that the number of Americans calling themselves Christians has fallen over the past few decades, but the number that still identifies as Christians remains over 70 percent of the population. As a Christian coach, you can define the type of coach you want to be – do you want to be a life coach, a relationship coach, a health and wellness coach, or any other type of coach you can think of? It would indeed be a great help if you were a Christian to get a Christian coaching certification since you should uphold the Christian values and morality to be true to the certificate. With due consideration to the huge Christian American market, the coaching possibilities are endless! Are you a spiritual leader, pastor, counselor, mentor, missionary or simply an active Christian interested in adding Biblical Life Coaching skills to your existing ministry? Do you have a heart and a passion to help other people experience genuine growth and advances in their thinking, values and life purpose? Our Online Life Breakthrough Coach Training is structured to facilitate the professional training and certification of Christian Coaches all over the world, by allowing you to access our Weekly Lessons through a simple internet connection, or telephone line!
Through this Online Training you will receive 10 weeks of quality Coach Training and will be able to attend our classes via Web Conference (or a phone line), so you don’t have to travel, but can participate from anywhere in the world, interact with other students during the course, and practice the skills of coaching with a “buddy” during the week.
This Group Training is run by Renato and Patrizia Amato, Certified Life Coach Instructors who are endorsed to train new Christian Life Coaches by Daryl and Janet Daughtry, co-founders of the Life Breakthrough Coach Academy and leaders of the Biblical Coaching Alliance.

Being with you and all your other students in Biblical Life Breakthrough Coaching during this past year, I can personally attest that I have and continue to feel and know that I am in the presence of Jesus each step along the way. Donate to HEALING BROKEN HEARTS!HEALING BROKEN HEARTS is a Christian Missionary Ministry reaching out to broken people all over the world. Last week, I talked about self-love and how shame and guilt are such huge factors for so many issues in all people. An exercise that has helped me is to actually sit with my thoughts on what makes me shameful and what I’m carrying guilt around for.
Sometimes by owning it in written form, we can shed enough light on it to begin the destruction process. My goal was to learn and apply coaching skills to my ministry skill set as a pastor of a multi-staff, multi-campus church.
President and founder of CCI, Janice LaVore-Fletcher brings loads of coaching education and experience along with years of corporate experience into the CCI training process.
It features practical coaching techniques, processes, and principles that are easy to understand and implement. This is a network of international Christian coaches providing peer support and additional coach training using a forum, articles and videos.
Our training is currently in English, Spanish and Italian and is delivered webinar-style using online tools. Sure, anyone can sign up for a Christian coaching certification program and declare themselves to be a Christian coach, but is that really the type of coaching you want to be do if you aren’t a Christian?
These traits include intelligence, focus, an inquisitive nature, a curious personality, the ability to actively listen, and strong feelings of empathy.
In a Gallup poll a couple years ago, 78 percent of Americans polled identified with Christianity. I’d love to hear your feedback, so make sure you leave a comment with your thoughts or questions. While I’ve been a coach for some time, experiencing coaching development in and with your course, nothing has touched me more deeply in listening to the hearts of others; knowing that we are seeking truth while learning how to help and encourage others in their life’s growth and purpose is empowering to say the least. If you would like to help us bring healing to those who have broken hearts, use the following button to make a donation. I’m going through the certification process and have already started working with a few clients on faith and spiritual development as well as sobriety mentoring. She is a researcher that has dedicated much of her career to research on shame, guilt and vulnerability in humans.
In my work and life, I’ve noticed men tend to be more obsessive about their careers and finding success as they define it, which can often lead to feelings of shame or not measuring up. When we carry around secrets and try to hide from the things we are not proud of, they fester and grow stronger. I use a journal to write down what the events were, who was involved, how it makes me feel and how I can forgive myself as well as anyone involved.
And sometimes, we need further help with it from a professional, whether it be a therapist to deal with the pain we may still be feeling or a life coach to move forward and let it go. She personally invests in each student so they have the opportunity to become the best coach possible.

Once you complete the course, we stay connected for continued support via our coaching network. Do you feel that God is calling you to help others achieve their goals and find their place in the world within the framework of their Christian values? Christian coaches seem to be few and far between, yet so many Americans identify as Christians.
Earning a Christian coaching certification provides you with myriad opportunities for success within the rapidly expanding coaching industry. THIS is exceptional! Here I experience Jesus` Love and commitment for a better world, for people be healed, to support them to find their way in more freedom. Previous to this course I took a secular Life Coach course that helped me grasp a bit of the principles of coaching, but I must say that Christian Life Coaching is much more in line with my way of thinking as a Christian, and that here I learned much more.
An area of study that I’ve personally spent a lot of time on is overcoming shame and guilt. Most of the time, addicts and alcoholics are using substances to numb, escape and run from their feelings of shame and guilt.
If we cultivate enough awareness about shame to name it and speak to it, we’ve basically cut it off at the knees. This begins the self-acceptance process by admitting to what is causing us shame or guilt, which helps us to begin to move forward from it. We must be intentional in our lives to work towards not letting them multiply and wreak havoc in our lives.
CCI provides comprehensive Christian Coach training that thoroughly equips individuals to become knowledgeable and effective coaches in whatever niche they decide to pursue. This comes up in so many conversations and it has been something I’ve struggled with in my own road to recovery. Shame and guilt can be such heavy burdens to carry and so painful to face that we often try to mask them with substances or addictions.
They are a precursor to settling for less than we deserve and listening to the voice that says we are not worthy or good enough. Read how our Christian Life Coaching Courses equip people to do this as a Christian Life Coach.
Those skeletons in the closet are so loud and the more we try to silence them by running, the louder they get.
After you complete the assessment, you will receive information about Christian Life Coaching. Register for one of our free, informative, live Professional Christian Life Coach Training Introduction Webinars.

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