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I tend to start my new year by thinking of how I can make personal changes, goals and dreams come true in the year ahead. Certified Christian Life Coach, Board Certified Life Coach, Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Writer, Speaker, and Mentor.
3551834President Barack Obama signed a bill into law on Thursday guaranteeing himself Secret Service protection for the rest of his life.
White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama signed the “Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012” on Thursday.

In our effort to keep you informed of developments in the world of counseling, we are featuring Life Coaching in this edition. Read on to learn more about this exciting development and don’t forget to make plans to attend our annual banquet this April with our special guest speaker, Ron Wellman, Director of Athletics for Wake Forest University.
As part of the new service being offered by Associates, we’d like to introduce you to Dr.
This is an ideal service for those whose challenges are not the result of emotional or personality issues.

Bush and future presidents, who under current law would only be protected for 10 years after leaving office.

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