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This course focuses on the development of leadership and coordination skills related to recreational activities.
Non-transforming customs usually bug me, but damn, that is one fine piece of art right there. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to plan, organize, and implement recreational events. The next section builds a road map for supervisors to assess the needs of their people, compile a simple development plan, and provide the necessary training. Each participant learns what makes and breaks leaders and forms a custom plan to implement these lessons.

Direct them to the class secretary so that their names and contact information may be recorded on the roll sheet.2.
They will also learn how to promote the value of physical fitness, personal well-being, and personal safety to others through mentoring. The course will prepare students for college programs in recreational, leisure, and fitness leadership.Students will complete a variety of leadership activities for a variety of individuals, and groups within the community.
The students will also have the option to participate in a 'Gold Level Adventurous Journey' canoe trip for their Duke of Edinburgh's 'Gold ' certification. Schedule times, at least once a quarter, for fellowship with the care group in your home or at another location.4.

Send an encouraging note or card to every member of the care group at least once a quarter.6. Provide meals for other members of the care group when needed due to illness, hospitalization, a new baby, etc.12.

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