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Our employees take great pride in their work and go home each night with the satisfaction that they have made a difference in the lives of our customers. This application has been disabled in order to maintain the security and privacy of your information. APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT0%Please read and agree to our terms and conditions for employment below.This application must be filled out completely or it will not be processed. Great Lakes Motorcoach serves travelers from Traverse City, Mackinaw, Holland, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, Mount Pleasant, Lansing and all other cities throughout Michigan. John Marengo is one of the most highly recognised acting coaches working in South East Asia today. Using creativity and being able to see someone develop, by giving them the tools and technique.
Being able to explain things in a way that allows the actor to develop, whether they have experience or not. Having precise training and a great insight into people and their behaviour; wanting to push, having patience, and not accepting things that are just okay. An acting coach is responsible for working with actors, either on set or in one-to-one tuition sessions, to improve their acting performance. The coach will use a range of techniques in order to lift the performance of an actor or actress, but where the acting teacher will have a “curriculum” of proven techniques which suit the majority, the coach must tailor their approach to the individual under tuition.
The film industry, in all its encompassing “dreams and nightmares” incarnations, can span unpaid work with a local dramatic group, all the way up to the dizzying heights of multi-million-pound contracts. Technically, there are no formal demands for academic qualification, although nearly all acting coaches have been in front of the camera themselves prior to embarking on this as a career. Those in the industry typically state that training is more important than formal schooling, meaning attending acting “conservatories” (interactive dramatic schools) for at least two years. Much of this work takes place on a one-to-one basis, away from the flared tempers and hot lights of the movie set. On set, things become considerably more pressured, in terms of the need for the acting coach to work at a very fast pace, and also in terms of managing stress and working around other members of the production team. Good actors tend to be people with a wealth of life experience, and so it follows that decent acting coaches should have this too. Some coaches will focus their career efforts in a particular area, such as in coaching comedy or stage actors, whereas others tend to be open to all avenues in media; often, the need for ongoing work prevents specialisation. As virtually all acting coaches are self-employed, there are no big-name employers in the industry.
Angela is an Assistant Director in Audit Scotland’s Performance Audit and Best Value group. Graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2002 with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science specialising in Health Promotion, Human Physiology and Health Behaviour Change. In 2012 I was appointed Area Development Manager (Prevention and Care) for the British Heart Foundation, which forms part of the Regional Service Development Team. Lynne specialises in all aspects of employment law and is accredited as a specialist in Employment Law by the Law Society of Scotland. Lynne represents the employment department on the Firm’s Public Sector Services Group and her practice is currently focussed on public sector clients including Local Authorities, governmental bodies, educational institutes and voluntary organisations.
Jennifer Curran joined Alcohol Focus Scotland in March 2008 and is Programme Lead for the organisation. Prior to establishing Baccus Consulting, Lynda was Head of External Affairs at Pfizer with responsibility for all aspects of External Affairs for Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Before working in the pharmaceutical sector with Pfizer, Lynda spent twenty years in the NHS as a nurse and a manager and three years as Regional Manager of the Institute of Health Services Managers (now Institute of Healthcare Managers) and has a strong working knowledge of the NHS and the public sector, its successes and challenges. Laura lives in the foothills of the Ochils in rural Perthshire with her husband and two young daughters and has keen interests in exploring the natural world. Whether you are driving a charter, working as a bus mechanic, providing customer service support or performing administrative duties a€” Great Lakes Motorcoach will value your contribution and make you feel like part of our family.

Please complete our online application and we will be in contact with you when we have an opening that matches your qualifications. I must make my request in writing to GREAT LAKES MOTORCOACH as soon as possible and no later than 182 days after the date I know or reasonably should know that accommodation is needed. His last placement as a coach on set was working on The Hangover 2, which was shot on location in Bangkok.
An acting coach is private, so you work on a one-to-one basis with an actor, or when they have a role they need to develop. People pay well because they want a top notch service, as that facilitates a top notch performance, whether it is for an audition or a shot at an academy award. The work of an acting teacher is often grouped into this profession, but the roles are distinct; an acting teacher will teach a general range of acting skills to a group of actors, whereas a coach will usually work on a one-to-one basis, and often on a movie set, with the objective of improving the actor’s performance for a given role or circumstance. It may be that they are called onto set to give pointers on how a dramatic actor may overcome issues with comedy timing in a role they are unfamiliar with, or it may be simply that the actor is required to do a voice-over and they have had no previous training in this field. Coaches are not employed by studios or individuals usually; they are freelancers who work on an ‘ad hoc’ basis. It is believed that just 5% of the coaches in Hollywood have the reputation (and ongoing work) to be able to do this. Because there are so few actors who are simultaneously both naturally-gifted and inexperienced, most choose to embark on a programme of some sort of dramatic schooling; this is normally essential to make any progress.
This gives practical experience which is of considerably higher practical value than studying for a diploma or a degree. This is usually a practical and relatively peaceful arena for deploying a teaching programme.
The ability for an actor to convey emotion effectively is the result of various life situations with which they have been presented, and so acting coaches should make it a personal priority to travel and to come into contact with as many different lifestyles as possible. Some become very successful, particularly those coaches working in Hollywood on the major motion picture circuit, although it is an incredibly competitive industry. She oversees a range of performance audits on Scotland’s public sector on issues covering public finances, capital projects, programmes and investment, economic development, justice, and environment and rural affairs.
Initially training as a financial auditor of the NHS in Scotland and gaining a professional CIPFA qualification, she moved on to provide technical accounting and auditing advice to external auditors of the NHS in Scotland. He leads on the Health Works strategy which aims to promote the benefits to health of employment and to reduce health barriers to entering into and remaining in work. Prior to joining the Civil Service Roddy worked in the energy industry in marketing and commercial management. Dave manages UNISON Scotland’s bargaining, legal, equalities, communications, research and government affairs functions. Following this I managed the GP Exercise Referral Programme (Greater Glasgow and Clyde), delivering a quality assured health behaviour change intervention programme across Primary and Secondary care. Her main focus within the Foundation has been to develop a programme of work aimed at addressing mental health inequalities and over the past 8 years she has engaged extensively on Scottish mental health policy. On the contentious front, Lynne appears regularly in employment tribunals throughout the UK and also the Employment Appeal Tribunal but she also has an interest in alternative dispute resolution and is an accredited mediator. During her ten years with Pfizer, Lynda managed a number of highly successful partnership relationships and sought to identify new approaches to policy development in her field. She worked in the recruitment industry and in the charitable sector before securing employment at Investors in People Scotland. We continue to offer competitive salaries and benefits while providing you with the opportunity to turn a job into a career.
Sometimes you work with an actor for call-ups, and the other main form of work for a coach is actually on set, working on a movie. Working in Asia is harder because guys take three classes and think they are qualified to be coaches themselves.
Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Bobby Lewis are the most famous acting coaches on the Hollywood circuit.

It is during or after this academic period that the actor may then choose to become an acting coach. It is a low-risk activity in terms of health and safety, and the place of teaching could be an empty hall or soundstage, or even an actor’s own home. Since moving to work on performance (or value for money) audit in 2001 she has gained extensive experience of the Scottish Government, central government and local government sectors. Roddy works closely with the other administrations in the UK on areas of common interest and where devolved and reserved areas interact.
Isabella has a specific interest in promoting equality and human rights and challenging the inequalities experienced by those encountering mental health problems. She and the Brodies team are regularly called upon to advise the Firm’s clients on sickness absence issues particularly on cases which may give rise to claims of discrimination.
She has had a variety of client facing roles and now works as Key Relationship Manager at Investors in People Scotland.
They have collectively worked with the most renowned actors in the world, and count among the few acting coaches who can just focus on coaching without having to supplement with other industry work. Key areas of priority include the mental health of people in later life and Refugees and asylum seekers and the role of the arts in reducing stigma and discrimination. Lynne has a real interest in leadership development work and regularly works with groups of managers to deliver skills to help them develop skills such as handling difficult conversations – a useful skill when handling tricky absence cases.
This role involves working with key clients and partners across the public, private and third sectors and management of Scotland-wide projects.
I was working as an actor in New York from the age of 18, and I graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. On set, you mainly work with people who have never acted, or with experienced actors to make them work. You need to be able to understand actors, and for that to happen, usually you need to be an actor yourself. So income from coaching must normally be supplemented by the coach doing acting work themselves, drama workshops, voiceover work, voiceover coaching, and so forth. She supported the development of VOX, the Scottish mental health service user organisation and continues to support work ensuring that people with experience of mental health problems have a voice in mental health and public policy and service development and to support the development of service user-centred research.
This is why there are so many great directors who cannot direct character acting or dialogue.
There is a daily rate for being on-set, although it depends on whether the candidate is contracted to the TV company, to the actor or to the studio. Isabella has overseen the merger of the Foundation with the Scottish Development Centre for Mental Health and is responsible for overseeing the 10 year Review of Mental Health Services for the Scottish Government.Prior appointments include 12 years voluntary sector service experience within Glasgow Association for Mental Health (GAMH) in a range of posts including six years as Scotia Clubhouse Director.
In Asia, which is the current “happening hub” of the developing New Movie industry, the minimum is around ?200 per day.
During this period Isabella held membership of the International Centre for Clubhouse Development Faculty Board.
She has a Master in Public Mental Health from the University of Glasgow and trained and worked as a registered mental health nurse (RMN) for nine years within NHS GG&C. If the candidate works with a supporting actor, rather than an established lead, the fee is typically less. She has contributed to a number of publications including editing the Public Mental Health Handbook and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Public Mental Health.

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