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We offer executive coaching certification programs at various onsite locations worldwide as well as online using our hi-tech live e-workshop platform. We have trained hundreds of Christian coaches in over 40 countries through distance learning. Our Christian coach training features a time-tested, life-changing curriculum that is both professional and biblical. Our Christian coach training classes are taught using sound biblical principles and illustrations.
Students from all genuine Christian backgrounds have successfully taken our courses and we actually enjoy this diversity. We have been blessed to have trained Christian coach training students from over 40 countries around the world.

Signup Now!Professional Christian Coach Training & Certification In 10 Weeks For Only $798*!WE HAVE TRAINED HUNDREDS OF COACHES IN MORE THAN 40 COUNTRIES. New coaches starting their coaching certification after September 1st, 2015, need to follow Volleyball Canada’s new certification format and requirements. It features practical coaching techniques, processes, and principles that are easy to understand and implement. This is a network of international Christian coaches providing peer support and additional coach training using a forum, articles and videos. Our training is currently in English, Spanish and Italian and is delivered webinar-style using online tools.
Volleyball coaching certification requires all Head Coaches for 16U teams are fully certified as Development Coaches (old Level 1) and all Head Coaches for 18U teams are fully certified as Advanced Development Coach (old Level 2).

Provincial Championships will be fined.  Amount of fine will be determined by coach’s level of certification. Once you complete the course, we stay connected for continued support via our coaching network.

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