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Profit Shastra is the best cfa online coaching center & cfa exam online training institute, It offers cfa coaching classes in Pune. Ground Floor, Shree Sadan South, Near Union Bank Building, Next to Samrat Motor Driving School, Near Rly. IIT Kalrashukla, the IIT division of Kalrashukla Classes, has 5 exclusive IIT centres set up across Mumbai and 3 in Kanpur.
In Indiaa€™s urban areas today, travelling and the crowds can be mentally disruptive for young students who are just stepping out of the sheltered confines of their homes and schools.
To ensure they have the highest levels of comfort when they walk into our premises, the Kalrashukla management has carefully arrived at a unique format of centre design and architecture. In FIITJEE, one is kept focused on one’s goal and simultaneously groomed to get holistic development, enhancing personality & confidence. The in depth solution, beautifully designed questions and the true “exam feeling” given by the test conducted by FIITJEE have proved to be an imp. At FIITJEE Pune Centre, faculties are very encouraging and always come up with helping hands. FIITJEE is an Amazing platform for students like us trying to achieve the best in the field of engineering.
FIITJEE is the ultimate destination for compete preparation of IITJEE as well as all other competitive exam.

The faculty at FIITJEE Pune is top-notch and makes strained efforts in making council clear. FIITJEE Pune Centre has been really good as they have groomed me to utilise my brains to the maximum level. Experience here has been quite good The faculty is well – trained and experienced Their teaching methods are brilliant and have helped me prepare for both, Boards and JEE.
FIITJEE has helped me immensely in honing my stills on all fronts life logic, problem solving & development of temperament so necessary to take on the competitive exams of the highest order. FIITJEE has been helping me improve my problem solving ability and the teachers always encourage students to do their best and their teaching is very advanced & flawless. It also offers cfa coaching classes in Mumbai, cfa coaching classes in Delhi and cfa coaching classes in Allahabad. These centres have the state of the art classroom and resting facilities keeping in mind that IIT students have to put in longer hours of study as compared to their other counterparts.
We realize that students come to our centres with the objective of spending long hours attending lectures or staying back for self study.
All our centres are aesthetically designed to appeal to the young generation, complete with contemporary classroom furniture, teaching aids, audio visual technology and a well-appointed reception and staff room.
They teach every concept in such details that there is no scope for doubt .Also the Pinnacle Program saved a lot of time & I got time for self-study.

FIITJEE Faculty gives emphasis on concept development which is essential to solve the problems and make a student self-development. Here a teacher teaches us a topic, clears all our doubts and then only proceeds to the next topic. Each of these centres has its own in-house cafeteria, and comfortable and spacious centre facilities; making these the best IIT coaching facilities across India. Decorum is maintained in our centres at all times and students are expected to interact in hushed tones to ensure they do not disturb ongoing classes. The wonderful thing I admire is that the FIITJEE faculty & staff feel the students are as if their own children.
To get a first hand feel of what our IIT centres are like, come walk-through them yourself. Please call us to know more details about cfa course in Pune, cfa course in Mumbai, cfa course in Delhi, cfa course in Allahabad.

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