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Blyth Rangers 1-1 Prudhoe Town Prudhoe Town dominated at for long periods and were unlucky to go behind to a headed goal from Rangers but fought back and earned a much deserved point after man of the match Brandon Smith combined well with Elliott Graham who provided a great chance which was well taken by top scorer Josh Young.Town remain 4th in the league and are looking forward to their next match against 2nd placed North Shields with whom they drew their league opener. FA Respect Barrier Scheme - Dont miss out, get funding now!One of the biggest successes of the Respect programme over the last three seasons has been to improve the environment of youth football.
FA Level 1 Award in Coaching FootballOur Coach Education continues to be popular, with our 2nd week intensive course of the summer already full.
NFA HQ - Wednesday 28th September 3 hour workshop taking place from 6-9pm at the NFA HQ. NFA HQ - Tuesday 20th September 3 hour workshop taking place from 6-9pm at the NFA HQ.
Next Event The next "Coach The Coach" clinic will take place on Friday 26th August at Prudhoe High School. 50 Coaches attended the inaugural Summer Convention at Complete Football and witnessed a variety of themed sessions delivered by the Coach The Coach Staff.
Using the methods you learn in coaching, you will learn to apply practical tips to better manage your time, live your purpose, enhance your relationships, increase your finances, and enhance overall well-being and happiness. Dat Building Bridges u een compleet pakket kan aanbieden bewijst het feit dat u voor training en coaching bij ons ook aan het juiste adres bent. Lilian Grummel kan naast de trainingen ook coaching op maat geven aan startende teamleiders, supervisors, managers en overige medewerkers.
Executive and leadership coaching is a powerful tool in the overall plan to achieve organizational excellence. Innolect has developed proven coaching protocols and cutting edge techniques to help leaders identify the perfect coaching match.
We view coaching as a developmental process that leads to individual growth and change, and even transformation. Senior level leaders seek out confidential consultative partnerships with Innolect’s strategic coaches to build individual leadership capability and to gain clarity about organizational issues. Innolect coaches have extensive experience in establishing coaching relationships with senior executives. Our coaches partner and develop clarity relationships with senior executives. Innolect’s Leadership Coaches assist with any and all aspects of their leadership effectiveness. Starting from a place of collaboration, Innolect coaches align with the organization’s business vision, objectives, leadership competencies and values to create meaningful goals and assure sustainable results. The breadth and depth of Innolect’s coaching community allows clients to make highly selective decisions about the best fit for their needs. Hold certifications in various assessment tools such as Lominger, The Leadership Circle, Birkman Method, Denison 360, Listener Preference Profile, Life Styles Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, etc. Some organizations are experienced with executive coaching and are simply seeking high-quality coaches.
As leaders grow and achieve greater awareness and understanding about their aspirations, motivations, and abilities, they make better choices.  Working to build trust, we provide accurate perceptions of each leader’s strengths as well as areas for improvement.
If coaching will be widespread, how do we establish a protocol for matching coaches with their leader partners?
A recent study by the American Management Association discusses many of these questions in depth.
As strong as our individual coaches are, it is the collective coaching talent that sets Innolect apart.
Developmental Fit: Does the coach have a personal style, approach and developmental stage that matches the developmental needs of the coaching partner and the pressing business needs? Cost Effectiveness:  Are there costs related to travel and geographic area that might need to be considered? Developed coaching protocols and systems.  Helped Fortune 100 company define selection strategies for coaching candidates, made recommendations for the evolution of the program, and considered how the initiative could evolve into a sustainable program the client could manage independently.
Designed Coaching Initiatives for High Potentials.  Worked to assess, identify, and build capacity of selected high potentials by implementing coaching throughout a telecommunications start-up. Offered transformational, developmental, performance and skills coaching:  Partnered with new CEO to identify and leverage strengths during health system reorganization. Provided Virtual Coaching.  Supplemented face-to-face coaching sessions with virtual coaching to help an organization cut the overall cost and also to accommodate client travel. Providing LTA coaching qualifications (L1 & L2) at Leeds Beckett University and throughout Yorkshire. Steve is a LTA Level 5 coach and Head Coach at Leeds Beckett University since joining in 2007. Steve held the position of Yorkshire County Performance Coach and in 2000 was voted as LTA Coach of the year, Sport England Coach of the Year for the North East and Yorkshire Coach of the Year. Steve has also been a LTA travelling coach and Captained GB teams at various age groups, travelling extensively with players to international senior and junior tournaments.  Steve currently coaches the University tennis teams and AASE players, but also continues to work with developing talented young players. Whether you’re looking into football coaching, refereeing, first aid or welfare; Lincolnshire FA will be able to help you in achieving your goals. For participants aged 20 years and above and who have completed the Level 2 Qualification in Coaching Football.
Lincolnshire County FA delivers an on-going, in service workshop programme for coach development.

This course is the next step for coaches who participated in the FA Goalkeeping Coaching Award Level 1 Course to be able to further build on the skills already learnt. This qualification, which forms the first of three parts of The FA Youth Qualification, is a critical tool to support coaches working with young players and is an innovative qualification devised by The FA to further support the development of young players in England.
This qualification, which forms the second of three parts of The FA Youth Qualification, is a critical tool to support coaches working with young players and is an innovative qualification devised by The FA to further support the development of young players in England. The aim of this course is to provide candidates with an understanding of the techniques and skills related to the game of Futsal. The Coaching Disabled Footballers course is designed to give football coaches and teachers ideas and practices for the inclusion of disabled players in football sessions within mainstream or impairment specific sessions.
A six hour, classroom based, course designed for football coaches, acting as a mentor and providing support to other coaches, within a club environment.
With all online bookings, you will require your FA Number; if you do not have a FA Number you can create one here! Please click here to view forthcoming dates and venues and to book online, or download the application form available at the bottom of the page. The FA have sought to educate parents and coaches as to the right way to support their children but the introduction of designated spectator areas has also proved useful in creating the space to allow the players to play and the coaches to coach.The FA?s scheme will make available A?100,000 for a 50 % funding scheme and is available to clubs that operate in any of the FA?s 850 Respect Leagues. The morning session saw Chris Terpcou, Ben Dawson and Neil Winskill present, whilst after lunch Barney Jones, Gary Middleton, Terry Mitchell and Liam Bramely delivered sessions for senior players. This session is compulsory for promotion to Level 4, but all referees are welcome to attend to boost fitness levels! Career is the path through which you express that purpose, and job is the set of duties that you do within your career.
Life is for living now, and through these steps I can help you to find your path to fulfillment.
Building Bridges kan trainingen ontwikkelen voor uw organisatie, ze uitvoeren, ze via train de trainer overdragen aan uw trainers en een volledig trainingsontwikkelplan nalaten voor uw toekomst. Al velen gingen u voor, zodat Building Bridges u maatwerk kan leveren, waarbij begeleiden, groeien en verbeteren duidelijk terug te vinden zijn. As  business leaders actively engage coaching support, the selection process to determine external coach qualifications become critical to achieve a strong ROI. Innolect offers video profiles of our coaches and a web-based selection tool.  Once a coach has been carefully selected, the Innolect approach to the coaching engagement is unique, powerful, and results related. We recommend the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) as a validated tool to identify a leader’s current developmental stage.
These engagements are driven by development goals derived from the results of profiling assessments. We focus on inquiry rather than advocacy using questions to gain insight and self-awareness before establishing development goals and desired business outcomes. Other organizations may believe in the value of coaching, but do not have an experience base.
Using a strengths-based foundation, we partner to build on the skills and capabilities that have made each leader successful.
The breadth and depth of our coaching community allows clients to make highly selective decisions about the best fit for their needs. How well does the coach understand the culture, competitive environment, and structure of the company or industry? Co-developed integration coaching process for global pharmaceutical company going through acquisition and major change initiative. Collaborated with a licensing client to select and administer assessment instruments to identify leadership strengths and areas for improvement.
Served as an objective voice to deliver feedback about strengths, blind spots, and areas for improvement to accelerate performance. Created individual development plans with concrete actions and ongoing coaching support for Vice Presidents of multinational insurance company.  Innolect’s IDPs ensure a business focus. Worked with top executive leadership team and their direct reports to implement an integrated change initiative.
Created an online tool for individuals within a Fortune 100 company to review coaching bios and find the best fit for their specific coaching needs. Deployed multiple consulting resources to develop a key leader critical to the success of the business.
This course develops the necessary expertise and understanding in designing practices and games to improve player and team performance.
The Level 3 UEFA B Licence administered and delivered solely by FA Learning on a regional basis. The award is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and must be regularly renewed in order to comply with FA CPD regulations.
It is an ideal course for those coaches who have completed the Level 1 Award in Coaching Football and who wish to develop their technical expertise in Goalkeeping further. The FA Goalkeeping Coaching Award Level 2 will provide candidates with the further practical knowledge and ability to organise and develop key skills and techniques.
The course provides a safe and positive environment in which to develop the skills required to become an effective mentor.

Charter Standard clubs will be able to purchase additional numbers of barriers at the 50 % rate.The FA will work with Touchline Logos to offer a product that it is a significant improvement on the ?first generation? Non Charter Standard Club coaches can still attend for the normal fee of A?4.Attendence is strictly by prior registration, so please complete the Registration Form and return to Adam Furness.
Overall feedback from those in attendence has been excellent and we're already planning on how to improve the event for next year! County Welfare OfficerFailure to do so may leave the individual and club liable to disciplinary action. Here they will be able to register for the new scheme and check if they meet the criteria to join. In this context, work is viewed as a path of expression and contribution rather than a temporary means to an end. In this program you will learn the secrets that many struggle to discover to be happy and remain happy.
At Live Life Now we offer confidential consulting and counseling from a licensed professional counselor.
Our philosophy is that life is not a stage rehearsal, it is happening right here, right now, all around and through you!
De trainingen en coaching worden op een effectieve manier gegeven, zijn helder, verhelderend en begrijpelijk. We know from research conducted over the last several decades that there are predictable and understandable development stages that leaders go through personally and professionally. Using proprietary Innovative Intelligence approaches and tools, Innolect coaches work with executives to enhance organizational effectiveness and business results.  Our knowledge and understanding of both the demands and the opportunities of top leadership positions help inspire individuals to lead more effectively. In either case, Innolect consultants have the expertise and acumen to guide leaders through the process. Our clients benefit from our ability to identify coaching needs, design coaching game plans, create proprietary protocols, and draw from industry best practices. At the same time, we address potential career derailers and identify developmental capabilities required for future success.
The criteria for selecting a coach can vary, but there are basic qualifications to consider when identifying potential coaches. Handled issues such as influencing more effectively, building collaborative work processes, identifying and handling destructive conflict, coaching others, etc. The intensive offered speed, specific and targeted development goals, and a compressed time frame for change when more traditional coaching methods failed to deliver sustained change in leader behavior.
The course is 10 days duration in total and all days must be fully attended in order to complete the course. Emergency Aid Workshops for clubs are also catered for but please be aware that we need at least 20 working days notice to arrange them. It will also provide candidates with an introduction to the structure of the game, the laws and the role Futsal can play in developing underlying skills and techniques. Helping you to create your ideal life through facilitating change and taking action is my central goal and purpose for the work that I do at Live Life Now!
In various situations, we have partnered with clients with the goal of setting up an ongoing internal coaching system.
Trevor Steven will be the chief guest speaker on the night, with tickets costing £25 each.
To follow our legal and moral obligations to safeguard our children and young people in football2.
The key to doing this is getting started and staying focused on the process until you get what you want. Each individual can realize success in the present with clear action steps and individualized support to take these steps. To safeguard the individual involved without prejudice If you need to discuss this further please contact Stuart Leason County Development Manager or Gill Shields County Welfare Officer.
We specialize in creating a safe space to explore how to create and shape your ideal life by focusing on the areas of career, life planning and techniques for working past obstacles and blockages. Enrol on the Youth Award - Module 1The FA Youth Award is designed for coaches working in youth football. Holders of the Level 1 Award are now encouraged to progress along the appropriate route to the age group they are coaching and the Youth Award Modules specifically cater for these groups.
Module 1 looks specifically at "Developing The Environment" for 5-11 year old players to learn and develop. The focus is on developing the child and how best to create and maintain the right environment for development. The final courses of 2011 are as follows:-Hirst Welfare - October 2011A four week course starting on Monday 3rd October at the Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington.
Includes an Emergency First Aid refresher.Coach The CoachNext Event The next "Coach The Coach" clinic will take place on Friday 30th September at Complete Football, Newcastle Racecourse.
This scheme will enable us in partnership with The FA to work directly with footballers throughout the country for the first time, in order to: 1.

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