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Many coaches feel as though they have a good understanding of how to apply clock management and when to apply it. Your clock management strategy is something that is dynamic, meaning it will change through the game.
It’s important that coaches try to look at that in an unbiased way to determine where you fit so that you can put your players in the best chance of winning.
One analogy you should think of when trying to determine how to should open the game is to think of a weighted coin flip analogy. We want to put ourselves in the position where we will not likely be beaten because we’ve chosen to flip the coin more times as the blowout favorite.
We have previously released our very own Football Manager 2014 staff recommendations for best coaches, assistant manager and head of youth development.
But what calculates the coaching star ratings of the Football Manager 2014 backroom staff such as the training category stars for first team and youth coaches. This means that the backroom staffs level on these three obligatory attributes will determine their overall coaching category. We have an coach with the value of fitness 16, motivation 18, level of discipline 16 and determination 10.
A good coach for this category needs high DDM, and a high value for the technical and mental attribute.
Now you know the secrets of the Football Manager coaching stars, but we’ve got great news for those who want a simpler tool to do the math based on the formulas above. I'm proud to manage Passion4FM and serve the community with my unique vision on Football Manager. Passion for Football Manager gives YOU an unique insight to the wonderful world of Football Manager, so you can enjoy the Football Manager series even more! This site is not endorsed by Sports Interactive or SEGA and is intended for entertainment purposes only. The views expressed on this site are the views of the individual contributors and not those of Sports Interactive or SEGA.
The use of target players produces an offensive practice that's designed to encourage shooting. Infield players can work together or lay passes to neutrals, but must link with a target player when shooting at goal. Each goal is worth one point, with the exception of goalscoring headers and volleys which are worth two (though must still be set up by target players).
When players cannot lay direct passes to target players, they must use the width provided by the neutrals.

Alternatively allow infield players to pass to neutral wingers then enter the wing corridors by overlapping them before crossing. Or goals scored after a five-pass combination that includes all team mates and both target men earns three points.
However, there are many aspects of clock management that are regularly not dealt with by coaches.
The subject of clock management is something that should be practiced through the entire game. Make a habit of trying to determine where you think you fit relative to our opponent before every game. Likewise, when we are the blowout underdog, we want to put ourselves in the best position to be able to win the game.
If I gave you a quarter and I said that the heads side was 20 times more likely to come up than the tails side, the heads side would obviously be the blowout favorite; the tails side would be the blowout underdog.
Two flips of the coin as the blowout underdog will mean that at half-time, the worst the score can be is 1-0. As the blowout underdog, we put our team in the best chance for success because we’ve reduced the number of flips or the number of possessions in a game.
While coaching football, do you spend a good amount of time thinking about clock management, or does it take a back seat to other topics? While many of the staff recommended are rather expensive, we have published our Football Manager 2014 backroom staff search filter in order to make you able to find 5-star coaches for your management, no matter club level or save progress. This worthy knowledge would be great for everyone who are in to lower league management or simply manage minor clubs where the best coaches ain’t affordable.
All you need to do is to download the coaching star calculator from the link below and replace the required staff attributes with the specific staff’s. By sharing my Passion for Football Manager and provide the Football Manager community with excellent tips & tricks I aim to increase the excitement and knowledge level of the Football Manager series. My main interest within Football Manager is tactics creation, tactics analysis in order to merge real life with Football Manager. Write football related articles or share your best Football Manager tips and your love for the game.
There are two teams of four, a neutral player on each flank, plus two target players to the side of each goal. These players can pass infield, to the target players of the team in possession, or can switch play between one another.
So we have to use the clock as one of the many elements at our disposal to put ourselves in the best position to win the game.

And if I gave you the choice to choose two or 200, you should be able to make a good decision that is going to benefit your team based on whether or not you think you’re a blowout favorite or a blowout underdog. That’s an exciting proposition for somebody who is heavily favored to be beaten in that game. Here we’ll hand you the tools to make you able to spot 3 star coaches from 4 star backroom staff.
The formulas we will discuss below are only true if you assign him to his specific best coaching category. Besides DDM (short for determination, level of discipline and motivation) his level of fitness attributes plays a roll. This difference explains why some coaches are better in Handling then Shot stopping (or the other way around). The current available languages are: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish or Polish.
I have a weak heart for spotting new emerging talents and the best FM wonderkids as well as giving youth a chance. The blowout favorite in a two-flip game is going to feel pretty nervous with a score at 1-0 at half-time.
In this guide, provided by the Dutch forum ManagersUnited we will explain the math behind the stars so you can use it to calculate the number of stars of a coach before you sign him! These attributes are determination, level of discipline and motivation, as explained in our previous guide about How to find the best Football Manager Coaches. Two hundred flips of the coin is going to allow your team more chances to assert its dominance over the blowout underdog. If they had chosen to flip the coin as many times as possible, or 200 times, the score may be as high as 100-1. This is a value between 210 and 239 and thus this coach will get 4 stars if you assign him to Strength or Aerobic.
A high value for these attributes is recommended for all coach, also for lower league clubs.

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