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There is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion out there about Coaching and what it actually is. A Coach must be qualified or experienced in the area they are coaching (coaching is a process, so it works in any situation.
It would take a white paper to really explore this further, but I hope that the small list above raises some questions in your mind, and entice you to explore further.
Elaine hangs out at The Smart Train She provides online training and coaching solutions in the areas of MS Office Skills, Business Skills, and Soft Skills. A couple of years ago, before starting Channelship, Facundo and I did a few business coaching session and found them very helpful.
Thanks Elaine, Business generally hasn’t got much of a clue when it comes to coaching.
The companies that I know of that are using coaching, and developing their Managers with coaching skills, rave about it in that sense – developing skills, reducing conflict, reducing work-related stress, increasing productivity, morale, ROI, and ROE (return on effort) for the manager personally. Every person must take responsibility for themselves, but also their greater community, to really make a difference in their own lives. A qualification is a qualification, and should not only be recognised as so (and transferable) but like any other industry, Coaching must be regulated and Coaches should want to be monitored and abide by a code of ethics.
I would like to add further here, that in Ireland, Coaching was not really heard of on the street 5 years ago. Also, i would say that any manager responsible for team development should ensure that they identify key people in their team (or outside of it) who can act as coaches for other team members.
A Coach will always introduce the concept of coaching to a new client and explain what is involved and point out what WON’T happen! The white paper comment above was to demonstrate how serious the topic can be, and how deeply, as you correctly point out, we can explore the essence of Coaching.
I would add that a coach is not someone who is going to make you feel better all of the time. I’d like to expand a little further if I may because, even as a certified coach myself, I have some major difficulties with this topic.
Unfortunately, just like we often don’t rely on our intuition anymore, we also struggle to ask for help, assistance or support when needed (as I mentioned to Elli above). I see having a business coach (which I have) as a preventative, and works very well for me. Thanks John, no, now that I read back the sentence, it suggests the LBCAI regulates the Industry which of course it doesn’t. I was coming from the angle that if one belongs to such an organisation, it’s a signal to the potential client that the Coach is serious about their profession and wishes to be affiliated with a code of ethics, best practice and proper standards. I also have a business coach to help me with aspects of my business that I find difficult, namely sales! Now everyone is talking, and perhaps clarifying what coaching is NOT is part of this growth process.
Coaching is still finding it’s place, and will be redefined, recategorised, rehashed, blown down, blown up, misunderstood, misconceived, until after a while things quieten down and everyone just gets on with it. What’s the Importance Of The 3 C’s In Business – Communications, Coaching And Counseling? Coaching schafft ein individuelles Lernfeld und erfordert deshalb ein hohes Maß an Zielorientierung, Nachhaltigkeit und Commitment. New Zealand Career Management Services Career Management Services to boost your career. Resume Writing Services Access our professional New Zealand based resume writing and key selection job criteria writing services. Interview Coaching Services Expert interview coaching services greatly improve your chances of getting the role. We consult with you to develop a professional cv that will get attention, distinguish you from the competition, and highlight your strengths, achievements and capability. Interview coaching and interview preparation services to give yourself the best chance to get the role. Key selection criteria writers and advisers can either write or train you to write your own key selection criteria, highlighting your individual experience and assisting you to secure an interview. The truth is I was catching a plane back East and I just ran out of time to get all 7 steps into the first post. It’s a tragedy that sales management coaching is the most underutilized skill in the sales manager’s bag of tricks. The even greater tragedy is that if sales managers did actually take the time to coach their salespeople, and did it right, the effectiveness of those salespeople would quickly improve. In survey after survey done with thousands of sales managers from around the world, “lack of time” consistently comes up as the number one reason why sales managers don’t coach their salespeople. In those same surveys, the second reason why sales managers don’t sales coach is that when they’re pushed on how to actually coach their sales teams, the majority have very little idea how to do it.
This is largely because they have never received any formalized sales management training on coaching.

So how does a sales manager make time for sales coaching and do it effectively at the same time?
Last year, in a very non sales management training related move, we made the decision to leave home, travel cross country for a year and homeschool our two grade school boys.
We figured that instead of paying the $20,000+ per year to pay for the to go to a perfectly nice private school on Cape Cod, we’d save that money, indulge in our passion for travel and see the country instead. So as part of that, we decided we would take our kids out of school for a year and home school them along the way…even though neither of us are teachers. One kind of sales management training gets cast aside more than any other is sales coaching, even though it may be the most important of all. Even though “coaching moments” come to sales managers every day and the opportunity to improve sales productivity as well as that of your sales force is clearly there for the taking. If you’re a sales manager, business owner or sales management executive, you probably have plenty of sales reps who want to move forward in their careers and join the ranks of management. All you do is just tell your reps what to do and you then sit back and wait for the cash to roll in, right? And if you’re NOT a salesperson, but have someone on your sales team bucking for a promotion, then this episode will be equally helpful for you as well.
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09-08-2013 - F*ree Marketing Planner & Get More Productive with The Urgent Important Matrix! And, also in keeping with the "Back to Business" theme in September, we'll be launching our brand new Business Coaching Toolpack later this month!
EXCLUSIVE to you fabulous LaunchPad Readers, this template is attached to this newsletter - so you'll just need to open the attachment that comes with this newsletter. The Urgent Important Matrix is a powerful productivity and time management tool to help people manage their time more effectively. What: Tasks that fall into this quadrant include deadlines, urgent meetings, pressing problems, crises and fire-fighting. Action: Minimise the time spent in this quadrant by prioritizing, planning and delegating ie. Coaching Tip: If your client is in a line management or service based role, they will spend more time in this quadrant than a project manager. How we feel: When we spend a lot of time in this quadrant we feel calmer and under control, we deal with most issues before they arise and are likely to have solid support from others. What: Tasks or activities in this quadrant interrupt or take us away from our important tasks.
Action: Minimize the amount of time in this quadrant by reviewing and prioritizing your task list and focusing on the high importance tasks first. Coaching Tip: If this is an area your client spends a lot of time in you may also find keeping an interruptions log helpful. Coaching Tip: If your client spends a lot of time in this quadrant, get them to write a list of all their distractions and how long they spend on each one, recording this over a week time period. You can create your own handout, or simply draw the grid on a piece of paper for your clients.
To become aware of our interruptions and distractions so that we can reduce or eliminate them. The Launchpad is a weekly newsletter with awesome resources - coaching tools, exercises, tips & techniques to help you build your coaching skills and coaching practice! If you Wiki Life Coaching (“Life coaching is a future-focused practice with the aim of helping clients determine and achieve personal goals”), Personal Coaching (“Personal coaching is a relationship which is designed and defined in a relationship agreement between a client and a coach. Personally, I feel people who are natural or adept listeners and empathisers make great coaches (the rest of us have to study and work hard!). We went with the impression that our coach would indeed set the agenda and tell us what to do but it was exactly the opposite. The benefits may not be directly tangible and immediately realised, but every company should endeavour to filtrate coaching throughout the culture of the organisation, that’s when it becomes profound, ever-lasting and effective. The coachee must take responsibility for all actions,and when they do, success is more likely.
By making positive change, whether personal or professional, that will affect others, so it goes beyond inner development. Now it is talked about all the time – in the public arena, cafes, bars, homes, workplace.
I think it would be a good thing to share, so more folks could understand the value of coaching. Coaches also tell you when you are not following your stated path or meeting your stated goals and push you to be your better self. CEOs and Managers are least likely to ask for help when needed – both internally and externally. We may think we know ourselves well , but that may not be the same story in running a business.

Not all coaches join and not all coaches agree with it’s mission, but I certainly would rather be part of a community of excellence than out on my own. I used to struggle with this one also, and thought if a coach hired a coach, it shows that they cannot do their job properly. Having said that, the sessions can often relate to my beliefs about myself, as much as the process of selling. Why do we keep talking in the negatives about what coaching is not, and move toward a common goal? I have no doubt that the industry will not be hurt, the confusion may delay it’s growth a bit but not significantly. Bei der Auswertung des Coaching-Prozesses kann aber auch deutlich werden, dass es weitere Entwicklungsbedarfe gibt, die möglicherweise auf anderen Wegen bearbeitet werden sollten.
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Both my wife and I work from home so we figured with the kids the ages they were, now was the time to do it before they (or we) got too old. But first, lets be first clear on why sales coaching is so important and most importantly, if you’re going to take the time to learn the sales management training concepts included in great sales coaching, you first need to know what your actual goals of coaching your sales reps. Get your own free sales manager training course – you can actually choose which one you want. It's a comprehensive guide to this great time management tool - with helpful coaching tips for you too. It’s great for a wide spectrum of coaching from career, executive and business coaching to life and even spiritual coaching. Set specific time aside to plan, build relationships, prepare for problems and look after their health.
They can range from excessive or irrelevant email or phone calls from friends, social media usage to any activity we use that wastes time and avoids necessary work.
It is based on the client’s expressed interests, goals and objectives”) or Business Coaching (“Business coaching is the practice of providing positive support and positive feedback while offering occasional advice to an individual or group in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business”), the explanations are nothing to be desired, as Coaching will mean many different things to many different people, and it is completely subjective. Thankfully, Ireland takes the coaching profession very seriously and is now regulated by the LBCAI.
She helps soothe the rough and tumble of running a business through education, information and coaching. We were in control and the coach played a neutral role, ensuring that conversations and topics remained focused to get the best solution out of every issue acknowledged. My attitude is, even if people feel negatively towards coaching (for whatever reason), at least they are talking about it. A simple awareness of this problem is usually all that is needed to make sure you don’t fall into this trap when coaching someone in any area.
Yet, if one is stuck and failing or on the verge of failing, it might be more cost-effective to just hire a coach and get back on track. A Business Coach will help mold the path, without interfering, so it comes from the client. I now believe that this is utter tripe, and truly feel that Coaches, like Counsellors, need support, but more importantly an outlet to off load some of the intensity experienced by coaching many clients. We are also coaching our friends and family, and of course our clients, and possibly their employers. There are so many different representative organisations, accreditation organisations etc that all we are doing is hurting the industry.
Your clients may need help identifying and clarifying priorities — and to brainstorm ways to schedule chunks of time for these important tasks. These distractions lead to us being late, not finishing projects or tasks on time and can leave us tired, stressed and unable to be effective. However, it means something specific to each one of us, whether we realise it or not, or whether we have previously given it thought or not. This is a constant learning curve for me, as it is for every other person who decides to move forward, learn and progress. Dabei werden die Ressourcen des Klienten reaktiviert und sein berufliches Umfeld in die Lösungsfindung einbezogen. In our personal lives things like excessive TV or internet surfing at home can also fall into this category. Die Begleitung des Integrationsprozesses einer Führungskraft in ihr neues berufliches Umfeld ist oftmals Anlass eines individuellen Integrations-Coachings.

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