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Coaching Skills for Managers will give you the skills to unlock employee potential and drive peak performance. This training course is suitable for professionals and managers and team leaders who wish to enhance their ability to communicate with, train, coach and mentor their staff. Di has extensive experience as a facilitator, coach, trainer, business consultant and speaker.  She has forged careers in physical sciences arena, as a manager and business owner. FACEBOOKKonnect Learning 3 weeks ago Women in Leadership is fast approaching just a short month away 6-9 June. The appearance of ease and the subversion of effort seem to be at the Duck Syndrome’s core. So for those of you who are expending effort even though you may not being showing it, this blog aims to guide and refine your efforts to learn. You will learn how to upskill your staff in problem solving, enable them to work independently and with purpose; which in turn will ensure ongoing productivity and motivation are maintained. In a career spanning three continents and a variety of industries, she has specialised in leadership and management skills, motivation, practical emotional intelligence, presentation skills, customer service and engagement.

To my surprise, there is no Wikipedia entry for it yet (get on it, people) so I will describe it as best I can. Every week or so, I will share some piece of the wisdom your fellow students have shared with me (and some I’ve discovered on my own). Tests are evaluations of your knowledge, and unfortunately are primarily used by teachers to decide whether you have learned enough to get an A or an F, or something in between.
Coaching Skills for Managers will ensure staff learn as they work and add value back to your organisation. I will offer advice on how to learn and study best, read effectively, prepare for and take exams effectively, how to develop strategies for dealing with procrastination and managing the 10-week quarter, and so on.
Many of you learned to associate a good grade with success, satisfaction, and feeling good about yourself.
Di’s key strength is her ability to genuinely connect with people, challenging and nspiring them to take action. But below the surface, our little duck feet are paddling furiously, working our feathered little tails off.

There’s no manual on how to learn how to walk but pretty much babies become toddlers all over the world without formal instruction.
The emphasis is always on action and practice, rather than models and theories, which ensures significant change for every individual.
By reading this blog, taking some advice, trying some things to help you succeed, I hope to help you make every paddle count. But when the tasks become more complex, the material becomes more difficult, the more learning is confined by time (as in a 10 week quarter), and the more volume of work there is to be managed simultaneously, effort and skill are stepped up.
RealChanges’ success is underpinned by a team of professionals who have business experience and an insightful appreciation of the challenges that managers, leaders and teams face today.  The Real Changes team have a love of learning and a zest for life, which shows in their facilitation and interactions!  They hold a genuine belief that everyone has the ability to change and grow – and that it is their role to encourage, to challenge and to inspire them to do so. If you care to share, I welcome your comments, your advice and wisdom, and especially your willingness to show off your duck feet.

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