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Class size is an important factor to consider when determining whether or not a college might be right for you. Most people believe that smaller classes are more conducive to learning because they offer hands-on, discussion-based environments, but that doesn’t mean that large classes can’t work for you, depending on your learning style.
Choosing between a school with large classes and one with small classes depends on your learning style. Small classes often center around discussion, while large classes tend to be lecture-based. You’ll have more personal access to your professors in small classes than you will in large ones. That being said, many large classes get broken down into smaller groups where discussions are lead by teacher’s assistants, so you can come to your TA with questions instead. Professors teaching small classes are also likely to incorporate your attendance and participation into your final grade, so it’s hard to get away with arriving to small classes unprepared – after all, when a class has heavy student-teacher interaction, it’s difficult to hide!
Remember, what matters most is that you find a learning environment where you can personally thrive! If you’re willing to take 6 credits over the summer, you can graduate a full semester early with just a few summer classes! Summer classes are normally only 4-6 weeks long, rather than the never-ending 15 weeks of a standard semester. If you’re attending a large university, you might get stuck in 400-person lecture halls, and you probably have to take a crowded, often late bus to your 8am classes. If you want an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck, you should contact your dean immediately and sign up for a few simple summer classes before it’s too late!
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Educate yourself beyond the college or high school curricula by taking online classes with Coursera or Khan Academy.
We go to college so we can get a degree that will get us a job, but where do we look for jobs after we’ve secured that degree?

Some are fortunate to make a connection that will almost guarantee them an in, but others have to hunt a little more. The most difficult time in college isn’t when all the senior year exams and papers need to be completed. When researching a certain school, make sure to look up its average class size – as a general rule, larger universities tend to have larger classes while smaller colleges tend to have smaller ones, but this isn’t always the case. Read on to discover the differences between small and large learning environments to determine what might be right for you. This means that in small classes, the information will likely be presented in an interactive manner, allowing you to get involved, ask questions, and share your input. In small classes, it’s relatively easy to ask your professor questions and build a relationship with him or her.
Colleges with large classes also tend to have student learning centers and tutoring facilities available to students, so you can get help outside of the classroom.
In larger classes, however, attendance and participation probably won’t count much toward your final grade (which means that tests and papers will likely count more). You may think your summer is better spent at the beach, but unless you’ve got a killer full-time internship, there’s no smarter way to spend your summer than in summer school. It’s cheaper to be a part-time student over the summer than to pay full-time tuition over the school year. You might have to go to longer class periods, but you will still have plenty of time to enjoy your summer after your class term ends.
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In large classes, you’ll probably have to quietly absorb the information in order to do well. In a smaller class environment, you’ll probably go directly to your professor for additional help.

Because it’s easier to hide in these classes, you’ll have to take more personal responsibility for your own learning experience – in other words, if you need further help or attention, you’ll have to fight for it. Since many institutions require you to be full time in your last semester, you can simply take extra classes the summer or summers before, and complete your schooling a full semester early. In fact, you might be able to register for an online class over the summer and take your schooling with you on vacation!
If you want to know how to work, eat, and sleep regularly with nothing more than a backpack, she's your gal. Otherwise, prepare to take your vacations either before or after your term, and you will still get the benefits of summer sun. You can get the courses you need, and also take advantage of a smaller class size by curry-favoring your professor. If you’re a visual or auditory learner, watching and listening in large lecture-style classes may work well for you. You don’t have to worry about traffic when taking the bus, since campus is at 50% occupancy, and you’re guaranteed to get a seat!
If you’re a kinesthetic learner, you may prefer smaller classes that are more focused on demonstrations and hands-on work. For this reason, summer classes are always at least a little bit easier than their fall and spring counterparts. If you have really difficult classes with a lot of information, it might not be a good idea to substitute it with a summer class, but if you have regular classes or general requirements to fill, it’s a lot easier to get an A in July than in November.

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