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Your Vision Statement (the written description of your future) should be enthusiastically shared with everyone throughout your organization.
To ensure optimum effectiveness, care and attention should be given to developing and implementing a communication strategy that will involve everyone in the organization. To realize an organizational vision, all members of the organization must share a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the new direction.
If people feel that the organization provides something of value because of a shared vision and that what they do is important, you won't have to worry about motivation.
Realizing a compelling Vision often means change, accepting new perspectives and abandoning old habits and techniques.
It is important to erase boundaries between different parts of the organization so that process, production and communications flow seamlessly and swiftly.
Most companies squander 10 to 20 percent or revenue in support of wasteful products or procedures. If you do the things that you've always done but expect different results, your are engaging in institutional insanity. Addressing resistance to change becomes a major focus and an integral part of a unified implementation strategy. First, the organizational vision must be compelling enough to generate the excitement needed to propel people through the chaos of change. Second, your formal structures must support the behaviors you are looking to develop and extinguish behaviors that no longer serve your organization.
Fifth, recognition and appraisals must be frequent, supportive and consistent with the vision and values of the organization. Sixth, communications strategies and programs must be developed and implemented in all areas. Many entrepreneurs struggle with revenue development because they are not communicating effectively. Let me share a story about one of our small business clients that was frustrated with her business results, due to poor communication.
Together we communicated back and forth in business like scenarios, as she presented in her usual presentation style. It’s adjusting your communication style, so that you are communicating effectively with potential clients.
As I explained this type of buyer personality, and how she could communicate more effectively to them, her eyes began to light up.

Her communication style all too frequently had been the same, regardless of the buyers communication personality.
If you’re in a revenue slump, or you feel you’re not communicating as effectively as you could, take a moment to review your recent interactions. Effective communication within any organisation is vital, and yet it is often assumed to be common sense. This Useful Guide shows you how to communicate effectively with one another, both in the various written forms as well as verbally (face-to-face and remotely). Charlotte Mannion is the founder and a director of Quicklearn, a communications consultancy based in Wiltshire. All Useful Guides are also available via an annual unlimited user licence in the form of a Useful Guide Library subscription. There are currently over 75 Useful Guides available to choose from, covering a variety of different topics and issues including personal development, management and leadership skills, communication, health & well-being and productivity to name just a few. Your unique Useful Guide Library will be a dedicated portal accessed by secure username and password login, and a download tracker for monitoring the number of Guides downloaded since the start of your subscription. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
I’m going to share with you a few key takeaways from three seminars I have attended over the past few years. Take every opportunity to communicate the Vision and to generate excitement about realizing it. Whenever and wherever you can, seek to communicate the Vision through your words and your actions. An effective leader, therefore, creates and promotes an environment which allows and encourages every person throughout the organization to operationalize the new Vision, to be part of the new direction and to demonstrate behaviors consistent with the new values.
Improving quality and speed, while reducing cost and complexities, can create a significant competitive advantage. If you want different results, you must do things differently or your must do different things. Since we’ve been working on this concept in one-on-one strategy sessions, she has picked up 2 new clients and 3 others are very interested in working with her. Many pitfalls lie in wait for the unwary and it is not surprising that some messages can easily be misinterpreted. Charlotte works as a coach and facilitator, helping people to communicate more effectively in both their written and verbal communications.

This allows you to make the Useful Guides available to all of your employees as part of their training and development resources. These seminars were hosted off site and consumed a full day—so bare with me while I run through three days’ worth of information in one hour! When the class began, wordlessly he picked up a large empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks about two inches in diameter. According to an article in Harvard Business Review, it has been estimated that most organizations under communicate the Vision by a factor of ten. Lofty aspirations many involve outsourcing, merging, building strategic alliances, partnering or acquiring other resources or organizations. The objective is to eliminate as many non-value added, time consuming steps in a process as possible through simplification, elimination or concurrence. Cut costs and shorten organizational cycles in everything.A  An organization MUST continuously do things better and faster, or it will die. In future newsletters and in our blog, we’ll discuss how to effectively communicate with these different ‘buyer personalities’.
Greater awareness of the issues and practicing the necessary skills can transform the way people get on with one another within the workplace, both internally and externally. It could involve restructuring your organization or your compensation programs so that they are aligned with your values and goals of the organization. People MUST be focused on "taking the frills" out of core business processes in order to focus on the results rather than activities.
He shook the jar lightly and watched as the pebbles rolled into the open areas between the rocks.
You can create the environment in which motivation thrives and people want to achieve both personal and organizational goals. She decided that she would deliver her presentations using a few of her different products, while I adopted different ‘buying personalities’.
He then poured a glass of sand into the jar filling the empty pockets between the rocks and pebbles.

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