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Here are 2 short activities that you can use with your team to improve communication, understanding, and team morale.
As you work with teams and are a part of teams, there is a tendency to view things from your own perspective, to see things only from your point of view. When you begin to consider others and their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and seek to understand before seeking to be understood, then you begin to be more effective at working with people. This video, which was shown recently at one of our team meetings, shows what it would be like to see inside the thoughts and circumstances of others.
If some of my team members were going through similar circumstances, would it change the way I treat them? How can I get to know my team members in a way that I can be more understanding or supportive? In this round, Person A will go first and will be talking for 2 minutes about an accomplishment that they are very proud of. Person B will act as if this is the most wonderful thing they’ve ever heard in their life!
In this round, Person A will repeat their story from Round 1 and, again, will have 2 minutes to share about their accomplishment. This time, Person B will act as if this is the most boring story that they’ve ever heard. Now, Person B will be sharing one of her most proud accomplishments, and Person A will put on their acting hat and go through all 3 rounds as before. While you are listening, you do not have to say anything or nod your head (in fact try NOT to do those things, and merely listen to what the person is saying).
You are present with this person and experiencing the moment with them while they are sharing.

Have Person A go first and, again, share the same accomplishment from before for 2 minutes.
Next, have Person B share about their accomplishment and Person A will practice Engaged Listening. What kind of difference would this make in your style of communication if you practiced this on a regular basis?
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In this post, I provide worksheets to help kids to learn some of the basics for giving compliments to people they know. I wish you good luck with these worksheets.  To check out other free downloads, and and my products for sale, please see the links below. The foundation for a healthy relationship with your teenager is built on good communication.
When you can communicate openly and effectively in this kind of way, it will be much easier to talk with your teenager about the tougher subjects that will come up.
See our new book 30 Days to a Stronger Child to find lessons related to this topic and learn ways and activities to help your child be stronger!
Do not cross legs or arms, feet flat on the floor, with hands rested on your knees with palms up to represent an openness to listening.
There are simple, everyday activities to do with your teenager to encourage communication and strengthen your bond. Find out what your teenager’s favorite songs are and talk about what they like about them: the lyrics? These are perfect opportunities to talk about everything from the mundane to the critically important.

Take time regularly to go out or have a picnic or sit down to a good homemade lunch at your kitchen table. Every day, spend a few minutes writing down on small pieces of paper examples of what love is to each of you.
Go beyond the standard, “How was your day?” Ask specific questions about the math test, the progress of the social studies project, whether anything especially good or bad happened today.
Your regular efforts will pay off big time when your teen turns to you for information, comfort, and truth. I have some strategies and some simple worksheets here to help troubleshoot some obstacles to successful practice of this skill.
Sitting side by side instead of face to face can even make more sensitive topics easier to talk about.
It could be “Love is putting a treat in your lunch bag,” or “Love is cleaning up without being asked,” or “Love is a kiss on your forehead.” You’ll each learn about all the ways love can be shown and maybe even help each other understand how the other shows love.
This is a great way to help your teen understand how your experiences have shaped you, see you as more than a parent, and give them a sense of their own history and the dynamics that are shaping their lives. Know what’s going on in your teenager’s life so that you can follow up on previous talks and know the specific questions to ask.
In addition to her articles on healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and combatting pornography addiction, she has copyedited medical books, fantasy novels, and historical dramas.
My daughter and I share very similar taste in music and enjoy playing old and new favorites for each other.

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