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Every couple has their ups and downs- but the key to coming back up from those downs is communicating! Listening: When two people are communicating, it is important that both parties are mindfully listening. Nonverbal Communication: Communicating with your honey is not just verbal, but also nonverbal.
Using Nonviolent Communication: When you encounter an issue in your relationship use words about yourself when you confront your partner, don’t blame it on the other person. I hope these tips will help the communication flow better in every classy co-eds relationship! From fashion to decor, Lilly Pulitzer to Vera Bradley, personal items to gifts, shop our boutique for all your 'Classy' needs.
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The idea is that neither party won nor lost the dispute, you both agreed upon something else. This includes posture, hand gestures, voice tone, and other body language- all things that clue in your partner about your feelings. Make an observation of the problem, describe how it made you feel, and what you need the other person to do.
By listening, collaborating, being aware of your body language, identifying issues properly, and staying positive you will be able to communicate successfully in your relationship! She is a proud sister of Alpha Chi Omega, and loves hanging out with friends, reading, laughing, and going to hockey games! By listening you are observing what your other half has to say, and truly understanding how the other person feels.
You can create a sense of interest, desire, or portray how much you care, and a sense of disinterest, doubt, or uncertainty by the way you move, look, and listen. For example, if your sweetheart says they will call you later and never does, say something like, “I feel sad when you don’t call me after you said you would, I need you to text me or let me know some how you will be unable to call me.” This way you can conquer disagreements clearly and calmly!

Be a support system for your other half and cheering each other on for things like interviews, intramural games, and class presentations! Remember, being in a relationship isn’t just about sharing every emotion with your loved one- it is also about listening and lending support! By sitting up straight and looking your loved one in the eyes, there is no question in their mind that you care about what they have to say! By doing this you will enhance your relationship and it will show the other person how much you really care about them! Rather than solving the problem “his way” or “your way,” the focus is on “our way.”  This way no one leaves the conversation with his or her feelings hurt.

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