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Optical business in India has the potential to grow far beyond the size that it is currently limited to — not just in volumes, but in terms of quality too! This VP Awards initiative by FourPlus Media opens an informal, yet inclusive, channel of communication from the opticians to the distributors and brands, bridging all previous gaps. If the Indian film industry has its Filmfare and IIFA awards, why should the Indian optical industry be left behind?
They now have an opportunity to vote for products and brands that they feel best reflect the tastes of their customers. As of today, votes continue to pour in adding to the anxiety of the team and the participants.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A three-time Wimbledon finalist, Andy Roddick surprisingly lost yesterday to a Taiwanese player named Yen-Hsun Lu. Here’s the idea: over the next six months, Casajulie will attempt to prove that marketing works by proving that marketing works for us. We are starting with “Guerrilla Marketing in 3o Days.” Please check out our blog periodically to see how it is (or isn’t) working for us. Business leaders using Facebook as part of their overall marketing strategy should be aware of significant behind the scene changes made last month when the Social Media giant rolled its first major redesign in quite some time. If you are looking to have your posts appear as a “Top Story”, which is similar to vying for the Headlines on the front page on a newspaper or top listing in Google, it’s not the number of fans you have and it’s now all about how you engagement with those fans and how faithfully your fans respond back to you. The communication barriers between parents and children vary from one family to another, but every parent is confronted with new issues in the digital age. Parents’ constant care for the security of their kids usually comes with a wish to let them loose, especially at older ages.
GPS location tracking installed through parental control allows parents to watch their children’s mobile phone on a map. Parental control allows parents to monitor Facebook activity (comments, messages, wall posts, tags, privacy settings, number of friends, and more). Parents can have a hard time understanding why their kids are so influenced by their entourage. Mobile phone tracking offers a discrete way to check out what kids do with the Android devices.
Many kids are more technology-savvy than their parents, who often can’t, or don’t want to, keep pace with the ever-evolving digital world.
Parental control may help concerned parents better understand the digital environment their children live in. Parental control should help parents gain time for outdoor activities, sports and fun with their children. Bitdefender Parental Control is available as a standalone application and included in Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security. Bianca Stanescu, the fiercest warrior princess in the Bitdefender news palace, is a down-to-earth journalist, who’s always on to a cybertrendy story. Presentation by Inspire CEO Brian Loew to the Pharmacovigilance 2014 conference in Philadelphia, PA, in September 2014.
Zgodnie z najnowszymi badaniami Kaspersky Lab az polowa dzieci ukrywa swoje ryzykowne zachowania online przed opiekunami. W dzisiejszym swiecie Internet i urzadzenia polaczone z siecia sa fundamentem pracy, nauki, rozrywki i spedzania czasu zarowno przez doroslych, jak i przez dzieci. Zgodnie z najnowszym raportem przygotowanym przez laboratorium Kaspersky wspolnie z IconKids And Youth Agency, dzieci podczas samodzielnego korzystania z Internetu narazone sa na niezliczona ilosc zagrozen, a zwlaszcza na dostep do szkodliwych lub nieodpowiednich dla nich tresci. Dzieci z kolei nie tylko milcza na temat swojego zachowania i ukrywaja informacje na temat zagrozen, ale rowniez podejmuja dzialania majace na celu ominiecie kontroli rodzicielskiej – przyznalo sie do tego 30% z nich.
Wiekszosc najmlodszych uzytkownikow Internetu nie podejmuje jednak zadnych dzialan majacych na celu ominiecie kontroli rodzicielskiej, a 75% z nich jest pomocnych i z ochota podejmuje rozmowy z doroslymi na temat zagrozen cybernetycznych.
Bazaar Turkey - Senguler Tourism is a Turkish destination management company, travel agency and an Art Gallery  based in Istanbul.

This latest initiative is aimed at recognising the efforts and achievements of some of the most successful personalities and business houses of the Indian optical fraternity. These are lasting brands that have successfully etched their position in our long-term memory. Our attitude towards the challenges we face and the way with which we conduct our counter-offensive are two very important ingredients in our recipe to success.
We will be periodically updating the content of this page to help you better communicate your value to stakeholders. We will do this by going through marketing processes detailed in a few popular books and record our results for you to review. In the past companies have frequently used the number of fans or “likes” as a gauge of social media success but the fact of the matter is Facebook doesn’t care about how many fans you have.
According to a recent article on Hubspot, “What matters are three things: the popularity of your post (affinity), its relevancy (weight) and its timeliness (time decay). This paradox can hinder communication, as the line between care and coddling is subtle, like the line between dependence and neglect.
This feature is indispensable at smaller ages, while for teenagers it may be used as a discrete security measure. The organization also urged parents to monitor potential problems with cyber-bullying, “Facebook depression,” sexting, and exposure to inappropriate content. Parents can discretely keep an eye on their children’s privacy and security, intervening when serious dangers, such as online harassment, occur. Many misunderstandings appear when parents appear mean to their children’s friends, enforce interdictions or punish. It informs parents of their children’s habits and their friends’ mobile use without being intrusive. This skill gap makes them view the internet in different ways, leading to many misunderstandings.
By learning about the sites their kids access, moms and dads can become more familiar with their kids’ behavior in the online and offline world. Poor time management comes with a deteriorated selection process, and parents sometimes don’t say what they should.
Parental control blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours, and helps parents remotely monitor their children’s online activity.
She’s the industry news guru, who’ll always keep a close eye on the AV movers and shakers and report their deeds from a fresh new perspective.
Wiekszosc tego czasu najmlodsi spedzaja przed ekranem monitora lub smartfona bez kontroli opiekunow. Co wiecej, prawie polowa z nich (44%) ukrywa potencjalnie niebezpieczna aktywnosc online przed swoimi rodzicami. Wsrod maluchow w wieku 8-10 lat tylko 33% nie informuje opiekunow o groznych zdarzeniach w sieci. Uzywaja na swoich urzadzeniach hasel, ktorych rodzice nie znaja, lacza sie z siecia, kiedy dorosli sa nieobecni czy usuwaja historie swoich dzialan online. I wydaje sie, ze to najwazniejsza zasada, ktora powinna przyswiecac rodzicom – od najmlodszych lat dyskutowac z dziecmi o niebezpieczenstwach czyhajacych w Internecie, zwiekszac ich swiadomosc oraz budowac zaufanie, tak aby stac sie aktywnym uczestnikiem ich zycia – nie tylko offline, ale rowniez online. Its very easy for any company to make promises (quality product, on-time delivery, streamlined process etc). Our success is never measured by our beginning – the prize always goes to those that run every race diligently to the finish. It is important to change our mindset to reflect marketing as a necessary function of our business and not just a department or an expense (which almost always gets eliminated when things get dicey).
And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” In essence, the best way we can embrace change is to anticipate it through action and carefully measure its results. Installing parental control software is done with a kid’s consent, and parents should always tell their children why they made this technical decision. For instance, when your kid goes to his friend’s house after the movie he told you about, you can monitor his location without embarrassing or intrusive phone calls in front of his peers.

Parents may have a different perspective on the value of time, friendship, relationships and the “real world”. More recently, kids are also vulnerable to predators who abuse the new Facebook Graph Search feature. Parents can also block suspicious contacts and monitor dangerous incoming and outgoing messages or calls in real time. Parents can also develop technical skills through parental control software, which is easy to use and can be accessed from pretty much anywhere. Parents should use this software as an educational tool that helps show them who their kids are, what they want to be and what passions they have. Remember that parental control is not an abusive online monitoring tool, but an addition to real life communication, love and care. Proud mother of one, she covers parental control topics, with a view to valiantly cutting a safe path for children through the Internet thicket. I to oni, rodzice, staja twarza w twarz z pytaniem: jak zapewnic swoim podopiecznym i ich prywatnosci pelna ochrone? Ta liczba jednak wzrasta w grupie nastolatkow, 14-16 – letnich, ktorych ponad polowa utrzymuje niebezpieczne wydarzenia w tajemnicy. 14% z nich stosuje takze specjalistyczne programy, ktore maja na celu ukrycie informacji o otwieranych aplikacjach.
Nie bez znaczenia jest tez korzystanie z wyspecjalizowanych programow wyposazonych w rozbudowane moduly kontroli rodzicielskiej na wszystkich urzadzeniach, z ktorych korzystaja podopieczni.
Understanding and fixing communication gaps is a very important component of successful brand building.
We want all their problems to vanish in a blink of an eye, but we also want to prepare them to face hardships on their own. Children should be aware they are not being spied on, but they now have adult supervision to help them face dangers they may not be able to overcome by themselves. Of course, kids can always turn off their smartphones, so parental control has to be a partnership between generations. With the social network admitting “minors can appear in search results,” kids’ personal data may be targeted by criminals.
This feature can be particularly helpful in urgent situations of harassment that go from the online to the offline world, when parents can’t be near the children in the moment. They should also remember different types of monitoring and control suit children of different ages. Opiekunowie nie wiedza rowniez zbyt wiele na temat ilosci czasu, jaki spedzaja ich dzieci w Internecie (56%). Stana sie one skutecznym filtrem, chroniacym przed dostepem do szkodliwych tresci i witryn oraz zrodlem informacji o ich aktywnosci online dla rodzicow.
Successful brands have very little disparity between their promises and expectations for delivery.
When we consider Disney as an example, we see their corporate culture written all over their product and its delivery – their intense focus and optimism (sticktoitivity as coined by Walt Disney himself), commitment to family entertainment and passion for what they do. For the several days, we will always speak positively about our outlook on the business climate.
All these paradoxical behaviors build the barriers we face when communicating with our children.
Prawie 70% z nich nie ma pojecia o cyberprzemocy oraz nielegalnym sciaganiu plikow z Internetu.
Make sure you ask yourself these questions in order to better understand the base of your brand. Projecting a false image is unethical and the best way to project the right image is to better understand it.

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