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The opinions expressed by authors contributing to this journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the U.S. I’ve heard stories about how some species of sharks also used to gnaw on copper cabling at the bottom of the ocean. I also got to see the Porthcurno telegraph museum when I was in England 5 years ago.  Amazing how 150 years ago they laid all that cable, and the manpower it took to do it. I’m constantly amazed by the infrastructure that was rolled out during the Industrial Revolution.
I have a question: apart from the cables you laid, did you lay any underground equipment like DWDM or repeaters? Fiber optic cables are actually about 1″ diameter, slightly smaller than the copper cables which carried signals across the Atlantic from 1858 until 1988. As a new teacher I was told time and time again not to give in to students who argued about grades.
If you treat grades like a salary, shouldn’t students be able to argue and fight for a better salary if they can prove they deserve it? I hope you all enjoy appeals day as much as I do, and we can continue this end-of-the-marking period tradition throughout the school year. Appeals Day became an end of the marking period staple in my classes, and students loved the ability to argue with evidence for their grades. Although many of my fellow teachers thought I was crazy for running Appeals Day each marking period, it also cut down all of the complaining that used to happen before about assessments and grades. The biggest benefit was how hard my students collaborated and worked to prepare for Appeals Day. Get the Innovative Teaching Toolbox Awesome!
The way it works is students get together to discuss specific areas where they think they deserve points. So they have to come prepared, and the more they collaborate on what areas they all struggled, the more points they can earn back with valid arguments and evidence. Maybe I don’t understand the process very well, but it sounds like it benefits the extroverted students and not the introverts. Yes, it cuts down on the complaining, but the introverts probably weren’t complaining to start with. How can we improve grading so it properly evaluates students’ learning instead of their abilities to argue their points — unless this was for debate class, than the idea is brilliant!
Most of all, I can see the value in driving students’ awareness of the criteria by which they will be evaluated.
I love this idea but I am not sure how this might work in a classroom with a portfolio assessment process. Well, portfolios are a great way to assess…and I did allow my students to appeal portfolio assessments as well. About MeI am the Education and Technology Innovation Specialist for Upper Perkiomen School District. Upcoming Books and ProgressRedesiging Learning Spaces - Finished Writing and Into Production! Launch: Using the Design Thinking Process to Boost Creativity and Innovation in Every Classroom - Finished Writing and Into Production!
In recent years, there has been a reduction in rates of teen pregnancy, births, and abortions.  Similarly there has been a drop off in the share of adolescents engaging in sexual activity. Nearly half (47%) of all high school students report ever having had sexual intercourse in 2013, a decline from 54% in 1991. More than one in ten (13%) female teens and one in six (17%) male teens had more than four sexual partners in their lives.
One-third (34%) of high school students are currently sexually active, defined as having had sexual intercourse with at least one person in the previous three months.
One in ten high school students who dated or went out with someone within the previous 12 months reported having experienced dating violence. Twice as many young adults identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) compared to older adults.

NOTE: Totals do not round to 100% because some teens may use more than one method and other teens do not use any methods. 19% of currently sexually active high school students report that they or their partner used birth control pills to prevent pregnancy at last sexual intercourse. Emergency contraceptive (EC) pills can prevent pregnancy when taken within a few days of unprotected intercourse. IUDs have historically had high up-front costs with insertion and supplies typically costing between $500 and $1,000. Although birth rates have fallen for teens of all races and ethnicities, the rates for African American, Hispanic and Native American teens are over twice the rates of White and Asian American youth (Figure 2). Compared to older adults, sexually active teens and young adults are at higher risk for acquiring STIs, due to a combination of behavioral, biological and cultural factors (Figure 4). HPV is the most common STI among teens, with some estimates reaching an infection rate of 35% of 14 to 19 year olds.35 Currently, there are two vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) that protect against strains of HPV associated with cervical cancer and genital warts. Teens ages 15 to 19 and young adults ages 20 to 24 accounted for the most reported cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in 2012.
Despite the high rates of infection, many young women do not receive provider counseling on STIs.
Health insurance coverage and the ability to pay for services affect teens’ access to reproductive health care.
38 states require some level of parental involvement in a minor’s decision to have an abortion, up from 18 states in 1991. Filling the need for trusted information on national health issues, the Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, California. Department of Health and Human Services, the Public Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the authors' affiliated institutions. Terra firma links between cities and cables that run alongside roads and into houses and officers are certainly impressive — and without them we wouldn’t have an internet!
While satellite data links can be in the gigabit range, the high latency of bouncing a signal through a point that is rather far away (35,000 km, 22,000 miles) makes them unsuitable for many consumer internet services. I had the priviledge to work on two of the world’s largest undersea cable, COMPAC and ANZCAN. And it was the first time my students had ever been told they were allowed to argue for their grades. The first 10 minutes of class will be a time for you and your classmates to organize your appeals.
The largest appeals (amount of people appealing) will begin first, and work down till there is only individual appeals remaining. Parents called in less about their students grades, and it was an open and transparent process. If question #2 had 50% of the students getting it wrong, then that appeal would be towards the top of the list because it effects all the students who answered it wrong, not just the one person who is appealing it. While the extroverted students will always speak up for their grades…the introverted students are included in the collective bargaining (arguing) process.
However, when it is structured more like a court room, the arguing turns into evidence backed claims that are supported and well-crafted. Along with this, I noticed, when reviewing grades with students recently, that a teacher had given a zero to those who didn’t return a letter sent home at the beginning of the year.
I believe we need to be intentional about innovation in our schools, so we can create a better future of learning. Despite this shift, recent data indicate that the rates of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among teens and young adults remain higher in the U.S. Black high school students are more likely to have had intercourse (60%) compared to White (44%) and Hispanic students (49%).
Almost one-quarter (22%) of these students reported using alcohol or drugs during their most recent sexual encounter. More than 10% of students reported experiencing physical violence, and 10% of students reported experiencing sexual dating violence. 17 White students (26%) were more likely to use birth control pills compared to Black (8%) and Hispanic (9%).18 Approximately 9% of teens used both condoms and one other method of contraceptive during last sexual intercourse.

One type of EC pill, Plan B, is available without a prescription in-front-of-the-counter without age restrictions. Prior to many of the ACA insurance coverage benefits taking effect, approximately 25% of young adults 19 to 25 years old were uninsured and 15% were covered by Medicaid in 2012. Teenagers in the United States: Sexual Activity, Contraceptive Use, and Childbearing, 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth. Association between condom use at sexual debut and subsequent sexual trajectories: A longitudinal study using biomarkers. For more information on preventive services now covered by the ACA, refer to the Kaiser Family Foundation fact sheet “Preventive Services Covered by Private Health Plans under the Affordable Care Act,” and for more information on the Supreme Court ruling, refer to “Potential Supreme Court Decision: Who Will Bear the Coverage ‘Burdens?’”.
Teenage Pregnancies, Births and Abortions, 2010: National Trends by Age, Race and Ethnicity” May 2014. Reported STDs in the United States: 2012 National Data for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. I was part of the ANZCAN team in the South Pacific for a landing site and maintained the last years of COMPAC. My mindset changed during a grad school class in which our professor conferenced with each student about our grades. It gave students ownership over their grades, and how they accepted assessments on their abilities. And I never once said they had to collaborate…they did it out of purpose and necessity. The Contraceptive CHOICE Project: Reducing Barriers to Long-Acting Reversible Contraception.
To get from London to Tokyo, your packets can traverse Europe, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and finally the South China Sea — or they can hop across the Atlantic, the entirety of continental North America, and then long haul over the Pacific. The technology is so amazingand when you tell newbies how sea-water is used for telecommunications, they get stunned. It comprises of 72 fibre pairs – the whole of wikipedia can be sent through one fibre pair of the cable in one second! Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. As I headed to the whiteboard a hush fell over the room and one student asked, “do we get the whole class period Mr. At first I took this personally, acting as if a student asking about a test question was an attack on my professional abilities.
Once the final verdict is made you must accept the decision and make room for the next appeal. This fact sheet provides key data on sexual activity, contraceptive use, pregnancy, prevalence of STIs, and access to reproductive health services among teenagers and young adults in the U.S. I was confused…but also happy to have a discussion about what I understood and where I could have done better throughout the class.
That being said, Appeals Day does present a real opportunity to improve your grade, if you follow the rules and expectations.
On appeals day the introverts are able to talk behind the scenes helping their other extroverted classmates craft appeals and find evidence to support their claims.
I use portfolio assessment where students can already re-do or seek assistance to improve throughout the term. They seldom see numbers or grades but a lot of feedback instead (orally, written, rubrics).
At the end of the term they select the pieces that show growth (where they started and ended) for particular skills, complete reflections and self-assessment and conference with me (ideally depending on deadlines).

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