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Fact 11: Programmes that increase women's access to microcredit and finance and train people in healthy relationship and negotiation skills can prevent violence against women. A programme called Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity (IMAGE) in South Africa shows great promise. Hey, this is Leo for, and in this video Ia€™m going to talk about communication skills.
Leta€™s talk a little bit about communication skills and what it really takes to improve your communication skills, how you become a good communicator.
If you lack communication skills, youa€™re going to have a problem managing employees, or running a business if you do that — working with clients, thata€™s something thata€™s really big I found communication skills are important in. You can just accept it as it is, maybe ask them about why they screwed up your reservation and accept it, or you can be assertive, you can be persistent. Youa€™d be surprised at how often something like that, where youa€™re being assertive and some sort of spontaneous solution presents itself. They wona€™t really worry about whether theya€™re being honest and true to themselves, whether their own values are being honoured here, in this situation. That can be fine in some situations, and that will hold certain situations over, but in the long run it doesna€™t work.
When that happens, and there’s that wall between you two, no effective communication can happen.
Youa€™re going to be a very stubborn person, and people will label you as such, and then theya€™ll try to avoid you. For example, we can see someone, like a friend of ours or a spouse, walking across the room and stubbing her toe on the coffee table. When you can empathise with the person youa€™re communicating with, that person will feel like a€?Oh, OK, he gets me.
Whereas if you have no empathy for the other person, and you dona€™t understand their emotions, you cana€™t relate to their emotions, they will sense that off of you and they will think a€?This guy, he doesna€™t know anything about me. If youa€™ve noticed, in a lot of my videos I talk about a lot of the problems that you have.
If wea€™re talking about some sort of negative emotion, or some sort of negative situation in life youa€™re trying to fix, Ia€™ve had those situations in my life. Empathy is going to get you a very long way in your communication skills, especially in intimate relationships.
A lot of times wea€™ll think we said something, and the other person will hear our words, hear our message and then do something else or believe something else, other than what we intended. Clarity is all about getting your intention in line with what the other person actually perceives.
Clarity is very important because if youa€™re not clear in your communication, then what youa€™re communicating will get misinterpreted.
If these are the six pillars, now you have to ask yourself, if you have trouble with communication skills and you want to improve, which one of these six are the one or two that are really holding you back, that are causing you the most friction in your communications? You can practice all these things all the time throughout your life, and the more you interact with people, the better you get at this.
If youa€™re in any kind of professional setting, then you know it takes actual work and practice to get really good at communication.
This information about how to master your life, how to understand your psychology, how to get the mindsets and strategies you need, also some really powerful techniques for going out there and creating a passionate, exciting life where youa€™ve got big goals youa€™re actually accomplishing, that youa€™re actually feeling. Youa€™re seeing that the personal growth youa€™re going on yourself is taking shape in your own life. That passion you might have had at one point, but then you lost, you forgot about, you got off track with — I want to put you back on track, and I want to keep you on track.
But when the trust is low, communication is exhausting, time-consuming, ineffective and inordinately difficult. The implementation of all 6 items, and focus mainly on weaknesses made a big impact on the same first day. I would like to thank you for your continuous efforts to share your knowledge and make this world a better place everyday.

Disclaimer: Personal development advice and information is provided on this site as-is and may not suit your specific circumstances. Full-length written reports detailing the couple's communication pattern, brief summaries & graphs depicting test results. Full-length written report detailing the couple's communication pattern, brief summary, graphs depicting test results & up to 20 minutes of phone consultation. The transactional model of intimate communication that is the foundation of the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program. A training manual for professionals utilizing the Couple's Communication Enrichment Program. A comprehensive workbook of exercises designed to assist intimate couples to learn about one another.
Join us for interactive, fun-filled workshops and learn how you and your partner can gain communication enhancing skills.
IMAGE targets women living in the poorest households in rural areas, and combines financial services with skills-building sessions for women and men on HIV prevention, gender norms, cultural beliefs, communication and intimate partner violence. If you lack communication skills, youa€™re going to have a problem in your intimate relationships.
Communication skills are something you want to work on, because this is something thata€™s going to last for your whole life.
Ia€™m going to list them off, and then wea€™re going to go into each one in some detail, and youa€™re going to get some clarity around that. Being a communicator, and the reason youa€™re communicating anything at all, is because you usually want something to happen because of your words, or however youa€™re communicating. A lot of people will communicate things, but then they dona€™t get what they actually want with the communication, because their communication is not assertive.
A lot of times, our gut reaction is to just say a€?No, thata€™s not something Ia€™m interested in.
If all youa€™re doing is just being very insistent on your own points of view, being very dogmatic and grounded on that, but youa€™re not willing to consider other perspectives, other people are not going to want to communicate with you. If someone is talking to you, even if you dona€™t like what theya€™re saying, you can still stay there and listen, and entertain an idea just because youa€™re intelligent. Not only is that going to create communication problems, ita€™s going to limit your growth as a human being. What the mirror neurons allow us to do is experience the emotions we woulda€™ve experienced if we were in that situation. Now I can use those and build common ground between us, so that youa€™ll be more receptive of what Ia€™m saying. Here, by this more rigorous standard of judging our communication, what we really want to say is whatever the other person hears or understands. If you have problems where people are misperceiving what youa€™re telling them, then maybe ita€™s not them but you, and the way youa€™re communicating. A lot of times ita€™s as simple as opening your ears, but you also have to let the other person know that youa€™re listening to them, and they were heard. You need to let the other person know youa€™re actually listening to them and hearing them. Is it assertiveness, authenticity, lack of open mindedness, lack of empathy, lack of clarity or lack of listening? I think ita€™s important to put your attention on it, because a lot of people will just assume that communication is something that just comes naturally. From thriving couples who are simply looking for relational wellness checks or couples who have relatively small challenges to address to couples who have significant communication issues to overcome, the Couple’s Communicative Evaluation Scale is able to assist couples in all stages of their relationship. Two years after completing the programme, women participants reported 55% fewer acts of violence by their intimate partners. If you lack communication skills, youa€™re going to have a problem at your job, at your work.
Even something as simple as placing an order at the restaurant, placing a clear order and doing it in a way where you get what you want from the waitress, and getting your way in life — this is much easier when you have solid communication skills, rather than when youa€™re unclear, mumbly, not sure what you want, youa€™re not assertive and you have all these other problems.

As your life goes on, youa€™re going to run into people, youa€™re going to have problems communicating. You can communicate not just using words — you can communicate using body language, imagery and other things. Not only that, but the person whoa€™s doing that communication, whoa€™s being inauthentic, is ultimately unfulfilled with him or herself.
Open mindedness means youa€™re willing to consider other perspectives, alternative scenarios and ideas. Ia€™m going to devote the next thirty or sixty or ninety days really focusing on that and looking for ways I can improve.a€? Leta€™s say you want to improve your clarity. Maybe I have to simplify my vocabulary, instead of being all high falluting and trying to be sophisticated. Then practice — practice at work, practice in your intimate relationship, practice at simple places. That is why we developed many tools now to ask the other person to repeat the instructions which we delivered to avoid misinterpretation which could compromise patient’s life secondary to lack of clarity or wrong perceiving of information. By pinpointing specific areas of strengths and weaknesses in verbal, nonverbal and listening communication it allows therapy to be directed more specifically to the needs of the couples. You have to know what your own agenda is, and what you want out of life, and what is true and what is not for you. When youa€™re communicating with someone whoa€™s inauthentic, you can clearly feel it off that person.
People want to communicate with somebody whoa€™s willing to listen to them, to consider their ideas not just in a superficial way, but honestly.
Ita€™s something thata€™s very critical and important to your own personal development, because if youa€™re not taking on this kind of open, receptive mindset, that means youa€™re stuck in your own place.
When Ia€™m seeing someone stub their toe on the coffee table, Ia€™m not in that situation, but Ia€™m seeing it and imagining it, and now actually feeling the pain of it a little bit. I dona€™t just do that like a curtsy favour with you — I do that because, a lot of times, Ia€™ve come and experienced that negative places Ia€™m talking about. You call your kids on the phone and tell them to do something very specific, and you dona€™t say it clearly, in the right way, then they wona€™t do it. What that means is nodding your head, when youa€™re standing there and listening to somebody. When youa€™re going out and ordering a coffee at Starbucks, practice there as youa€™re chatting with the cashier. Ia€™m releasing new videos, new articles, other goodies every single week, for free, with all this kind of information. It enhances each couple’s ability to understand their communication patterns so that they may advance their relationship with each other.
Wea€™ve all been taught and conditioned to be polite and to put this big smile on our face. Thata€™s awful.a€? You judge and you criticize, and you draw a wall between yourself and the other person or his ideas. Ita€™s not loosy-goosy and nebulous, and too abstract, which allows for many types of interpretation. A lot of times youa€™ll want something simple, and you wona€™t be able to get it simply because you give up before your message has been delivered.
Asking questions, clarifying questions about what was said so the person feels like youa€™re actually listening, that youa€™re engaged and want to know more.

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