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The most effective communication that a leader can have is face-to-face within Intimate Proximity. While just about none of us like to be talked about (unless it’s to be praised), few of us like to be talked at. Since Intimate Proximity keeps you within handshake distance, you should be aware that your handshake says a lot about your leadership style.
Although many etiquette conventions have fallen by the wayside, good manners are always in fashion.
Let’s say you wanted to put together a list of 10 leadership communication techniques but you really had just 9 things worth mentioning. The first article in this new series of differences between men and women took on how we handle money. Most of the time, and I emphasize “most,” it is simply that our make-up, our approach, our reality is simply different. I know I said there was no order to this list, but I’d have to say this came to mind first because I find it so pervasive. My wife and I have attended marital therapy and our therapist has repeatedly suggested to her, when this issue came up, that it would be so much simpler and effective if she just expressed what was on her mind. The upshot of this reality, at least in my life, is I actually do try to understand what my wife is thinking even, for the life of me, if it doesn’t make any sense (to me). I think the only time a woman would prefer not to meet in person is to break up with a guy. But, in most all other matters, women prefer to talk, to meet, to discuss, and perhaps – from a man’s viewpoint – beat the subject to death.
However, in most situations women will get together and hash it out whether it’s a personal problem, a family situation, business, etc. Women, on the other hand, while they certainly care about politics and the world, will choose to go into greater detail about personal issues regarding family, their health, diet, dress, marriage, etc. Of course, a topic for another day is why are they requiring a particular gift in the first place. Maybe i should interview someone who studies gender issues, or whatever it’s called here (South Africa). BTW, to paragraph a comment, you just have to add a line…hit return a couple of times. Am I to gather that it was “okay” to essentially promote a lie simply to get funding? Daggone it!  The paragraphing function (in the comment I just posted)…what happened to it?  Sorry, readers.
I really only believe that this is true to some extent and only applies to certain males(and females).
Bruce’s BookBruce's first book takes the best of his A Dad's Point-of-View columns and other writings, plus brand new material, and puts it all together. Communication ? Communication is the thread that connects sexuality and intimacy ? The quality of the relationship affects the quality of the sex.
Friendship and Love ? Friendship is a strong foundation for strong love relationships that include: mutual acceptance, trust, respect, confidentiality, understanding, and spontaneity. Love and Sexuality ? Sexuality and love are intimately related in our culture ? Our cultural language connects love and sex and love “legitimizes” sex outside of marriage.
Love and Sexuality ? Cultural environment and physical environment play a role in the level of sexual activity Opportunity for sex can be precluded in an environment that is not “private” (ex. Love and Sexuality ? How woman shows sexual interest to man (how the man “sees” it) = assertive, forceful, and even aggressive sexual behavior Versus ? How man shows sexual interest to woman (how the woman “sees” it) = behavior that inspires trust and confidence ? Do we exhibit the behavior that we expect? Sex Outside of Committed Relationships ? Young adult sex outside of marriage is now the norm ? Values in America have shifted to legitimize pre- marital or non-marital sex.
Love Without Sex ? Celibacy May be a choice May be a choice May be a circumstance (no partner) May be a circumstance (no partner) May be short or long term May be short or long term May be goal oriented (marriage) May be goal oriented (marriage) ? Asexuality – little or no sexual attraction to either sex ? Emphasis on friendship and other relationship qualities ? May “free” up energy for personal growth or other kinds of relationships.
The Geometry of Love ? The shape of the love triangle depends on the intensity of the love and the balance of the parts. Attachment Theory Attachment Theory (Romantic love similar to infant-caregiver attachment) Infant-Caregiver Attachment ? Bond depends on attachment object’s responsiveness ? Infant happier in attachment object presence ? Shares discoveries with attachment object.

Extradyatic Involvement (EDI) ? Sexual or romantic relationships outside of a “committed” relationship ? EDI may be: 1) sexual but not emotional, 2) sexual and emotional, and 3) emotional but not sexual. Nonverbal Communication ? The ability to correctly interpret nonverbal communication is important in relationships Most of our “feeling” communication is nonverbal Most of our “feeling” communication is nonverbal ? 3 important factors: (Like You vs.
Early Adulthood (24 – 34 Years) Case Study: How Love Makes Its Way into a Relationship –Thought Questions What does love mean for Dick and Gail?
Early Adulthood (24 – 34 Years) Exploring Intimate Relationships: Adjustment during the Early Years of Marriage –Communication and Marital Adjustment There are many sources of tension in a new marriage. Early Adulthood (24 – 34 Years) Childbearing: Dual Roles of Intimate Partner and Parent & The Decision Not To Have Children –In contrast to the elation that usually accompanies the anticipation of and preparation for the newborn, the arrival of the first child often brings a period of stress to the relationship –The quality of marital adjustment over the transition to parenthood is closely related to marital quality before the child was born.
In addition to simply conveying the content of the message, the attentive listener can pick up valuable meaning from body language, tempo, volume, and initial responses. When you want to make an emotional rather than just a factual point, speak to the person’s left eye (right as you look at them). While I cannot do justice to the myriad handshake and other salutation protocols in the world’s disparate cultures, you should be aware that not all societies greet each other the same way.
Although she wasn’t the first to reply to the ad, her response was chosen over several others. I will begin with the basic idea that men communicate in a more direct manner, tend to pay less attention to body language, and can be simpletons when it comes to communicating with women, including “their” woman.
I’ve never really understood why women think we men should be able to read their minds, but in my unscientific study – my life – it’s always been the case. I would really prefer to give my wife something she wants, so I do the evidently incredibly unromantic thing of asking her what she’d like.
Then, preferring to avoid conflict, she might take the chicken route and send an email or text. Men might get together, but they prefer to quickly finish whatever the issue is and then have a beer. Men generally avoid discussing intimate stuff with their male friends while women generally enjoy discussing personal issues with their female friends. In many ways, they reflected exactly the sex differences I’ve begun to expose in this series.
Women Series, Weekly Columns and tagged A Dad's Point-of-View, aDadsPOV, Bruce Sallan, Communication Skills, Dad Blog, dads, Gender differences, Gender Gap, How we communicate, Life Lessons, Men and Women, men vs. While it would be nice sometimes, having my mind read could be problematic most of the time, and completely unreasonable to expect. The quicker that society can accept that and accept the fact that different doesn’t mean worse, the better.
About fifty friends and acquaintances attended.  The day after, I called my mother and gave her a brief (approx. So, those students in those classes back then were LIED TO so attention could be drawn to the department?
A lot of what you talk about is what the media tells men to be and men then conform to this.
Boundaries should be clarified and options should be shared ? Success in marriage depends upon the ability of the partners to communicate concerns and on the maturity of the people involved in the marital relationship.
Belief that sex will “grow” the relationship Belief that sex will “grow” the relationship Belief that sex will add “meaning” to the relationship Belief that sex will add “meaning” to the relationship Sexual satisfaction is tied to relationship satisfaction, but appears to be more significant in men Sexual satisfaction is tied to relationship satisfaction, but appears to be more significant in men ? Level of intimacy and relationship duration are correlated with the decision to engage in sexual activity Partners who are less committed to the relationship are less likely to be sexually involved Partners who are less committed to the relationship are less likely to be sexually involved Partners who “share the power” in a relationship are more likely to be involved in a sexual relationship than those in inequitable relationships. Parents, friends, roommates, or children) Opportunity for sex can be precluded in an environment that is not “private” (ex.
Early Adulthood (24 – 34 Years) Chapter Objectives –To identify and define selected concepts that are especially. All of these additional sources of communication are made more difficult with electronic media. Making eye contact with your audience involves them in a conversation even if they’re not saying anything. The left eye goes to the right brain hemisphere which is responsible for controlling emotions. Don’t offer your hand like a dead fish and, likewise, don’t let your handshake be mistaken for a vise grip.

You would not want to greet a contingent from Saudi Arabia in the same manner as one from Japan. While we won’t always have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face, we need to remember that even electronic missives should reflect our leadership style. The seller explained his simple reason: Michelle used proper English and sentence structure in her e-mail. If you are constantly telling everyone what you know or what you think, they’ll know that you’re out of ideas when you stop talking.
Again, as I will likely state in every one of these columns, I am making stereotypical generalizations and fully recognize there are exceptions to all of them. Women, on the other hand, have genuine intuitive advantages over men but sometimes allow their emotions to rule their actions in communication, relationships, and perhaps in business.
Frankly, I do communicate more like the average female and enjoy extended writing, discussions about emotional issues, family dynamics, and talking about relationships of every kind. Men would rather talk about the “Big” issues of the day whether it is serious like politics and world issues or really important ones, like sports. In other ways, I was pleasantly surprised at the agreement expressed by many of the comments from the women.
Fortunately, Jeff and I have been together so long that he’s pretty damn good at reading my mind.
Parents, friends, roommates, or children) Opportunity for sex may either be enhanced or suppressed by the values of the culture. Even if you’re talking to a crowd, make eye contact with as many as possible to help get them engaged. Sloppy pop-culture abbreviations, misspellings, and poor sentence structure are all supposed to be OK in the interest of faster communication.
This convinced him that she wasn’t some huckster and would probably be a responsible buyer.
But, stereotypes and generalizations exist and shouldn’t be dismissed simply because there are exceptions. Some of what I’m suggesting comes from being married – for the second time now – and having had a number of relationships prior to marriage. Honestly, I was thinking of my own ex’s excuses for not gifting at all or for giving me what he wanted for himself. The differences between the sexes is something that I’ve written about in my next book. Most of my friends who are what you would call very masculine talk openly about there feelings once they realise I’m not your typical male football loving, beer swilling, sex mad goon, which is how you portray men here. What are the qualities of an intimate relationship that you see illustrated in the case of Dick and Gail?
One technique to help you keep from staring is to move your eyes along a triangle from left eye, to right eye, to the nose, and then back again.
As with any thoughtful communication, pay attention to your audience and tailor your presentation.
You cannot say that you understand someone else until you can express their viewpoint using their words to their satisfaction. Some things affect the majority of us and in our gender differences, I think they’re relatively clear and true, however subjective one may judge my assertions.
I also have lived through a sea change in the workplace in an industry – showbiz – that embraced women and where women had more opportunities sooner than in other fields. Our  point-counterpoint has probably begun to sound like the dialogue from the 1954 movie, Marty:  “What do you wanna do tonight, Marty?” “I dunno, Ange, what do you want to do?”   I have a horse in this race, though. While spellcheck and autocorrect are good tools to help the challenged speller, do not completely rely on them to do your proofreading for you.

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