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If you think about how many computers there are in the world, it might make you wonder who fixes them all.
Computer repairers, also called PC and computer repair technicians, provide hands-on repair, maintenance, and installation of new computers and related equipment. Computer repair courses can train you to fix business and personal computers, large and small. Computer repair positions typically require individuals to receive computer repair training through an associate’s degree or professional certification. Through your computer repair training courses you will likely be taught how to use diagnostics software and detect broken subsystems within a computer, as well as gain experience with replacing and upgrading the necessary hardware and software. After you receive your computer repair training, you can seek work at repair shops, customer locations, service centers, and merchant wholesalers.
When attempting to receive lost data and get their computers back in working order, individuals often prefer to seek a professional to assist them.
Becoming a Computer Repair Technician: Maintaining Technology Computers are vital to business operations, as they are used to store, process, and produce important information.
Telecom Training: Keeping the World Connected The telecommunication industry delivers telephone, television, Internet, and other services to customers in the United States. Every individual must be efficient in computers, which is a very important part of today’s life. You can Download the Free Computer Training Registration Form, customize it according to your needs and Print.

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Our Computer Training program is designed to teach any person with basic computer knowledge how to take their webpage to the next level. By taking part in Ives WebSolutions program you will give yourself the ability to build a professional grade website on your time. The only person who knows exactly what you want is yourself, our computer training courses will teach you how to transfer your ideas into a website.
Businesses use computers for ordering, inventory control, billing, and advertising, among other applications, and many households have at least one personal computer. Although there will be a slight decline in the coming years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 155,800 computer and office machine repair workers are expected to be employed by 2020. For the same reason that people repair their cars rather than buying a new one every time a part breaks, often it is much less expensive to repair a computer than to replace it.
An associate’s degree usually takes two years to complete and will include general education requirements in addition to computer repair courses, while a certification program will be more tightly focused on computers and could last anywhere from 6-18 months depending on the school. You could also become a field technician, where you would be sent out into the “field”—an assigned area—to perform routine maintenance. Salaries have been reported as higher for those who work in the technical and trade school or warehousing and storage fields, but specific wages will vary with education and experience. Here at Ives WebSolutions we encourage our clients to take the tools they learn and use them to create a website that represents their business, their vision, and who they are as a company.

In our program you will learn the basics of website management as well as more advanced tools. Learning to manage and update your own site opens the door to endless possibilities that can be created. Once you learn the tools you need to create your website you can customize and design it however you may desire.
If you took computer repair courses, acquiring formal training and certification, you too could be in demand as a computer repair specialist! Or you can be self-employed and develop you own freelance repair business, which is a common practice in this career. The students or individuals interested in computer learning have to register themselves with the respective institute. Our program gives you the opportunity to have a professional website that can be updated at your convenience, designed to your exact vision, and will save you money. The sample registration form given below is an example of a form which is to be filled by all the applicants.
The form registers the individual in the course and the availability of the spot depends on the number of seats and the rules of the institute.

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