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GirlsgoGames continues to be a hub of activity for tween girls, pulling in over 9 million monthly active users in the US alone. Sara's Cooking Class comes with just 12 recipes to start, but it includes 183 ingredients and step-by-step instructions for the preparation of said dishes in a gameplay setup that's similar to Cooking Mama. Sara's Cooking Class is now available in Lite and Full versions, with the Lite version offering a two-recipe demo of the full experience, which can be purchased for $2.99.
Join chef Leslie Myers on June 1st for a free Healthy Eating cooking class at the Center for Healthy Lifestyle in Solana Beach.
My mother cooked a great deal and we had what I’d call family meals more times than not.
You are not alone if you find you are always on the go with kids who don’t seem to adventurous with food. The best way to get children to overcome picky eating and to learn to be healthy eaters, though, is to get the family back into the kitchen.This has worked well for me and I notice the more I get my girls involved in any part of the meal preparation process, the more inclined they are to try something new. My Year Unplugged: How I Found My Off SwitchTo be honest, it was never my intention to be so off the grid for so long but I found myself becoming so refueled and enjoying life so much that it just turned out that way. Expanding its reach further into the mobile space, GirlsgoGames has today announced the launch of Sara's Cooking Class on iOS and Android.
Players can tap and drag their finger around the screen to control the movement of a whisk, and can place items in the oven to cook, as just two examples. People are more conscious about what they eat and are interested in cooking food from scratch.

Feel free to download the Lite versions of the game via the links below, or check out this official trailer for more. We live in a hurried society where many families don’t have the time to provide more than simple meals that often repeat. Kids have very simple tastes when young and it can be all to easy to fall into a pattern of least resistance and continue to offer the same meals for fear of conflict or our kids going on a food strike! Parents perceive kids to be more picky then they are so don’t offer foods kids may very well like.
If a child rejects a food at one age, many parents will cross it off the list and not try again when the child is a bit older.
Most families hardly ever sit at the dinner table any more so children don’t have role models to see what a real meal is like and learn to model their eating habits after their siblings, relatives and parents. Peer pressure and maturity do eventually prevail and even the most picky of eaters start to expand their palates into new directions.
Our kids have to do their job in trying new foods and having variety but we have to do our job in making food fun in a way they can relate to. Sara's Cooking Class encourages young girls to be more active in their food choices, as it helps them learn to cook food without so heavily relying on pre-packaged products and overly processed foods. Recipes are sorted into themed recipe books, and include options like fruit smoothies, sushi, and pizza. Encouraging the younger generation to learn and get excited about preparing meals and experience the joy of cooking independently is at the heart of all Sara's Cooking Class games," says Dieneke Kujipers, Marketing Director of GirlsgoGames, via a company release.

But, over the past few years, as my girls have become older and well past their toddler, picky eater phases, we’ve worked hard to change that.
Many families opt for prepared or semi-prepared foods or even fast foods because they are always jetting off from activity to activity.
Children are often more willing to try foods then parents realize but it has to be on the child’s terms. I’m always amazed what foods my kids come home eating after they’ve both been off with friends for an extended period of time!
Each stage is timed, and when a dish has been fully prepared, aspiring chefs will be rewarded points and stars that reflect their accuracy and speed. They have a very grab and go mentality for meals so kids are not too often exposed to variety. What better way to involve them in their own health then to teach them about the food they are putting into their bodies and enlist their help with the family meals.Plus, someday they will be on their own and have to cook for themselves.
Even if the meals are simple, there is a lot to be said for everyone sitting around the table together and having the kids help in the kitchen.
If you cook a fancy stew or a leg of lamb, don’t expect a willing participant from your 4 year old!

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