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We are conveniently located 12 miles from Cooperstown Dreams Park and nine miles from the Hall of Fame. Check out our beautifully landscaped grounds, our rates and our many amenities and you will see why so many families find Fieldstone Farm Resort to be the perfect solution when visiting Cooperstown Dreams Park. 4) The fan box has a covered area if you need relief from the sun, but I would recommend that you bring suntan lotion. We went to the Price Chopper to buy bottled water for the team several times during the week.

The Cooperstown Dreams Park store has umbrellas, but if it rains there is a run on the store for ponchos and umbrellas. Make all the boys spray their sleeping bags, linens, towels every morning before you leave the barracks for the games and their sports bags every night after the games.
During the early weeks of competition it gets chilly at night and when it's cloudy and rainy. Let the kids have the time alone to build relationships with the team and to feel a sense of independence.

My son needed a break from his team and wanted to spend time with his sister and brother - so we took him out for one evening at 5pm and returned him at 10pm. There were nights when we were required to take the kids so the coaches could spend time with their families.

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