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Coach Joel Answers:  Executive coaching is a significant investment, not only in money, but in time and commitment. But only you can make the decision that your success is more important than those old habits. When you connect a skilled executive coach with a willing, motivated manager you will see the dramatic results you desire.
If you’re interested in making the most of your corporate executive coaching experience talk to Joel.  He will help you focus, step out in new ways, and build habits of success.
Talkback: How successful has your executive coaching experience been?  What was the thing that had the most impact on your upward advancement? The aim of Hogan Development Survey (HDS), sometimes called The Dark Side,  is to help leaders build more constructive relationships and to avoid the habits and dysfunctional behaviours that could derail them. Developed in the 1990’s and based on studies of CEO’s, the Hogan Development Survey was designed to identify prominent personality features and the patterns of behaviour that best define a person’s interpersonal style.   Because these are distinctive characteristics and typically what sets people apart from other people, they are likely to have played a critical role in shaping careers and achievements. However, when they become extreme, these same characteristics can be counterproductive and even dysfunctional if they are not managed effectively.  They can disrupt relationships and interfere with the achievement of career goals.
HDS feedback helps leaders to see where they risk displaying these potential dysfunctional characteristics and how they may be coming across to those around them.
Enthusiastic-Volatile (Excitable) –  Do you find yourself feeling annoyed when your high expectations are not meet? Shrewd-Mistrustful (Sceptical) – When does your well tuned ‘radar’ start to go wrong? Careful-Cautious (Cautious) – When does your careful approach stop you from doing things? Independent-Detached (Reserved) – When does your independent voice become the isolated hermit? Confident-Arrogant (Bold) – When does your confidence lead you to become ‘overbearing’ to others?
Charming-Manipulative (Mischievous) – When does your ability to charm and influence others lead you to overextend yourself and risk a fall?

Vivacious-Dramatic (Colourful) – When does your willingness to be in the spotlight make you lose your focus?
Imaginative-Eccentric (Imaginative) – Do you have so many great ideas that nothing ever gets finished? Diligent-Perfectionistic (Diligent) – When does your perseverance become painfully obsessive compulsive behaviour to others? Dutiful-Dependent (Dutiful) – When does your willingness to please others make you too compliant?
To empower and equip Leaders and Managers in any organisation to adopt a ‘Coaching culture’. To equip managers with Coaching & sound management skills in order to enhance inter-personal relations, productivity and create an environment where skills are sustained within the organisation. Our corporate coaching academy division was a natural progression from our services to SMME, Corporate and Government business. The benefits of hiring a professional coach will enhance your employees performance and your business success and move both beyond the comfort zone to real fulfilment and growth. To support the induction or appointment of a senior person into a more senior, or different role.
To support senior individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programmes, such as 360-degree appraisal or development centres.
Business is about people: whatever your business is and whatever its size, progress comes down to relationships.
My role as a corporate coach helps managers at all levels enhance their performance by replacing ineffective behaviours with a more effective approach. Most of my coaching contracts last between 4-12 months, with monthly meetings at the client's office. Sometimes I see great results, but sometime I don’t see that it made a dramatic difference for them.  What can I do to make sure my executive coaching boosts me up the corporate ladder? The skills and traits that have gotten you to this point are not sufficient to take you to the very top of the corporate ladder.  Your coach will help you build skills sets and habits for the level of management you will be doing.

Powerful, significant executive coaching takes place when clients are willing and ready to break habits that are holding them back.  Your coach will help you recognize what traits are limiting you. If you want your coaching to have the desired results, you must be willing to leave the restraining behaviors behind. But when you commit to achieving your goal and are willing to put in the focus, time and effort, you’ll see that your corporate executive coaching will take you where you want to go. Most of us are unaware of the aspects of our interpersonal behaviour that need improvement, either because we are oblivious to them, or because no one has given us feedback about our behaviour. Having been approached and identifying the need by organisations ranging from SMMEs to multi-national corporations, we formally launched the informative, innovative and robust corporate solutions offering. Companies prosper or flounder, depending on how they handle relationships with their customers, stakeholders and employees.
Using a structured coaching process, I help my clients stand back from their day-to-day lives and find ways of doing things more effectively. Jakob, when you resist criticism or new ideas, you stop your progress.  Be willing to accept ideas without rebutting or rationalizing. Stumbles are a part of life.  Don’t stand still because you are unwilling to make a mistake.
Our Corporate Academy provides solutions to organisations, through bespoke coaching and coach training solutions.
After consultation and careful needs analysis, the solution to our client is custom made from our Corporate Portfolio of Coaching and Coach training solutions.

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