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Get the skills and framework to boost your board's performance - and your own - with High Performance Boards from IMD business school. Discover how the program can help your board be the driving force behind your company's success - download the free brochure now!
Corporate governance training courses can provide expert guidance for supervisory board members and chairpersons to make their board better.
The best corporate governance training courses can give directors the skills, tools and frameworks they need to boost their board’s performance. Corporate governance training courses enable board members to take a critical look at board performance. Well-designed corporate governance training courses are inspired by the latest research and the examples shown by the world’s best boards. Top executives already have a wealth of experience but they are savvy enough to understand that they can gain from corporate leadership training outside of the workplace.
It goes without saying that a top-ranked business school will provide you with best corporate governance training courses. Of course, it makes sense to send several directors together for corporate governance training. These are just some aspects to keep in mind if you are exploring how to benefit from corporate governance training courses!

Discover how IMD's High Performance Boards program can help your board drive corporate success - download the free brochure now!
Description: For 94 years, business professionals have turned to Dale Carnegie's powerful books and winning interactive seminars to help them reach new levels of professional and personal success.
Simply put, corporate governance training courses can help determine whether a board is able to play a key role in your company’s success. Experience shows that a high performing board can make a crucial difference in the success of a company in periods of crisis and uncertainty. Changes in society, new business models, globalization and shifting economic headwinds all contribute to making it more difficult for boards to respond effectively with the right corporate governance practices. Look for corporate governance training courses that allow you to learn alongside peer board members and prominent chairpersons from around the world. You should explore not just the successes but also the failures of boards to examine the best formulas for corporate governance that works.
The best board member training draws heavily on experiential and discussion-based learning. The top courses offer you the opportunity to collectively kick off a new initiative on your board or to help address a particular challenge. Dale Carnegie Training's professional corporate, leadership, and teambuilding training courses will help your organizational development program meet your current and future needs.

In good times and bad, a well-governed board can avert disaster, minimize risks, seize opportunities and provide continuity for the future.
You should be able to explore successes and failures in depth, while delving into best practices. And you will derive the best return on your investment in a program that allows you to analyze your specific challenges. Then seek out programs that allow for plenty of networking with peers from different countries and industries to enrich the experience. Look for those that also offer customized sessions for your team and provide feedback that directly responds to your needs.
And you should also learn how to identify the strategies, structures and processes that can ensure your board is the driving force behind your company’s long-term success. A course that lets you discuss your personal needs and the challenges your board is facing can help you formulate plans that you can immediately put into action. And those that tailor discussions and learning objectives to your interests and requirements will best meet your overall needs.

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