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Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged bibtex bibliographies natbib journal or ask your own question. In these cases, is there a field one can insert into the bibtex entry to override the key choice, or something one can do other than editing the .bbl file? Having a citation that spans most of a line can be pretty bothersome- especially when the full name has to appear in the bibliography but there is a nice shorthand that should be used when citing in the text. There's actually a pretty good answer over at Stack Overflow: Is there a way to override a bibtex style file for a particular entry?. The fact that the programming language BibTeX style files (.bst) are written in is called BAFLL may alert you to the fact that this sort of problem is a pain to deal with.
If you want to avoid using natbib and biblatex (sometimes I have compilation issues with these packages), you can simple use the abstract style, as it uses they bibtex keys as cite keys.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged bibtex bibliographies or ask your own question. How do I modify a .bbl file to change the label which appears in my document when it is cited. It is possible to create new entry types in bib desk, just go to Preferences and then Fields and click on Custom BibTeX and Fields (edit) and then click the + under Type.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged bibtex sorting or ask your own question. Why does it take months, sometimes years, for the BEA and NTSB to complete aviation accident investigations? From now on, you can scrape almost any website from any publisher to create BibTeX code from the bibliographic data listed on a web page.
I am a lazy zotero user – and the one click (well sometimes it does not work) solution + possiblility to automatically add pdfs that come with the article is a killer feature in my opinion.
How can I import more than one reference from the same data base, If I have to do same repetitive process for each reference its too difficult. In case A) all i have to do is to merge my bib file with the bib file of my docear project.

In case B) the only hope hoy now is using docear importer from Google scholar with the pdf detector of the title docear uses (is does not work for me anymore. In case C) you can construct a script that connects with Google scholar and download the references in bibtex format. Another attribute of Zotero is that you are able to save actual websites to your Zotero collection with accompanying snapshots.
To organize your sources in Zotero, you would click on the New Collection icon located at the upper left hand corner of the screen.
With Zotero, you can easily incorporate your citations into a variety of places including your email, blogs and paper documents. To include a bibliography of the sources that you cited, click the Zotero Insert Bibliography icon in the Custom Toolbars. You could even use sed to automatically make the desired change after each time you regenerate the .bbl file using BibTeX --- I can show you the details if you like (ask a new question?).
Are you asking for a new type workingpaper that you can use just like article, book or online to cite in your LaTeX document?
Since you haven’t entered any data yet, it is empty (only some basic information is pre-entered).
That’s why it is not effective solution especially when the people would like to make a review article.
I can produce bibtex, but when I copy from notepad to paste in docear, it doesn’t accept multiple entry. The lack of a one-click option to import references from a publisher’s page or scholar, including the automatic downloading and storing of the PDF, is what is preventing me from trying it out. In the box that appears, you would type in the name of the folder that you want to create and Zotero will create the folder for you. To incorporate your citations into places such as your email, blogs, forums, and other mediums, you would simply click and drag the citation into that medium. In addition, you can indicate the page number of your citation(s) in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

It has a zip file and, in case you can't be bothered to download it, it also has a direct link to the .bst. For instance, if you visit the detail page of a research article on a publisher’s website, you might wish to directly import the bibliographic data of that article to Docear. To move sources to that folder, just click on the source of your choice from the middle column of the Zotero screen, and drag it into the folder. However, incorporating citations into a paper document on desktop publishing systems such as Microsoft Word has a different process.
However, to export only a selected item, you would right click the item of your choice in the middle column and select Export Selected Item. Many publishers offer export options for reference managers such as Endnote, RefWorks, or Zotero. To see your reference formatted in BibTeX, you would go to File in the toolbar above, select Open File, then select the .bib file that you saved.
To add a snapshot of your website, you would click the View Snapshot button on the left hand column of the Zotero screen. In the example below, we highlighted some parts from the original webpage, and their counterparts in the BibTeX code.
Next, click on the Zotero Set Doc Preferences icon which is the second to the last icon under Add-Ins. After choosing your citation style, you would click on the Zotero Insert Citation icon located on the left hand corner of the screen and select the source that you want to cite.

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