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Collaboration is a big theme these days at Microsoft, and you need look no further than SharePoint 2010. The concept of themes were introduced in SharePoint 2007, and they are now given a different touch in SharePoint 2010.
Click OK when you finish naming your project, and remember to select your deployment type as farm solution. The SharePoint Developer Tool will ask which parent content type your content type derives from. The SharePoint Developer Tool will generate an element.xml file which contains your page content type definition.
Next, add some site columns to your element.xml file (these will be used by your page content type).
In my example, I have four site columns which are referenced by four FieldRef elements inside ContentType element. The module needs to be configured to provision the file as content in the library, so we set the File's Type attribute to GhostableInLibrary.

The Property elements are used to specify the values of certain metadata fields in the Master Page Gallery. Note: The property, with name PublishingAssociatedContenttype, should have its Value refer to your page content type. To use your custom page layout in a Publishing Site, first activate the feature at your site collection. In this tip you will see how to quickly create a theme using Word 2010 and then import and apply it to SharePoint 2010 site(s).
Our basic theme is now ready (you can do other modifications but better to keep it simple for now). For importing the theme file into SharePoint 2010 browse to the site collection and go to Site Settings Page.
On the Upload Document dialog browse and select My Custom Theme.thmx file that you had created earlier.
In order to apply this new theme to the site, browse to Site Settings page and select Site Theme link present under Looks and Feel section as shown below.

You have an option to apply theme only to the current site or to the current site and all its sub sites, you can choose either option. The page layout controls the look and feel of the publishing pages that are created from it.
Its value is separated by character ;# (first part is content type name, and second part is content type ID).
Now, build your project and deploy it to your farm servers (or press F5 to test and debug the project on your selected Web application). Be aware that at some points it references MyModel and in other places MyModule so you have to pick one and use it throughout for the example to work. Click on the Themes links present under Galleries section, this will open the Themes Gallery page.

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