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If you want your new page to be accessible directly from the drop-down menu of the navigation bar, get in touch with an admin at postmaster[at]openoptogenetics[dot]org.
Recently we posted an article on beginners guide to blogging with Blogger, but what you might ask is, haven’t you explained about creating pages and menu tabs on that beginners guide? Before learning about creating a page you must know the difference between posts and pages. Menu tabs in Blogger helps you and users to easily navigate to the most resourceful pages in your blog and you can add pages, external links and labels as your menu tab. Running widgets for Blogger – Facebook Twitter RSS social trucks We are sharing more internet tips and tricks and more how to guides with Blogger.
How to add related posts to Blogger – Related posts widget for Blogger Blogging is a one nice way to help peoples.
How to create contact page in Blogger – Add contact form for Blogger How many times people in your blog left unrelated message in your posts comment area. How to add Google custom search engine in Blogger – Google search bar A blog, in order to give a best user experience must possess three important things.
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While creating those projects, I ran into challenges that required me to go deep into the LightSwitch HTML Client API. Visual Studio LightSwitch 2012 is a development tool that provides the easiest and fastest way to create forms over data, line of business applications and build applications for the desktop and the internet cloud by providing a tool that allows you to quickly and easily define and connect to your data, program your security and business rules, expose this via OData to practically any client such as mobile devices and web pages.
This book will demonstrate its use, explain, and provide examples of important concepts of its API (Application Programming Interface). This is the Documentation for the Tarrandus Corporate theme, by the end of this document or tutorial you will learn all the necessary skills to properly work your way around this theme, this theme can easliy be used even for the new average wordpress user, you just install the themes and click a few buttons then go add some content and your done. This Documentation covers only the proper use of the theme and its functionality, Modifying the core files and codes of the theme is beyond the scope and limitations of this tutorial and will not be discussed here, but you are free to open a support ticket if you need any help with modifying the core theme files. Image sliders are a way to show a more deeper message to your visitors, it can also bring more elegant look and feel for your website, sliders have been on the web for a long time since the development of some java script frameworks like jquery and mootools. To Start Creating a Slider for tarrandus theme go to you admin page or wp-admin page, then on the left side of the screen look for a custom post called “Slider” see screen shot below. Click The Add New button, and you will be redirected a new page this will look like a typical blog post page.

Alright I Assume you are now done reading the how to upload featured images, after uploading featured images click the publish button or the save button, once done you have now successfully created your first slider. Altought it has a function to resize photo if the image is smaller than 930x345 it will not look as you want it to be, If possible please upload all image sliders in the size of minimum width of 930px and a height of 345px to avoid un-even sizes.
Portfolio is a gallery a set of collection of pictures or videos of your projects, art works or products, organize them using this feature instead of using pages or blog posts to represent your portfolio.
To start using portfolio first and foremost is to create a page to display your portfolio gallery. Go to your admin page or simply wp-admin and on the left side of the screen you can see pages click add new to start creating a page. Now in the Title for our example lets name this new page Portfolio gallery oh and don’t bother writing content in this page this will not get displayed in the gallery. Now in the set of templates please choose portfolio gallery template this will create a page that displays four column of portfolio items.
Now we will create portfolio items, on the left side of the screen you will see a custom post page called portfolio click add new and you are now ready to create a new portfolio.
Repeat the steps on creating portfolio items create as many as you can, but in our example lets create only at least 6 items. Select the portfolio settings tab, under this tab you will see a two checkbox options select and check the enable homepage portfolio this will then enable and show the your recent portfolio in the homepage. Featured Boxes are a great way to let people or your visitors know more about what your website offers, it can be a product, services, etc.. Choose Icon = Is the icon that will represent a small image beside the title and description of the featured box. Fill up all the necessary fields when you are done click the save options button to make the changes, after that visit your homepage and see the featured boxes are now being displayed.
Blog Posts Serve as a news page displaying the latest news or post about your website, by default the homepage does not display the latest posts of the website. After reading the portfolio I assume you alread know about the template page, to start displaying latest blog posts we need to create a special page which can display recent blog posts using a wordpress feature called “Templates”  Tarrandus theme has built in templates specially for displaying blog posts.
In the title Enter the title for the news blog, it can be anything say for example, Latest Blog, or Latest News Post, Or simply Latest News.
To create a special template for Blog posts scroll down a bit look in the right side of the editor you will eventually see a widget that has a label or is called page attributes.
In the set of templates Choose Blog template then click save to save the page, visit the page and you will see that the blog posts are now being displayed.

If you read about portfolio’s in the previous lesson then i assume you already know about featured image? So basically you create a post enter title, write the content and upload a featured image set it as featured then save and you’r all done. Joolu is a wordpress theme store dedicated to offering good quality wordpress themes, aside from its high quality themes joolu is also known to be the cheapest in the market. Mediawiki makes it very simple to create new pages: just enter the new page title in the browser address bar as shown in the screenshot and press enter. To brief you about pages here is an example: “About us” page is all about your blog and about you and this is static. For example in blogging label you can organize as many topics related to blogging so users find more useful in picking a topic. But recently after several changes you won’t see the option to add web address (URL) as well as you won’t see the option to order your pages. Now in that list of gadgets, choose pages and it there you will have the option to add external URL as a page. This weblog is dedicated for designers, developers, bloggers, internet marketers, web and computer enthusiasts. He has extensive knowledge in process improvement, billing systems, and student information systems. Insert the Title you want for that slider, this will become the title for your image slider so choose carefully. If the title does not correspond to any existing page, Mediawiki will create a new user's control menu link called "create". When you create a new post you can see labels at the right side, open and enter useful labels related to that post. This post on “creating pages and adding menu tabs in Blogger blog” is informational and this is dynamic. Now move the gadget under header, save arrangements and now your blog has got a main navigational menu.

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