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Chose a display template used to display the product in the public site from this drop-down menu. Enter a numerical value to determine the product sort order on the nodeA node is a grouping of purchasable products. Within the drop-down menu next to Find Item, select from the list variations or SKUs to associate with the product. Search Engine Optimization can be achieved by entering the following information for the product. If the URL field is left empty, it will be automatically filled in with a generated url (which depends on the entry name).
Assets are downloadable contents such as documents, links, videos, and images that can be linked to specific products. By default EPiServer Commerce offers three options with names that will allow the associated assetsDownloadable contents such as documents, links, videos, and images that can be linked to specific products to be correctly displayed on the product details page of the public site.
Zurich, Switzerland, Mar.3, 2009 – ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has received orders of around $16 million to install flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) for two steel plants in the Gulf Region.
SASKATCHEWAN — Athabasca Potash has awarded the contract for shaft sinking studies at its Burr project 107 km east of Saskatoon to Thyssen Mining of Regina. Stocks rose around the world, commodity prices rallied and Treasuries fell on speculation China will broaden efforts to boost growth and U.S.
Glyn High-Tech Distribution have partnered with MobiApps, a provider of satellite and hybrid terrestrial technologies for commercial communications.
Callidan Instruments, with help from Moscow based Instrumentation Company Konvels, has introduced its MoistScan® online microwave moisture technology to a wide range of industries in Russia.
CRCMining, an Australian research centre, has been awarded a total of A$2.2 million in grants from the Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP). With the LB 20 Liebherr has introduced an additional model of its new series of large diameter rotary drilling rigs. Natural-resources extractive companies are profiting financially and socially when they consult with affected communities before and during the construction of projects. Diamonds have become a major factor in Robert Mugabe’s desperate attempt to retain power in Zimbabwe. Hamburg, Germany – One of the most powerful tugs in the port of Hamburg has just celebrated its 10th anniversary – along with the innovative MaK VRT technology that has been part of her equipment since she went into service. MDL Australia unveils world’s first direct Blast Hole-Burden Measurement System optimizes burden to enhance safety. MDL Australia unveils world's first direct Blast Hole-Burden Measurement System optimizes burden to enhance safety. The Burden Finder is a single-person operated; integrated unit that helps the surveyor design specific blasts. This class 1 eye safe reflectorless laser instrument allows surveyors, rock face profilers and other users  to input basic drilling parameters including drill angle, collar-crest distance and required minimum burden. The Burden Finder comes with a built-in compass and a digital inclinometer with a range of +- 70 degrees from horizontal and has an accuracy level of 0.2 degrees.
The Product Picker Property is a propertyThe field in a page type where the editor enters the information. When added to a page template, the product picker property will allow for editors to create links to product information from the product catalog, displaying product information in an ordinary page template.
An example of the usage of the Product Picker Property can be seen on the Favorite Products tab on the Home page page typePage types are used by editors when creating content.
It’s easy and tempting to let Amazon automatically assign the code for A_GEN_TAX to all of your offer pages by checking the default button in your tax settings, and many sellers do.

But are you aware that using the default for all your items can cause errors in sales tax collection and remittance? Incorrectly applying sales tax settings can lead to a poor experience for buyers, who rarely want to pay sales tax on nontaxable items. Since there can only be one tax setting for each of your SKUs in Seller Central, you can’t tell Amazon to collect tax in Texas for Item A, but not in California. Amazon employs an outside tax service that uses the tax settings you have applied to determine the taxability of every item you sell in every state.
The easiest way to select your Product Tax Codes is to include them when you are first creating your listings. The second link presented to you in the resulting screen is “View Master Product Tax Codes and Rules.” Click the link to bring you to the screen that explains and defines the tax codes.
Here is an example of the types of codes available to choose, though the page is much longer than this small example. On this page, you will be able to scroll down and see every Product Tax Code and what it refers to. Keep in mind that this is not a static list.  It’s possible that a state will change a law, or a new type of product will come on the market and taxability must be determined. Any of your products that do not fit in any of these categories available can then safely be assigned to A_GEN_TAX. Finally, I know that I glossed over what happens when you already have a whole lot of items listed. This whole issue is absurd and if actually required, would put small sellers out of business or at least close down the FBA business. You are, of course, welcome to your opinion, but I myself prefer to stay on the correct side of the law.
TaxJar makes sales tax filing easier for thousands of online sellers and merchants across the world.
The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. For instance, selecting the Wine SKUA variation or SKU (Store Keeping Unit) corresponds to a specific type of product with specific characteristics. The process of making website content attractive to search engines and as a result achieve high rankings in searches. When the pop-up appears, enter an Association Name, Description, and define the Sort Order. Click on Modify Association and you can edit the name, description, and sort order of an existing association.
Once an asset is added to the list below, you can choose to edit specific assets, such as their Group name and Sort Order.
MobiApps deliver transceivers that combine satellite communications and a GPS receiver on a single chipset. Neither were as strong as last year but, importantly, the PDAC was not awash with doom and gloom.
Many gauges have been purchased for online moisture analysis and control, with applications including iron ore, coal concentrate and mineral salts.
The company’s Vice President for Mining Research, Professor Paul Lever said the funding will assist six new and continuing research projects.
The concept of the LB series is based on Liebherr’s many years of experience with special deep foundation applications and take into account the toughest demands, which are nowadays placed on modern rotary drilling rigs. Diamond smuggling has become rampant and dozens of diamond miners have been murdered by the military, which now controls the country’s main diamond fields.

It has the capacity to shoot up to 150 meters reflector less range and 600 meters with a reflector and has the accuracy of 5 centimeters.
For instance the title of the page, the author name, or a main body area where text and images are added.
A page type contains a set of fields (properties) such as page title and main body, where editors enter the information which is then saved in the database. Applying A_GEN_TAX to each of your items results in sales tax being collected for that item in every state you have signed up for. It’s easy to see how applying tax incorrectly could lead to loss of sales and negative feedback.
They have carefully set their laws to tax items they believe need to be taxed and do not want sellers applying tax to items determined to be nontaxable. It’s their job to take your setting, decide whether it’s taxable in each state where you collect tax, and apply it correctly.
You can also click through on the highlighted link to get an even more detailed explanation by state, such as shown below.
The values entered within the fields of the meta class you selected will be shown on the front-end public site. The grants cover a wide range of projects; including continuing research into DC motors, shovel automated digging and blasthole slotting. In so doing, they have gained local support for projects, and communities have seized opportunities for development,” said Jonathan Lash, President of the World Resources Institute (WRI). The horrors behind Zimbabwe’s diamonds are the subject of a new report released today by Partnership Africa Canada (PAC): Zimbabwe, Diamonds and the Wrong Side of History.
A page type must always be connected to a page template in order for the information to be displayed. While it’s fine to set this default for items that don’t fit anywhere else, be sure to code your items correctly if they do fit into any of the named categories. So, if you are collecting in both Texas and California, everything you sell in those two states that are coded A_GEN_TAX will be taxed, even if they are nontaxable items! If, however, you have already created your listings, you can still choose “edit” under Manage Inventory and add the Product Tax Code at any time.
The product tax codes and their definitions are located in your Dashboard on the right side of the screen. Check out Part 2 of this post to learn how to do a flatfile upload to fix all your product tax id’s at one time! It would only benefit states and companies like TaxJar at the expense of 1000’s of closed small businesses. Categories are used for instance when creating filters for searching, listings and navigation. The page template controls how the content entered by editors will be displayed in View mode.
This is useful in order to get an overview of all the different categories (nodes) where a product will occur. The warehouses are overfilled right now, in anticipation of the onslaught of seasonal buyers. This shows the full catalog path of the variationA variation or SKU (Store Keeping Unit) corresponds to a specific type of product with specific characteristics.

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