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If you are interested in these things (and you may not be) it's worth noting that for the first time we are also selling eBooks (as you know these are books you can download and print instantly).
If you liked this article and you want more advice, then you can get even more tips delivered to your email inbox every week from PitchVision Academy! I used to play on normal wickets as an opening batsman, now I am in Dubai, the problem I am facing here is most of the wickets are made of concrete (top surface is smooth as mirror). Hi, this situation applies to all batters when they find themselves playing on surfaces they haven’t experienced before.
It is important not to under estimate the challenge this poses, going to the subcontinent has always been the great challenge for batters who have grown up in the southern hemisphere and europe.
I have chosen the picture of Michael Clarke for this hundred against India in a losing cause, there is probably no greater a challenge for a non subcontinent batter than to score a hundred in India. So what you are experiencing in Dubai is what the subcontinent players go through when they go to Australia and South Africa, pace and bounce. To apply this first law of training you need to bat as much as possible on the concrete surfaces so your brain starts to learn to how to adjust to the pace and bounce.
WATCH THE BALL closely, when you are playing in new conditions it is easy to get over whelmed by all the things you think you should be doing.
21 days is how long it takes to build new habits; gameplan, focus and strokeplay are the habits of batting, so be patient whilst you do the learning. Game plan and strategy: Do your homework on how batters are being successful on these surfaces?

Don’t distract yourself with technical thoughts about backlifts etc, just watch the ball, you have enough to think about without wondering where your arms are going when you are picking the bat up. Some simple tips: Still play to your strengths, but because of the bounce you will find it more difficult to drive off a length, so work on your cut, pull and straight drive. As always your rotation game will be important, particularly at the start of your innings as you get yourself in, so work on getting off strike with soft hand defensive shots, working on dropping the ball in front of you and to the side to get off strike.
Thank you Asp, thats very kind, remember, your the one doing the batting, it’s your power! I'm Richard Pybus, I've coached Pakistan, Bangladesh, Middlesex, Titans and the Cape Cobras in South Africa and the goal of this site is to help you to play winning cricket.
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At the moment there are only 2 eBooks (Batting Mechanics and Spin Bowling Tips) in our list, but more will be added soon.
The email newsletter is packed with advice from world-class names like Nathan Bracken, Kevin Pietersen, Mark Garaway and many, many more. I cannot time the ball on this surface (I have a high backlift) because the ball skids and goes past me very quicky before I can even think of playing a shot. This happens all the way through a cricketer’s life, from the schoolboy graduating from artificial surfaces to turf, going to different parts of their country where the wickets are unlike what they usually play on, to the international players who go to tour and compete in conditions far removed from where they learnt the game. As we have seen time after time with the sides from Asia, the reverse is true when they are off home soil, it is a very different game when the ball bounces and seams. Your game has evolved playing on slower, lower wickets and now you need to learn how to play on quick, bouncy wickets.
The winner, yet again, is Bob Woolmer's comprehensive tome: Surprising considering the cost, but worth every penny in my view. Gary Palmer's Batting eBook is far ahead in the lead mainly because it has been available for longer. The off and cover drive are more challenging because of the bounce so you will wait for a half volley length for these strokes. Adversity is just a stage of learning, you can translate this into other areas of your life too.

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