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What are the main elements of your communication plan to deal with rumours and crises effectively?
Before you begin work on your crisis communication plan, make sure that you have clear information and understanding of the crisis or rumour.
Communication in the context of a vaccine-related crisis follows the same steps as any other planning process, but because of the urgency of the situation, compressed time scales apply and you must be able to implement the plan quickly. Do not hesitate in taking essential actions if some stakeholders cannot be contacted immediately or do not respond quickly. To demonstrate increased public confidence in the vaccine and the immunization programme within 6 months, through surveys of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.
Do not underestimate "people power", for example, by using social media to counteract misleading rumours. Your key message should be a simple explanation of the situation: If there is no evidence that the death was caused by the vaccine itself, state this. As with any new vaccine, health authorities closely monitor adverse events following the vaccination, so that any safety issues are quickly identified and followed up. If you do not have information to respond to a journalist's request, offer to share the information with the journalists later, or refer them to the specialist who has this information available. Subscribe for Free TipsEnter your contact information below to subscribe and receive your free copy of our Tips for PowerPoint Presentations. Joyce NewmanJoyce Newman, founder of The Newman Group, is a recognized leader in guiding business professionals, celebrities and authors to improve their communications skills in presentations and media interviews. January 31, 2013 By Teri Beckman Leave a Comment Crisis communication is important today with the 24 hour news cycle and the speed and accessibility of information on the Internet. Last week Karen Albritton, president of Capstrat, a communication agency in Raleigh, NC took this subject head-on at a Durham Chamber Executive Lunch series.  Capstrat specializes in this tricky business of crisis communication.
How often does something unexpected happen and we are not sure how to respond?  In crisis, that effect gets magnified many times! The list goes on – any expected or unexpected event which can affect your regular business operations may be called a crisis.
Having a plan to come out of the crisis faster is important.  It seems hard to plan for every eventuality but Karen suggests 1) having a system that monitors for impending crisis, 2) a scenario plan and 3) to know who your key stakeholders and to have easy access to their contact info for communication purposes.
What got interesting for me was her description of how to communicate in a crisis.  Her suggestions align with Skillful Means principles of effective communication in daily life.

In daily life:  Being aware of timing in communication is critically important to get results. In daily life:  Have a bigger vision in the back of the mind when communicating with others. In daily life:  When there is not enough communication, there is confusion, resentment and alot of time (and money!) wasted. What do you think is most important in crisis communication?  Do you have examples of successes and missteps?  Please share your thoughts so we can all learn.
Think of who is best positioned to support you in developing and implementing your crisis communication plan. Inclusive planning and action are critical – all stakeholders should be involved as soon as possible. The case study will illustrate how the death of a girl less than an hour after receiving HPV vaccine at school was handled and a crisis in public confidence in the vaccine in the UK was averted. A paper has alleged that several children died due to a measles vaccine in a local immunization clinic. If you do not have sufficient information to respond to a journalist’s request available, answer with "No comment".
State how many people have been vaccinated with this vaccine, how many serious adverse events have been reported, and how many of those have proven to be related to the vaccine itself, to put this particular event into perspective. Republicans and even members of his own party are gunning for him over the IRS, AP phone records and Benghazi debacles. From helping an executive to prepare for the challenge of talking to a reporter during a business crisis to presenting a group of investors during an IPO or keeping a celebrity spokesperson on point, Joyce and her skilled team have the expertise in media and presentation training to meet any business situation. These are designed to help you master the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently in any situation.
Professionals working in your post marketing surveillance system may be well positioned to resolve a crisis swiftly by providing facts and information and supporting the communication. Remember that communication is not an isolated exercise, but part of a broader action plan for handling the crisis. For example, state how many people die or are seriously ill each year as a result of influenza.
Starting with the IRS, several mid-level career IRS employees in the Cincinnati office targeted conservative sounding groups like the Tea Party for extra scrutiny when considering their applications for tax-exempt status.

This could be internally or externally, to the media, stakeholders or to improve your overall corporate communications skills.
Also think about possible alliances outside your usual contacts who could add their expertise or support; for example, an organization that might fund aspects of your communication strategy such as printing leaflets, or a scientific journalist who might write an evidence-based article counteracting unfounded information arising from a rumour.
Apparently, their instructions for screening these requests werena€™t clear a€“ at least thata€™s the IRSa€™s defense.
The Media Coach communications training workshops are highly praised by the FTSE 100 companies we work with. Doing a Better Job Politics aside, the Administration could have done a better job handling the IRS debacle. Ambassador who were killed in an assault on the embassy in Benghazi could have been rescued, and the Justice Departmenta€™s review of AP journalists’ phone records. Regarding the IRS scandal, the White House press secretary, Jay Carney sounded pretty lame when he claimed that insiders knew about it but didna€™t think to inform the President. The Presidenta€™s inner circle of advisors should have recognized immediately that this information would get leaked to the press and it did. A red flag should have gone up when they discovered that the Tea Party was specifically targeted. Thata€™s akin to the CEO of a company turning on the TV and discovering that customers are getting deathly sick from one of his companya€™s products. Crisis Communications Planning If youa€™re in charge of communications for your company, dona€™t wait for a crisis a€“ or multiple crises — to test your plan or think it will never happen here.
As the White House learned, ita€™s almost impossible to regain control of the controversy and misinformation once the media gets hold of the story.
Develop a plan for your crisis team, establishing communication channels and assignment of duties.

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